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  1. I need a pair of good sore thumb lenses and back up lenses.
  2. Ace hardware has lots of iron. And brass fittings. You just go and see if you can match it yep. Restoration supply who is an advertiser for these forums has many early fittings.
  3. I saw a graber bodied ford I believe a 1935 that was an award winner. The owner just didn't get it into the barn one year and it just sat out until nothing was left. This was in the erie pa area around the 1970s.
  4. Can't figure out the engine picture.
  5. M ove to oil country. Lots of jobs but high living expenses
  6. Very well built car. Mechanical parts pretty easy to source.
  7. Big discussion on this. Some folks say yes some no. Definitely not silver. Some feel there was welting but not viable. Just between the metal parts. Was there also writing for the inner fender? I don't know. My personal belief is there is no difference between 41 and 42 and closed and open cars. I personally believe it was a not visable type of welting.
  8. A top was optional as were running lights.
  9. If it was a fantastic restoration...
  10. Thank you. It was our feeling, without opening the engine, that the tension was off.
  11. Our 6-66 has later components in the differential so I cannot investigate further from our example.
  12. I agree do not remove the post we are trying to learn here. A Paige of similar vintage with 66-70 up exceeded 100 mph. But the record car was a 2 seater speedster called Daytona, and to get to that speed the headlights and fenders were removed. I find your car interesting to say the least. I just don't know enough about Hudson's of this era to make a decision. Was a 4 passenger touring also called the speedster?
  13. I wonder what was lost in the cargo plane crash in Texas last week.
  14. With considerable work and fussing, we got the old 120 Jag roadster started. Unfortunately, there is a thrashing noise that seems to be high in the engine, perhaps under the cam drive cover. Any ideas of what it might be or if the fix is difficult or easy?
  15. WE have two cars with very expensive high end restorations with welded or patched blocks. One is a 1929 Hudson with a Swedish body and the other is a Paige Daytona. Other than aesthetics, there is no issue. These are used cars. However you have established a clear documentation here on the repair. Therefor you should mention it and point to this thread. The before sale disclosure should not affect the price, and this thread would alive any concerns. But by the time you go to sell, the Green New Deal will have passed and it will be powered by a junked electric car motor. (LOL.)
  16. There might be a picture of your car in The Antique Automobile reporting on the meet. As there were much fewer cars back then in the AACA, there is a strong likely hood of there being a picture of your car. Check with the AACA library.
  17. The museum you refer to is not part of or associated with the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA).
  18. When I think of DuPont, I think of the cars with the Miller type grill. While other makes certainly had drive trains more advanced or more powerful than Packard, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes Benz, it was the iconic radiators/ grills/ faux radiators of those four marques that design wise, stated elegance, and lasting beauty. I bet I haven't seen 5 DuPonts in my life, but it is always a wonderful pleasure.
  19. The "AACA Museum" is not related to the Antique Automobile Club of America who hosts these forums.
  20. Bolts and fender washers on most trunks. Any hardware store or building supply sells them. Drill through the bottom of the trunk ---or the holes may already be there and bolt on using fender washers above the the plywood trunk floor and either fender washers, or a easily made bracket or hardware piece under the trunk rack. You might use a piece of rubber to protect the paint if that is important to you.
  21. Might even be better looking than the original as it is smaller. More like a Darrin or Cord or Sephardic size.
  22. I restored a Monarch Silver King. More difficult and expensive than I had expected, although I did over restore it.