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  1. too bad CCorvairs don't sell the necessary seat foam for '65 custom interiors....they sell the covers, but not the foam. Isn't that surprising? I even phone called them.... nope
  2. Ed, what would happen if one tried to charge their cell phone with the factory cig lighter?
  3. Thanks. Plz send soon. Trying to decide
  4. Where are you located? I'm in the market for a riv and am looking at two just like this right now but they have a/c Could you send me the body plate info and vin#?
  5. Ugh hate to hear of that bad fortune. Big riviera fan
  6. Thx. I had just replied on the other post
  7. Too bad his contact info is available, I'd like to know more
  8. Anyone see this? I"m interested in it a bit...but was wondering if any of you '65 guys see anything that I may not ( I have a '64). Yes, its a standard interior unfortunately, but it looks great otherwise, of course, who knows how far up it'll go on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Buick-Riv...sspagenameZWDVW Kelly ROA 3620 '64 under construction
  9. I wish more people would have made it out there. Its always good to meet other Riv owners who are local, we can help each other out in many ways plus the camaraderie is great too. Thanks Jayson
  10. If you're in Ontario, you might check with Fibrenew for a repair instead of totally recovering them. Here is the sight for locations in Ontario: http://www.fibrenew.com/canada-franchises. I run one down in Texas so I'm very familar with the quality of the results, it might be cheaper and much much quicker. Kelton/Kelly ROA 3620
  11. This is a great thread, love the talk on efficiency with our older cars.
  12. Hey everyone, its been a while since I've posted or even checked the board, i'm used to email forum. Anyway, as my '64 is STILL under construction, I am considering attending the ROA meet in North Carolina and thought about bringing my business as a vendor. I want to know if anyone is in need and would want the service that is mine while I was there. Here it is: ( I"m changing the interior color on my own Riv FINALLY because I hate that carmel color). Fibrenew DFW - We restore, repair, and re-dye leather, plastics, vinyl, and fabric's in - the marine industry - auto industry - aviation
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