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  1. In my ongoing discussions with my insurance company (State Farm) the phone people I have spoken with have been very nice and helpful (six so far in six different states). When I called today to see if I could claim the tire I had to buy to get back on the road they agreed, but they also told me my file had been sent to the Total Loss Department. They initially offered me $2,090. to cover the loss. This was all done by photos and descriptions I had sent them. Then someone decided that the damage may be more and they were figuring out whether to authorize a "tear down" to determine the exact extent of the damage. We told them with four new tires and the judicious use of Gorilla Tape we drove the 800 miles home in smooth comfort with no problems. The brakes worked fine, the suspension system was unaffected; everything performed as expected. Alexa from Tennessee (that really is her name) from the TLD told me that they valued my car at $6,835. and that if the damage was 75% of the total value ($5,126.) that would total the car. I told her that although the car has 192,000 miles, the engine has 66,000 miles, the top is new, new shocks and struts and bushings, etc and so forth. She said she would get back to me in the next couple of days after the adjusters kicked it around for a while. 🏐
  2. I just returned from a 1,530 mile round trip between Portland, OR and San Geronimo, CA. The warm California sun was enjoyable. We took the 'vert and even Karen (not a collector) enjoyed the ride. Once you're out of the cities the scenery truly is beautiful, especially through the redwoods in southern Oregon and northern California. The only negative was a tire fail at 70 mph on I-5. I hit something on the road and the tread peeled off the tire, but stayed connected and busted the fender as it went around. I managed to pull out on the shoulder and was amazed at what I saw. The tire still had air in it! Anyway everything worked out ok; we were safe, the car was driveable and when we got to Marin County we bought four new tires. Reattas are made for driving. Get out there and put some rubber on the road!
  3. One of my projects this winter/Covid-19 isolation was to put together a good replacement rear lens from the half dozen or so I've accumulated over the years for the one on my '90 blue coupe which has gotten quite cloudy and has sprung a leak. I've noticed some interesting parts of this system: The wiring harness is home to no less than 18 bulbs. For this discussion I'll only deal with the 12, 2057s as the main illumination. Three observations: 1) The end 3 bulbs on each harness have burn marks on the sockets and the bulbs are toast; 2) The sockets have an abundance of brown goo that I imagine is some kind of dielectric grease; and 3) The outside of the sockets are covered in a black goo. I won't even go into the red reflectors that are fastened to the rear unit by plastic screws and metal nuts. I had a professor who once said, " Fifty percent of all engineers (insert any profession you want) graduated in the lower half of their class".
  4. Sorry Padgett, a bit over my head: Are you thinking the 1/4 watt is not enough to carry the load? How and what would I use to measure voltage drop?πŸ€”
  5. Thanks Padgett. So I went to my local electronics supply store seeking a 3.3 ohm resistor. The closest they had was a 2.4 ohm. So I bought it and installed it and voila!, the lights are out.πŸ˜„
  6. This is from page 287 of the Owner's Manual (not the FSM). Is this info wrong?πŸ€”
  7. Fog lamp bulb is # 881. Window brake light bulb is # 891.πŸ™‚
  8. I finally decided to change out the '90 steering wheel in my blue coupe with one from an '89 Reatta badge/Riviera wheel. Removal and installation went well. I cut off the air bag connector and spliced a 1/4 W, 4.7 ohm resistor between the yellow and green wires. From my research I thought this set-up would "fool" the computer to think the SIR was still wired in. However I still get the ELECTRICAL PROBLEM and INFLATABLE RESTRAINT lights on my IPC. Should I use a different size resistor? Thanks, S
  9. Happy New Year to all my Reatta friends. I bought a Reatta (1990 Maui Blue Coupe) 17 years ago. I still have it. Best decision I ever made. Except for asking for my bride's hand in marriage 32+ years ago. I wish us all a safe and kind new world in which to bring up our children, and an understanding and acceptance that makes us all Americans (and Reatta crazies). My best to you all, Stanley😊
  10. And don't forget Santa's elves!😁
  11. Thanks for your greetings Howard, my sentiments exactly. I was almost afraid you wouldn't make it this year. And I agree with Daves89; 10 years is a long time to go without owning a Reatta. I'd have withdrawals! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, eat well and stay safe!😊
  12. I installed a Fumoto valve in the oil pan drain plug in the blue coupe. No more hot oil on me or the floor. Or at least not much. Thanks 2seater.😊
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