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  1. The wife and I recently returned from a month spent in Scotland, Ireland and D.C. I must say the everyday cars I witnessed in the green country were nothing to write home about. Europeans are moving away from diesel now like the plague. Very few hybrids about and almost no EVs (few charging stations). Mostly small Renaults, Vauxhalls, Peugeots, Seats, Fiats, Minis, English Fords, and small BMWs, Mercedes. Every once in a while the scene would be illuminated by a Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce or Maserati. I managed to capture a couple in photos: An MG made by a Chinese company (although this model is no longer in production). Appears to be rear engine. And a pretty Lotus.😋
  2. So if you have a '90 or '91 you don't need the aftermarket relay?🤔
  3. You may want to check with one of the vendors here for a good used part; cheaper, I'm sure, than one being fabricated, which may not even be the problem.😉 We try not to talk about our addiction in public!😎
  4. Exterior body parts, interior (except dash as noted by Barney), rear lens, front lamps, wheel speed sensors, front license plate holder, most engine parts, mirrors, fog lamps, fuses, rear license plate light connectors. There's a multitude of small plastic parts worth taking. Harry I think he means the trunk lock cylinder.
  5. Thanks Ronnie. Laughs are always good!😄
  6. Thank you for the explanation. So there were two different seats made for the Reatta depending on whether the driver's seat was 16-way or standard.
  7. One of the perks of having two Reattae is that you can compare cars. For example I noticed the ragtop has a ground strap running from the strut top mount to under the brake reservoir. The coupe does not have this strap. Is this particular for convertibles or should my blue have one also?
  8. Because we have to keep laughing!😄
  9. I'm returning to my photo of the seats in the 'vert. The top photo is from a 1988 Reatta driver's side; the second photo is the 'vert's passenger seat. The seat in photo # 2 is NOT 16-way. The bolster does not move. It is hog-ring connected to the seat. These two seats have different bolsters. And Barney my question is: Were there two different seats made for the Reatta?
  10. Dave, How do you remove the headrests? I tried and broke the plastic holder that the metal arms fit into.🙄
  11. Here are close-ups of the bolsters. The first photo is the '88 driver's seat. The second photo is the '90 passenger seat. They sure look different to me.🤔