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  1. Daniel, Start a new topic. 🤔 I think more will see. S.
  2. Happy New Year everyone. I'm grateful to be a part of this Reatta family. May this new year bring us peace, prosperity, 😂family and Reattas. Stanley
  3. I'd like to see more of the car though.😁 Is this the one you're getting out of hock by selling the Reatta?
  4. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.😁
  5. Please, no politics at the family Thanksgiving dinner.
  6. Hi Howard, Thanks for sharing. Nice looking car and that Series II is a great mod. Should probably be moved to the Buy/Sell part of the Forum.
  7. I would think with, " 2 daughters, 2 Dachshunds, 7 chickens, 1 Peking Duck, a common snapping turtle and an alligator snapping turtle", you wouldn't have time for such foolish thoughts.😄 Before I bought a used engine for my ragtop some months ago I priced rebuilt 3.8s. Costs from the better local rebuilders were about $1500. for a long block Transmissions can always be rebuilt depending on what you need; probably $500-$1000. Windshields are still available but pricey, about $1000. Most vendors here have the rest of the glass available. Most switches and sensors can be rebuilt or modified. I think you could do it if you had a vehicle with an excellent body and frame (neither one reproducible) . But then with an excellent body and frame you'd probably have a nice car. I also think you could do it for a lot less than $75,000. Thank you for your turtle awareness. I am a retired zoo keeper (herpetologist). Mostly into native frogs.🐸 I used to raise baby snappers when I was a kid in Queens in the '50s.🐢
  8. Beautiful machine. 😳 What's under the hood?
  9. It seems that you need to get your problem with the IPC straightened out. You'll never know if the brake lights are working properly until the IPC is good. Clean terminals and reinsert. If that doesn't work buy a used working one from one of our vendors on this site, they're not that expensive. Or find one in a PnP from a Reatta or a Riviera. Always good to have a spare.
  10. It was great that you got the experience of owning a Reatta (two of them if I remember right). Good luck moving ahead. That Olds looks like a beauty. Yes, pictures and keep in touch (and maybe consider an addition to that garage)! S.😢
  11. Mechanics have never had it easy!😁
  12. Reattas had some of the best paint jobs in the industry. Car wash soaps and brushes will ruin it. Please hand wash.😰
  13. Good luck on your back surgery. I've been there; herniated disc between L2 and L3. Discectomy went great and after rehab I'm near normal. I hope the future is the same for you.😋