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  1. Retired w/Reatta

    More Car-Toons

  2. Retired w/Reatta

    Reatta Forum Moderator

    Ronnie, Let me add my name to those who think you are doing a great job and appreciate all your efforts to help the Forum exist. Every organization needs someone to keep it on the straight and narrow. I'm sorry if some have taken exception to what is your job. You've always seem to be fair and polite and we can't ask for more. RONNIE IN 2019! πŸ˜„
  3. Retired w/Reatta

    Liftful thinking

    Gotcha there!πŸ˜„ There are never enough tools.🚘 It is a fantastic work space. Your wife really must love you.😊
  4. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    😊Thanks Ronnie. I will double check the VIN of the donor car. I just found a third wrecking yard in my area that sells used, compression tested engines for under $300. All these places list the year and make, and usually the mileage, of the donor car but it never hurts to ask. Thanks Dave. I think. So I go to Rock Auto just to get an idea of the availability of a rack and pinion. So I see prices ranging from $56.79 to $158.79. So core prices are ranging from $4.50 to $50.00. So three ports appear to be favored over two ports. πŸ™„ So I should replace the water pump. So I guess the freeze plugs also. So now Karen-not-a-collector (remember her?), says now that maybe we should fix up the convertible, at least for another summer. Hey! What's a guy to do? πŸ€”
  5. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    Well it's official: I have a main bearing chewing itself up and an oil leak from the crank seal.😟 I've found two wrecking yards (thanks Dave) where I can buy a 3.8 with good compression for under $300.😊 My regular repair shop said to R&R the engine is about a seven hour job, less than $800. So I'm thinking of going this route. Will keep you updated.πŸ€” Thank you all for your input.
  6. Retired w/Reatta

    Liftful thinking

  7. Retired w/Reatta

    Liftful thinking

    I told Santa I've been good.πŸ˜‹
  8. Retired w/Reatta

    Reattas For Sale On Craigslist
  9. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    I was hoping to work on the car today but instead I had to move it from a friend's garage to another storage space. I will try to get to it tomorrow.πŸ™„ The drive was about five miles of speeds from 25 mph to 45 mph. The engine operated as normal except the oil pressure showed low on decelerating and braking, going back up to normal when accelerating. I also noticed an oil leak (don't know exactly where it"s coming from) on that same side (right) of the engine as the noise that had not been there before.😟
  10. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    Sent you a PM.🚘
  11. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    Good idea Ronnie. I have replaced the oil pan in this car when I first got it. The oil level sensor wasn't working but when I went to unscrew it I found it had been braised onto the oil pan. I got an oil pan with the sensor at a PnP.
  12. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    Thanks for the tip re Hillsboro Auto Wrecking. I had not tried them.
  13. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    I will check the harmonic balancer although the paperwork I received with the car shows it was replaced in June of 2016 and less than 3k miles ago.
  14. Retired w/Reatta

    Engine Choices

    I took the ragtop to my local muffler shop to fix what sounded to me like an exhaust leak coming from the right rear exhaust manifold. Once up on the lift, the mechanic heard the noise as coming from the engine. With the aid of his stethoscope I could hear it also; not a pretty sound. I had it checked out by two other shops I trust and the diagnosis was the same: Main bearing failure. I have become aware that this vehicle has not been maintained over the years as well as it should have been. Car has less than 185k on odometer. I am the third owner; maybe the fourth. My wife, Karen-not-a-collector, said that I was taken by a pretty face, again! πŸ˜„ That being said even she agrees that this car should be saved: We went for some beautiful rides this past summer with the top down. I've done some research in terms of engine fixes (prices are all approximate): 1) Have my engine rebuilt. $2000. 2) Buy a reconditioned engine. $1500. 3) Buy a compression-checked and cleaned used engine,<75k. $700. 4) Pick n Pull. $300. None of these include R & R. $1500. I have chosen #3. I'm keeping this car as stock as possible (unless Daniel can convince me otherwise). I have the blue coupe (that Karen really likes, go figure) to play with. So I want to replace my engine with another 3.8l. One question is should I stick with a 1990 engine? I can buy a tested '90 engine out of a Reatta with less than 75k miles. Is it worth finding a later year 3.8l as a replacement, and if so, up to what year were these engines compatible with the Reatta?
  15. Retired w/Reatta

    Rain Gutter Moldings for Coupes

    It is a lot of money for two pieces of extruded plastic. However if you live in an area where rain is prevalent (as in the PNW), w/o something to slow the water down the door and seat electricals, and you, get wet every time the door is opened. πŸ™„ This ain't Texas, Barney.😎