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  1. I have the following Studebaker Parts List and Operations Manual available. Model A 1910 Price List of Parts Model ED Six 1916 Price List of Parts including Model Series 17 1916 Model S Price List of Parts Flanders 20 covering Three Speed Type only Model SA 25 1913 Price List of Parts Model 30 1915 Price List of Parts Model A 30 Series 19 1918 Information on the Care and Operations of the 1918 Series 19 Studebaker Lightfour, Light Six and Big Six Big Six, Special Six Owners Manual Dunk dide@isomedia.com Kirkland WA
  2. Instruction Book available. email for informations Dunk dide@isomedia.com Kirkland WA
  3. Eighty 1904- 1929 Auto Manuals and Illustrated parts list. Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Cole, Dodge Bros, Elgin, Ford A,C,F and T, Lincoln, Little Four, Lozier, Maxwell, Oldsmobile,Pope, Reagal, Star, Studebaker,Thomas, Velle and Winton. Email for complete list. Dunk dide@isomedia.com Kirkland WA
  4. I have the following Maxwell parts, and instruction books available. 1-Instruction Book No1 General Information and Specific Instructions 2-1914-15 Model 25 Illustrated Price list of parts 3-Model Special Maxwell Illustrated Price List of Parts 4-Maxwell Price List of Parts 1913-1914 Model 50-6 Dunk dide@isomedia.com Kirkland WA