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  1. How much are we talking? Feel free to send your email/number. Thanks.
  2. I bought a 4dr Limited and was going to habe a stainless guy weld them and make them. Do you have any for sale?
  3. Thank you !! a 2dr Blue door panel and trim would make my year
  4. Hello all, Im looking for a few parts for a 58 Buick Limited 2 dr. - passenger side door panel. Blue, but would take any color in any condition. Roadmaster or Limited will work. - door sill plates - both sides - limited only rear 1/4 trim. I attached a picture and circled ones needed. - both front fender headlight eyebrows - any other 2 dr Limited only side trim I may also be interested in. I may also buy 4 dr limited rear side trim and splice together if anyone has that. thank you ryan@nutsaboutcars.com
  5. Thanks for the info. I called Wallace Wade tire in Texas. He said his book showed BF Goodrich only for the 58 Olds. And for my car being AC equiped it was a BF Goodrich 900-14 Silvertown. That jives with my original spare which makes me happy. Uniroyal is interesting. I hadnt heard this but worth some research. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the info on Fusick. Lots of good stuff there !
  7. I have a 1958 Oldsmobile 98 2 door. Im curious as to what the original brand and size was. The spare looks original and its a 900-14 BF Goodrich Silvertown. Just curious as Im going to need a new set and wanted to stay original. Thank you, Ryan
  8. Hello, I have a 1958 Olds 98 2 dr and Im looking for a few parts. I need the clips that hold the hupcaps on. A decent shape pass side lower rocker molding. A decent shape hubcap or two. If someone has a parts car with AC. The AC line that runs across front of car. Thank you, Ryan ryan@nutsaboutcars.com
  9. Hello, I'm selling my 56 Belvedere. More info on my local Craigslist ad : 1956 Plymouth Belvedere 22k actual miles. Coral and white. Nice Nice car and very original. I have more pics and would love to see it go to someone that appreciate it. 22,000 original miles. Drives good, looks great. Thank you, Ryan ryan @ nutsaboutcars.com
  10. Thanks for the info. If your looking for one or a buddy is, Jeff's email is tfl3729@blackfoot.net He's in Montana and a buddy of mine. Ryan in Celina,TX
  11. Thanks for the information, it's greatly apprecaited. Any idea as to a value ( or what he should expect to sell it for ? ) Ryan
  12. Hello, A good friend of mine is trying to figure out what this Mopar shifter goes to. It was in a bunch of parts he recently aquired and all he knows is it's Mopar and has a part number on it ( 2643898 ). Anybody have any clue what this might go to ? Thanks, Ryan Celina,TX
  13. Hey BJM, I hear what your saying, but it's not like I said they made a 64 Electra that was Electric powered in 64... hee hee You seemed firey for someone that doesn't know 100% that they didn't make one. I'm 100% with Matt, never say never. I started this posting looking for accurate answers. Looking for help from the Buick gurus. I told Matt about this car a few years ago when the current owner found it in Cali. He's super picky on documentation like Matt is. I could type a book on how odd this guy is, but won't bother boring you all to death. The story on this car was the first owner wanted the Electra, but had a boat and wanted a manual shift to pull it around Cali. As far as the seat situation, the one he has is a bench seat car with console plate on the floor. It looks just like the one I've seen in Matt's 63 Lesabre 4 speed car I found for him in Colorado when I lived there. I'm not sure if it's 100% like that one. But it's a flat chrome shifter plate on the floor with the buick tri-shield emblem on it. I don't know if Matt ever followed up with the Pontiac guy in Cali I gave him the number to, but he had verified the car that got crushed in San Diego, was a bucket seat car. So one of each existed. The bench seat car I saw "live" was legit, but the bucket seat car I've never seen 'live' I took the guys word for it. He told me it was original and numbers matching. I met this guy looking for 61-64 4 speed Bonnevilles.... searching for myself and Matt. So in my small world I only know the bench seat car is factory built, but can't give any data on the bucket seat car. That non-crushed car is over in Sweden now, so no chance on getting my eyes on it without a plane trip. Bench seat car is still here in the US. Matt is probably best suited to answer the floor question for sure....I think he's got one of everything at his place... Ryan
  14. Hey Matt, Thanks for all the detail. I remember telling the guy on the phone about that Galaxie... They never never never did make a tri-power 427 car, and I ate crow when he produced the build sheet. Still to this day it was the only one I've ever seen. Ford guys still think I'm full of it, but I held the sheet in my hand and looked at all the VINs and paperwork. The crazy thing about that car is it was an R coded car, but it said Special order on the form from the dealer for the 3x2 setup. On the Buick, you are the almighty intel guy on 4 speeds these days for sure. I know that was early on about the 425 example, and I'm with you completely on never say never. My gut says they probably made a handful, and the guy with this car has many 4 speed cars and has been around doing this since I was born. He's only seen two, and he bought both. I'm also taking the guys word for it on the one in Cali, but the other two I've seen. The one in Cali was also looked over by a guy into the rarest of the rare Pontiacs and he knows his stuff. He claims he had ran all the #'s and it was legit. Well, I hope it pans out. The car is not cheap, so trust me that I'll use a fine tooth comb.
  15. Hey there, I assure you they made these cars, and if I do get a chance to purchase it, I will be glad to scan in the build sheet and take pics. These cars were special ordered and I would assume only a few were made. The one in California was hit in the 1/4 hard and ended up getting crushed due to being so wrecked. I was also told once they didn't make 63 Wildcat 425 4 speed cars and found one of those for a non-believer. I only like the rare stuff. My old buddy Matt Menges in Wichita knows I find the rarest of the rare and he doubted me on 425s being offered in 63 until I found one... Oh, I'm a Ford guy also and someone told me they never made a 63 427 Galaxie with a tri-power ( only single or dual 4's ), well, a guy that had one special ordered still has that car in Denver Colorado with build sheet. No book ever said they made that drivetrain setup. But, he has window sticker, build sheet and speical order ticket to prove it. Anyway, if anyone has any good data I would appreciate it. Thanks, Ryan
  16. Hello, I was curious if anyone out there has the production numbers on 1964 Buick Electra 4 speed Buicks. In all my Buick travels I've only seen two, and I heard of another but it was crushed many years ago in California. Out of the two I do know of, one may be for sale soon and I'm curious as to how many of these cars were actually made. The owner has the original build sheet and it's a true 4 speed manual shift car. Any help out there ? Thanks.
  17. Thanks for adding a link Brian. The 58 is a neat old beast. It has flaws and scars from being an unrestored original, but it's my kind of car. The motor still runs like a 56K mile original, and it drives good. It needs a lot of misc things done or repaired, but a handy car guy would have a blast fixing it up. If I were keeping the car like I had originally planned, I was going to fix the pass side door trim ( dinged up ), fix the driver side lower far back chrome ( creased ), and bumper end ( creased ), front tail light eyebrows ( tiny crack in the middle ), do the exhaust, and drive it as is. The interior is all original minus one part of the front seat ( the back cloth part ), but that's it. The great thing about the car is that it is so rust free and unmolested. It's amazing how nice all the metal looks. It was a New Mexico car first, then a Texas car, so it was in good conditions. Over the years, the car has seen some cheesey small touch ups, but they don't look to bad.... I'm not a body guy, and I'm sure a good guy could make some of those areas look much better. I'm also going to be helping a friend sell Four more 4dr 58 Limiteds soon. If anyone is interested, please email your phone # or email at ryanp@cniemail.com All need restoration, but none are rusty, and most have good chrome. All are pretty loaded minus A/C. Take care, Ryan Poulos Celina,TX
  18. Hello, I put one of my 1958 Buick Limiteds for sale on ebay. Just in case your interested, it's item # 4510361194 It's a 4 door hardtop with 56K actual miles. Take care, Ryan Poulos Celina,TX
  19. I will have to check on what options the cars have. I just aquired quite a few Buicks from the 50's and I really haven't had a chance to check out each one to see whats what... I'll do some looking and get back with you..... Thanks, Ryan
  20. Hello, I'm looking for a good 58 Limited 2dr HT in need of restoration... Or a good decent driver for a reasonable price. I would consider any Limited 2dr's or 4drs in any condition..... If someone knows of one for sale and they give me a lead that leads to a purchase, I will pay a nice finders fee. By the way, please send me your parts needs if you are working on a 55,56 or 57 Buicks, I have several parts cars right now..... Thank you, Ryan Poulos Celina,TX Former 59 Buick 2dr Lesabre owner Former 59 Buick Electra 2dr HT owner Former 59 Buick Electra Conv owner Former 63 Buick Wildcat 2dr HT owner Former 69 Buick Electra 2dr HT owner
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