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  1. I find it hard to believe that they were painted from the factory. Are people just painting them to make them look better?
  2. What is wrong with the vacuum tank? I have a fuel pump on my '24, but it is plumbed into the line to the vacuum tank to fill it at the beginning of the season. I also use it to help fill the tank when driving up a long hill. I have a push button up under the dash I can reach from the driver's seat. Otherwise, the vacuum tank draws fuel through the pump and works fine.
  3. I'm finally getting around to redoing the brakes on my '24 Touring and the drums are basically shot. They are at a machine shop to see if they can be salvaged, but one isn't round anymore and the other is worn pretty thin. Does anybody know where I could find a good useable set? I asked the good folks at Myers and they didn't have a line on any.
  4. Resurrecting an old thread here My GA starter generator is being overhauled. I got new bearings, brushes and brush holder springs from Myers. Problem is, the guy at the shop doesn't understand how to shim the rear bearing to keep it in place. Is there an exploded diagram to show it goes back together? It was working when I took it in to him and the bearings seemed fine. He tried to find a sealed bearing to install so I wouldn't have to oil the rear bearing and prevent the oil from getting slung out onto the commutator and gumming it up.
  5. The wiper isn't really in the way because it sits right up next to the top bar and the mirror isn't really either (no more so than any other car I have ever driven). The top is a little low for me since I'm 6'3", so driving for more than a half hour isn't very comfortable for me with the top up. Oh, and the original horn is better than a brass bulb horn :-)
  6. Thanks Reuel, That's pretty much what I thought. I will be off-loading the car at Bruce's house and driving down to Thanksgiving Point with him and entering the show. Dave
  7. When my car was restored to a driver, the rear window, wind deflectors and visor sunscreen were made with plexiglass. The rear window and wind deflectors are beveled around the edges. I want to replace them with the correct style glass since the plexiglass scratches if I look at it funny. What kind of glass do I want to ask the glass shop to make as replacements? I would think that the sun visor should be green tempered glass. Should I just ask for tempered glass cut to match the ones I have now? Thanks, Dave
  8. I love all old cars, but if it didn't come with a DB emblem on the front, it doesn't belong in the DBC.
  9. Is it the same as a 24 touring? I have an extra that I got with a speedo I bought.
  10. I got the gas out of the float by drilling a 1/32 hole in the float and used a can of compressed air to pressurize the inside of the float with the hole pointing down, when the pressure was released, it blew out the gas. My float actually had two 1/2" long cracks and by the time I soldered both of them up along with the hole I made, it seems to run rich now.
  11. I have two carbs for my 24 tourer, but both are cracked. I soldered one up, but now its a little heavy and runs rich. Any ideas of where to get a good carb float? Does anyone make a repro?
  12. It is a Stewart, but i can't find any model numbers on the carb itself. There is a series number on the float chamber covers of the carbs I have, the one on the car says F-245, and the spare says H-244. They both use the same float, but both are cracked.
  13. My grandfather told me that these can be changed to negative ground by switching leads on the back of the ammeter and that everything else will switch over automatically. Is he right, or will this not work? My car has an electric fuel pump to prime the vacumn tank, but we had to insulate it from the frame so it wouldn't short out the positive ground.
  14. Right now I am looking for a good serviceable carburetor float for my 24. The two I have both have small cracks and when I soldered them up, they become a little too heavy and makes the car run rich.