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  1. I have a 60 Invicta convertible that I am trying to save. The car needs and entire bottom. It's been sitting on its belly for 25+ years. I have a good 4 door hardtop frame I would like to use but I know the frames were different. Does anyone know how they were different? Is there extra bracing that I can transfer from the convert frame to the good frame? If it can be used I would like to start the restoration of the donor frame and weld in the factory reinforcments. I don't want to get this thing torn down yet unless I know I can do something with it.
  2. I am looking for any 1960 Buick hearses, ambulances, limozines, combinations, service cars, squad cars or taxi's. Any coach builder or condition. If you know of any email me at rlt60lesabre@aol.com
  3. I have to many to do them all so I will pick my most heavily optioned and expensive car. 1960 Flxible Buick Premier Ambulance. 2 tone paint Casino Cream and Copper metallic The lower color Casino Cream was extra cost due to the extra body prep. Fender mounted Federal WG Chrome Siren 4 Roof mounted 5" round California style tunnel lights. Federal 175-D Roof beacon with optional hill light. Ferno #1 Cot Bar Ferno Collapsable Stretcher Roll down window shades Etched ambulance art glass White wall tires Deluxe Electra hubcaps Push button start in dash Option flasher for tunnel tights Drivers side spotlight mirror Fender mounted emergency band arial. (a cb radio) Rear heat Front Heat This is the most optioned 1960 Flxible left. It is one of 2 Ambulances remaining and the only one to serve the public. This car cost close to 10 grand when new while a regular production Buck was 4-5.
  4. That won't be easy. They made fewer than a 1000 sticks in 1960. What body style do you have? I have a 2 door hardtop stick and a friend of mine has a Wagon with a stick and I know of 1 convertible and one 4 door sedan that were factory 3 speeds. Thats it. It has become very rare car.
  5. Good Deal! I'm glad to see some more Buicks in there. They did mine in May and I don't think I have seen another Buick since. Beautiful car.....I'm surprized I didn't think of getting bikini girls on my car but its a hearse so finding willing souls would be near impossible.
  6. My Transmiision in my 1960 Flxible Buick has been extremily well maintanied and has 96,000 easy miles. The problem is I started to here a noise in the torque converter area. It sounded like the inspection cover was rubbing the converter. I had to get home so I drove easy and then I noticed my pink fluid had turned black. I pulled the pan last night and there is a 3/16 inch coating of metal on the bottom of the pan. I don't know the inner workings of a Dynaflow....yet. Does anyone here have any transmission experience that could give me ideas of what happened before I start pulling the transmission. Also where can I get a rebuild kit?
  7. Do you have any extra Fury parts? I have a 57 Fury and a 58 Belvedere Sport coupe I am restoring. I do have a 58 Savoy 2 door parts car it may have some odd ball parts you need but I have stripped it pretty clean.
  8. I have a few 60 Flxibles and a bunch of factory photos of all Flxible models and years. I have a bunch with 51's, maybe some interior shots. I can bet that the 51 attaches the same as the 60. Flxible kept things simple and even though the bodystyle is different the curtains should attach the same.
  9. I have had a relative in Mississippi recall that the state patrol used 60 Buicks. Can anyone else back this up? I have only been able to locate photos of Chevrolets. Memories get foggy after 40 years and they do look similar. Does anyone know of other states that may have used the Buick in 60?
  10. Thats a nice looking car. You don't see to many Invicta coupes around my way, or at all I have only run across 1 and it was in Daytona Fl. You will have fun with it, you have something not seen everyday and the haul ass too.
  11. In deed I have. But like any collection you want to complete it. I am not complaining about the car I just don't do business like that and back down when someone else wants a car unless its a 60. The car on Ebay was offered to me again, for 5000. It was 6000 last year. I don't have the money and if I did it would not be worth more than 3 at the absolute most to me.
  12. It just pisses me off that I realy want the car and it keeps going to people that only want to profit from owning it, then raise the price again and offer it to me like its the deal of the century.
  13. I have known about this Flxette for several years. I can't seem to buy it for some reason. Lets go back a couple years. The car was running well and the owner blew the (the head gasket) motor. The car that was not for sale was sold but he didn't call me. The people that bought it only bought it to resell. The car was put on Ebay about May last year. I saw the car and then told them I wanted it. I did as asked and got a cashers check and was about to mail it the next morning UPS NDA and called to confirm the address was right. No answer. Sent repeated emails, no answer. called the cell number, no answer. Three days later they told me what happened. The guy that has it now has a dealership and offered 2500. He would not go any higher until he found out I wanted it for more. He bought it that night then doubled the price to 6000 to me. The car has been there for over a year now because he can't sell it.He thought he was buying a gold mine and that I would pay 6000. The reason is I informed the people he bought it from about the rarity of the car and that one similar had sold for 6 and that I would buy it now if I could find it. The thing is that car was nearly restored this one is worth 2000 tops. Its worth more to me but I am the only person that collects them. The interior is completely incorrect. The engine is trashed and now out of the car so who knows whats missing. The car has more rust than he is leading you to think. The brakes are shot, it needs everything for the most part.
  14. THANKS FOR THE INFO!!! I live 10 minutes from little 5, and have over 30 antiques on my property. Not to menchion that They are visable from the road and I am known as the one to see for an antique.