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  1. Considering towing my 28 foot enclosed car hauler TGVW 12,000. But as I use it more like 9500 to 10000. As for the motor home, what is the desired horsepower necessary in diesel pusher style RV?
  2. Did something similar last year. Took it to a shop in Oxford, NY and they installed new panels. Mine is screwless. Can't tell I ever damaged it.
  3. Central New York, Price asking by owner is 4K, however I believe it can be purchased for much less.
  4. I have access to a 1965 Wildcat with 445 engine, automatic transmission that needs a new home. Car has been setting inside since 1993 in an unheated garage. All complete except for one hubcap. some rust in trunk behind rear wheels. Has potential as a driver or as a parts donor. Two door model could be running easily. Newer radial tires all are up. If interested contact me through this forum. I can send photos or post here if there is interest.
  5. Hi Folks, What is the correct size and style of spark plug wire foe a 1930 Buick? Where is it available?
  6. My '51 RoadMaster Rivera when sitting in park position does not hold the car. It makes a clicking sound as the car rolls forward or backward. Also the car wants to try and move forward when I rev the engine while it is in park position. If the car is in park and engine shut down the park position be less than reliable. Nice car otherwise. All suggestions appreciated.
  7. Folks, I am looking for a passenger side rear door for my car. All help from this forum is greatly appreciated.
  8. I have to move it or "wiggle it" (the key) to get the car to start. when engaging the starter. I just cranks without starting then if I move the switch (wiggle the key) it starts. Seems to me that the electrical contacts are/might be defective. Makes me wonder if it is the contacts then would the engine cut out while on the road, causing some further difficulties. I have not tested that idea, however.
  9. :confused:Folks, to start my '51 Roadmaster Rivera I sometimes have to wiggle the ignition key. Probably need a new switch. Where to find a NOS or rebuilt? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  10. Question, I f I were to cast a few of these mustache pieces in bronze, how many do you think our hobby could consume? There is a foundry nearby that probably could do the work. The mustache on my '51 Roadmaster is not perfect and I am thinking that it may serve me better to make a new one and have it plated than to risk sending mine out for repair and plating and then not have one for a pattern. I have been following this thread and surmise that the real fix is to remake these parts and make them sturdier than Mr. Buick did. Just a thought, as when making a mold then several duplicates may serve the hobby well?? on the last parts I had remade from original the Buick part numbers even came through on the new castings. Brad30
  11. But I have the hood ornament. See the photos of the hood and the trunk. A mystery so far isn't it??
  12. Just wondering since my '51 has these holes in both the trunk and hood. Same configuration from and back. I am curious what they may have been for. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p>
  13. Hi folks, Curious about this... Is the '51 Roadmaster Rivera hood and truck lid common with any other makes and or years such as the Pontiac or Oldsmobile? My '51 hood has me asking this question. Brad Perkins:)
  14. Hi folks, What is the correct color and finish for the underside of the hood of a 52 Chevy Pick Up truck. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  15. Let me start by saying that this 1939 Buick Century car project was not initiated by me. But I will finish it one way or another. The story... Someone has transplanted a Chevy 350 Corvette engine with earlier camel hump heads and a Holly Contender intake and Rochester Quadrajet. While I like the beast, the engine has a Comp Cam 12-213-3 grind which has a large valve overlap resulting with 6 in of Hg vacuum and a very lumpy idle which I do not like. In changing the cam to a more moderate grind, I have noticed that the Holly intake does not accommodate for any coolant flow from the rear of the cylinder heads. Is this a shortcoming or is it OK? Other Chevrolet engines that I have worked on had intakes with coolant flow front and rear. Advice and comments are appreciated, The intake is a Holly Contender 300-38. The new cam is a Comp Cam 12-21-2. New lifters and push rods also. Hushpower dual exhaust mufflers follow the headers. Should be nice when finished.