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  1. A friend helped me with a similar problem. Carefully, very carefully, with the carb in place and the engine running, use an unlit propane torch to flow a small amount of propane around all of the gasketed area that the mixture passes by. Include the valve guides. You may be surprised to find the source of the lean mixture. I was.
  2. What part of the country are you located in?
  3. UBB7-ML-237016-ML- Hi, Brad...Welcome to the AACA Forum. Moved your thread to the Tech Questions. You may also want to post it within the Buy/Sell as it is a multi-question query. Peter J. Heizmann
  4. I truly appreciate to help you folks are. I have mailed the leads that you indicated and hope to hear from them soon. Brad30
  5. Does anyone have a 1951 Flxible Hearse or combination?? Are there any for sale??
  6. Has any one heard of a Near-A-Car Scooter. This may not be spelled correctly, but I think it was a small motor scooter made in the 1930's. Any info or links would be appreciated.
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