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  1. Are these the parking & blinker lamps located under the front bumper?
  2. Does anyone have a nice Cockpit Cover for sale that will fit a 1991 TC? You can email me at gympet@aol.com
  3. To make a short story long (as we TC owners like to do). Purchased my first TC in May of 2004. It is a white 1991 with a ginger interior and purchased out of Dallas, TX. Had the car shipped to Kentucky and when it arrived it was the first TC I had ever seen live and in color. Drove the car about 25 miles and pulled over to fill up the gas tank. While filling up a lady pulled in beside me to gas up. When she got out she ask me "what type of car is that". Told here what it was, and she replied "That Is The Most Beautiful Car I have Ever Seen". Right then I knew I had purchased the right ca
  4. Where is the car located? Can the car be driven??
  5. Can anyone please tell me the blank number for the ignition key? Does the same key fit 1989, 1990 and 1991?
  6. Local senior tells me of two products that may clean the glass. Bon-ami powder cleaner or kerosene. I would be very, very careful using kerosene. You could try my wife's favorite "Bar Keepers Friend". Remember, both powder cleansers are abrasive.
  7. Found my plug at the local NAPA. It is the plug at the back of the turning signal housing. Remove the black tube cover to work on removing and replacing the plug.
  8. Had the same problem and mine turned out to be the wiring plug. Plug was full of the green goop and cleaning did not get the job done. I replaced the plug and it works great. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  9. I have all kind of trouble trying to log in with the new display. Soon as I log in, go to discussion area it tells me I am not logged in. Remember, us old folks like the larger display area we used to have.
  10. What a snap to get off when someone tells you how. Thanks a bunch.
  11. Anyone know the secret/trick to removing the light switch knob? I have look for a set screw and almost pulled the switch out. There has to be away of getting it off. gympet@aol.com
  12. I am presently working on getting a complete set of speakers for the TC from a major high end speaker company. I want ones that will just fit in to the present speaker housing and sound great. I am going to meet with the company in the next two weeks, if I can get all of my stuff together. I do not have a book on the Infinity Radio so will be working a little in the dark. I am trying to find out the speakers impedance (I believe it's 4 ohms) and power handling capabilities. I hope they can put together a complete replacement package for our TC's at a reasonable price. Jim Petitt TC member
  13. Looking for a left (drivers Side) tail light lens. gympet@aol.com
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