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  1. Havn't had any eager offers. It looks like the potential buyers are put off by my location. Think that I'll wait a few more years until something like e-bay reaches our part of the world.
  2. Hi Steve & Carleton There have been a couple of mails, but (with one exception) they don't give locations. Nor do they make price offers - believe me, this enquiring mind would like to know as well. I am not a dealer and it practically impossible for me to determine a fair price. I could walk around the antique shops here in Cape Town and maybe get 1000 Rands ($150) for it, probably from guys doing marine and musical brassware, but that is not where the horn belongs. Why do I have this dream that there is a car out there that needs this horn - rather this than screwed to a bar counter. Al
  3. Hi again: Forgot to mention the first time that the horn still works perfectly - that is when I blow into the bottom end, the right sort of PPPAAAAAAARRRRPPPP comes out the top. And you did see the small dents in the bottom? All the best Gerald
  4. Hi Guys Cape Town, South Africa calling..... Found an OLD air horn in my grandfather's garage. Pictures here: http://www.scapenotes.com/notes/messages/129/2518.html I am sure this horn will be valuable to somebody. Any suggestions of how to get ot to the right "somebody"? Gerald airhorn@scapenotes.com
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