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  1. Have for sale a 1934 Buick Engine, complete with transmission, carb, manifold waterpump, generator, fan, starter, spark plug cover, fuel pump, clutch & brake pedals. The engine carries the serial number -2863355-. This engine was purchased from an estate sale, and their was a note with the engine stateing that it ran beautiful. Also the manifold is in real good condition. Further there is 3 hub caps, 6 wheels, and a steering wheel that would have to be restored. The caps and wheels are sold seperate from the engine. If requested I can provide digital pics, just let me know what you need. I
  2. Please direct all inquires to the posted email address, thank you.
  3. I am posting this ad for a friend who has a running driving 59 Olds 98 Conv. for sale. The car is in need of minor body work, floors are very solid, have many extra parts. This car is mechanicly fit and is in use during the summer months. There is also for sale a running driving 59 Olds 98 4 Dr. Hdtp. The body is rough on this car but yet repairable. This car has a few desireable options as does the Conv. If interested in either of these cars email me and I will put you in contact with the owner. There is no middle-man game, here just trying to help out a friend who does not have a computer.
  4. In searching for 90 to 90 W 140 weight mineral oil, try your New Holland farm supply dealer. It goes under the label of TDH, "Transmission, Differential, Hydraulic oil. Used in the 9-8N Ford tractors, and others as well. Search this out and see if it meets your specs. In Canada its sold also at the Canadian Tire stores, happy motoring.
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