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  1. how about a wicker picnic basket with fitted silver and all the other trimmings?this would be very era correct.
  2. rwoods

    vin numbers

    Back then some states titled the year by when it was sold.
  3. rwoods

    '32 Ford 3 window on e bay

    That woodgrain on the dash is unlike any 32 I have ever seen,Most ford grain is a lot finer lined ,that looks like a notty pine board.
  4. rwoods

    When it began, and why?

    They used a round head screw with a slot in it,flat blade screwdriver type.The name came from early stoves, heating and wood cook stoves that were put together with them. My 31 chevrolet has a lot of them,holds the fenders on ,side pan on the engine and a lot of other places.
  5. rwoods

    Please help me with the year of this firetruck

    That radiator shell and hood looks like a 1931 chevrolet.Dos it have a six or a four cyl engine?That hood is too long for a model a.
  6. rwoods

    HOORAY for Peter G

    Thanks for fixing my log on,it works great
  7. rwoods

    1952 dodge powerwagon tandem axel truck

    Is the Power wagon a military truck? I dont recall any power wagons with dual axels in this area back then.They were all single axel with four wheel drive.really made a tough looking truck.
  8. Weld it.Any good fluxless welder mig or tig would fill in the low spots,and a little grinding it would be new again.I would not use flux coated wire as any buried flux could be big trouble.
  9. rwoods

    where to buy parts

    1930 That carpet snap is the same as my 1931 Chevrolet I was able to reuse all but one.Slipped one repo in. could not find another original one.I would think that most GMs would be the same,that would widen your search.Good luck
  10. My new 1980 Monte carlo and 1981 Chevrolet pickup came with non halogen headlights,they were lot bought and not ordered so came with reg. lighting.I replaced them with halogens 1 year later.
  11. rwoods

    Model A/B/T when??

    Did you see a 1928 with a powerhouse generator? They looked somewhat like a modern power steering pump without the hoses.They could be used on all model As so it could be on a 31.It made a lot of amps but they burned up rather quickly.
  12. rwoods

    Early 1928 Fords

    If your serial no is over 200 then a normal 28-29 bumper will work.The model T bumper was used on less than 200 cars before the change.
  13. rwoods

    Early 1928 Fords

    There is no specific number of early AR's made.The left hand parking was the first to go as it only pulled on the standard brake rod,they would not pass inspection in Penna as they had to be a seperate unit.thus rear brakes with two set of lineings.The rest of the AR parts were replaced with cheaper or better working parts.So there is no set number.A lot of forgeings became castings etc.This went on the entire life of the model A.
  14. rwoods


    Try PPG store and ask them to call there archives for a formula They did a perfect match on my !963 impala dash.PPG -Ditzler.Back in the 50s and 60s Ditzler was a main suppler of ford paint so they may well have it.
  15. rwoods

    What frame is this? Guess 1935 dodge?

    Looks like the frame under my 31 chevy,other than the rear end with the open drive shaft.Did Pontiac use open shafts?
  16. rwoods

    Accesories for the Model A

    Those fender lights were a Genuine Ford accessory that came out in 1929.They cost about three dollars a set with wire and a switch that mounted under the top rail on the dash.Very very rare today.
  17. rwoods

    1975 Chevy Caprice Classic Convertible

    Go to This it the vintage Chevrolet club.They will have all the part numbers you will need,and more on old Chevrolets. go to vcca chat forum,
  18. rwoods

    f/s 1931 5 window ford coupe

    The first coupe has a 1930 rad shell.The 31s have a painted insert like the lower car.They are both very nice As.
  19. rwoods

    Fluid for 40 Olds shocks

    If you are driving it a lot try motorcycle fork oil,it comes in different weights and has anti foam additive that will hold up better -your shocks will be working after a long trip.
  20. Rare to have a set like that.Nice to see,But most have been reproduced. I bought one for my 63 impala last year I think about six or seven bucks.
  21. I think you may have seen a '69 Concours sport was added in '69 with the sedan & wagon and convertible.The concours was a 135 dollar option on this three models.
  22. rwoods

    info needed

    The 53 belair had two stainless strips on the rear quarter that came to point at the rear. the 210 had a single strip that ran the whole way back.The belair had a different color in the insert. The belair was trimmed much nicer inside than a 210. 99028 belair hardtops were made verses 14045 210 hardtops. base price on a belair was $2051 the 210 $1967.most people paid the extra for the much nicer trimed bel air.
  23. rwoods

    Water Pump

    Try they have them.
  24. I put smaller parts in zip lock freezer bags with a paper towel coated with light oil.I have nos chrome pieces that have been bagged over twenty years and are still like new.You can get bags up to a two gallon size that hold quite a lot.
  25. rwoods

    model A over heating

    I had trouble with a plugged muffler.The normal replacment Muffler has two discs with small holes drilled in them to make the model a sound,they are very high in backpressure and if a disc comes loose or rusty, will cause overheating.