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  1. I am in Australia. I have been trying to contact a previous owner to get some history. No success so far. There are rumours it came out of South Africa?????
  2. Hi Can someone decode this for me please. A very big thank you. I purchased it as a 1946 DeSoto Custom Coupe??? It is a right hand drive DeSoto. She has been repainted and trimmed many years ago. Engine number C38-205242. VIN/Chassis Number 5956682 I have figured out that Model 11 means S11. Body 22 is Coupe? Where can I get information on the Paint (227) and Trim (917) Codes? What is RD - 3? What does Spec Fo. No. - 4723, Sched. 708 and Item No. 3099 mean? Where can I get more info on body numbers? Again, a very big thank you.
  3. Hi Aussie Just email me and I will try to help you out with some info about you 1924 Chev. I live in Australia and can put you intouch with some owners of 24 Chevs. Regards Twin4
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