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  1. I have a filter near the tank on my `31 Cadillac and have had no problem with the vacuum pump what so ever.
  2. And to add to what Johan said, the filler cap must be vented for it to work.
  3. Thats what I thought too, but after taking a closer look at the wires coming out of the coils, it looks more like a transformer. The fact that it is attached to the 110 type socket on the firewall, and it is attached to the starter (hot wire). It looks more like a permanently mounted battery charger. Something like this one. You will note the screw in 110 socket on the primary side of this one. If you remember the old Knob and Tubing days, the screw socket was about all they had to attach too. Mallory Elkon #5535 Taper Battery Charger folder 1930s
  4. wombvette

    ing coils

    Would work even if it is a 6V. 12V cars have resistors that reduce current, in effect making it the same thing.
  5. That would be only after the critical set up period, which for epoxy could be from a day to a week depending on temperature conditions. I always apply it before that period is reached.
  6. Certainly a GM part number. Have someone look it up by the number.
  7. Packard Blue Dots for 32 Twin Six 33-34 Twelve. $400
  8. More likely the speedometer head itself needs service.
  9. Strain it and add it to your the tank of your daily car. Bout as well get the good out of it. Just add a couple of gals. at a time.
  10. Just be careful, this guy is pretty shady, and will not refund money if you dont like the product. Make sure you have terms in writing and are very clear on what the deal is.
  11. Probably `31 Cadillac V8 with that front screw.
  12. 32 and 33 for sure, but It is going to be difficult to find one. May be a case of fabrication.
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