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  1. I have resolved my problem with no idle screws but I'd like to find a carburetor number for my carb. I was told it came off of a 54 Olds, but may be earlier 52 or 53. The fuel in let port is in the rear, and it had a separate plate under it with linkage attached to it as well. Again it also has the small square base. If anyone has this style of carburetor and could provide a photo and carb number I'd be grateful. Thanks. .....
  2. I am installing a 4GC carburetor on a flathead Ford engine but I need a couple idle mixture screws to complete my build. The carburetor has a small square base, similar to a Holley series 4000 carburetor. It had a second plate underneath that had pins to center it but I removed the plate and linkage. I'd post photos but I can't do it through my mobile. If anyone can help me let me know. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a couple things for this very rare car, hopefully someone out there has something, looking for a passenger rear fender (this may fit more than one body style, also looking for the rear window which is this body only 5 window coupes are different from the 3 window coupes. If anyone has anything can you p.m. me at flatheadjr@gmail.com. Thanks!
  4. Looking for a hood assembly for a 1941 Dodge D19, complete if possible. Trim and center hinge also needed, let me know if this is going to be a tough one. Thanks!
  5. I soaked it some before, but I should have used my cocktail of atf and diesel fuel to soak it. I've had that work on engines where I didn't think it wouldn't work. Even on engines that I thought where stuck, and I've unstuck some good ones, except the ones that where really bad.
  6. Okay so I think I have figured out the problem, the spark is great, seems to be hot enough. However I think the compression may be the issue here's what I found, cylinders numbered 1-6. 1-55 psi, 2-65 psi, 3-0 psi, 4-50 psi, 5-60 psi, 6-55 psi. I don't know if this is a ring problem, or a valve problem, but I see there's a serious problem with #3. I think the other valve is stuck open or burned, who knows. It's one of those pull the head and see what's going on inside at this point. I can't see the condition of the valve seats, valves, and cylinders other wise.
  7. All cables are in their factory locations, I don't know about any plugs in the head other than the spark plugs. I'm going to look at the compression, and coil to see if these are where my problems are at. There may be a slight starter drag that my not be helping either, good thing I have spare parts.
  8. I've replaced all the ignition parts including a different distributor because the original was worn out. The only thing I have not changed yet is the coil, and I need to check the spark intensity at the plugs too. I'm unfamiliar with this engine, if it was a flathead V8 it would have been a no brainer. But the ignition on this one is different, well at least the distributor is.
  9. I do need to check the compression, I think the engine has either been changed or rebuilt at sometime because the block has been painted red and I think the originals where painted silver. I'm guessing someones been into it but who knows. I know nothing of the history of the car.
  10. I'm kind of scratching my head here as I can't figure out why this motor is so hard to start. Will not start on gas! I can ether it and eventually it will kick over and start. Seems to idle find once started, but where is the timing supposed to be set? There's the scale on the balancer, but at what end is top dead center? And if I do adjust the distributor the only thing that changes is the position of the timing marks. The idle does not change am I missing something here?
  11. I was going through some of the information on that page, and noticed that the stated gear ratio was for Plymouth models. If I remember correctly Plymouth models didn't have fluid drive in the 40's, or at least till 49. Seeming as how the fluid drive is similar to an automatic most automatics where geared higher, so wouldn't 3.55's or 3.73's seem more ball park? Maybe I need to buy a shop manual for this model of car as the manual usually lists the gearing options depending on model.
  12. Since I didn't see this subject covered anywhere in the forum, I would like to know what could the gear ratio be in my 1948 Dodge 4door sedan? Are there numbers stamped somewhere? If I don't like the ratio what options do I have short of completely changing the rear axle? I would prefer a 3.55:1 ratio for better drivability. Seems to be a good ratio in these older cars anyways. 4.10's are not very good unless you're going to be racing which I am not.
  13. Thanks, that first website with all the parts looks very helpful. Looks like a good source.
  14. I just picked up a 1948 Dodge sedan, fairly straight and rust free. I would like to know of places that carry restoration parts for these cars. Window rubber, and interior parts, are going to be my biggest concern. All mechanical parts seem to be readily available, but need a source other parts.
  15. I was just checking out this thread, and had the same plan to change out the trans in my 51 Super as it is dead, and doesn't work. I have a 53 Buick trans and would like to make the swap. So in other words I need to change the bell housing from a 53 Special if I have that correct? I noticed on the 53 torque converter that the snout that goes into the crank shaft may be a little longer, is this going to be a problem too? Also does the starter on a 53 straight8 still mount on the right side of the engine?
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