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  1. I saw the discussion on the Airtex E-8011 6 volt fuel pump to prime a car after storage. I was wondering if you had a pic of your setup? Also I was looking into revamping my 6 volt to an 8 volt. Do you think that pump will work okay on 8 and not be too much pressure?
  2. Am looking for a driver side mirror for a 47 caddy conv. anyone out there have one for sale or know where I can get one?
  3. Sorry I haven't been able to reply. How does 50.00 sound? If you tell me where you live I can get them to a Fastenal store close to you.
  4. I can flip it over and take more pics if wanted. the under side is in real good shape.
  5. All the pictures didn't download so if you have a request let me know.
  6. Here are some pictures of some of the parts I have available.
  7. Sorry people for my ignorance of computers. I have to get a new cdr drive for my computer, so the pics will be awhile. I do have the bumper jack and I thought I had the tire iron to but I can't find it right now. I took the whole dash out of the car so if the heater blower switch is on there I should have it.
  8. I am going to try to put some pics on here sometime this week. Price on the trunk lid is 100.00 plus shipping. If you tell me where you live I might be able to send it on one of our company trucks. We have stores all over.
  9. I"ll see if I can get a picture of them on here this week.
  10. I have the tail lights and the yard is checking to see if it is still out there
  11. No, but if you still need them I can check with the yard I sent it to.
  12. I have some '48 olds parts. All are in good shape except for the doors. The doors have a little rust on the bottoms. The other stuff; hood, trunk lid,front fenders, right rear fender, front and rear glass, fender skirts, hubcaps and rim rings, dash, and various window trim. I also have the spare which has an old tire on it, and it is in good condition( still holds the air). These parts were off a slantback type 2 door. Can send pics as soon as I figure out how.
  13. I have a '48 olds fastback that I have torn apart. It has good trunk,front fenders,hood,glass, fender skirts, and the top part is in good shape too.The original paint is there but faded. The floor is rusted through on the drivers side mostly. I need to get it out of the garage for my sons graduation, so if interested I need to know soon. I can send pics if you want, I need to figure out how first.
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