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  1. I drove it again today and it seems to be even worse then yesterday. I think I will get the Cat removed or hollowed. I dont think any shops are open on Sunday or I would be getting it done. I was going to Drive it to a car show today, but that is the way it goes. In regards to the Timing belt, I replace all belts and seals three years ago when I bought the car. I leaked oil everywhere as it sat for 5 years. I just installed my brand new in mopar packaging upper timing belt cover I bought on ebay this winter. You do not have, or know were to purchase the correct spark plug wire holders/seperators that mount to the valve cover. Thanks, Tom
  2. Alan, I drove the car again and it seemed to me that I was getting some "ODD" noise from the exhaust and the turbo came on about 1/2 throttle in 3rd gear a couple of times. It almost sounded plugged, and then wouldsond ok when the turbo was on. The funny thing is is that I am used to removing catalytic converters not replaceing them. This is the first car I own newer then 1969! I believe I will change the catalytic converter and I also need a new muffler. Any specific reccomendations for better performance? The last I bought was headers and glass packs for my 65 mustang! Thanks for the advice, I think I will get it replace early next week. The weather is just getting nice in Miichingan for Top down driving. Tom Stroud 1989 16V TC 1965 Mustang GT 1969 Lincoln Continental
  3. I got my 16V out of storage last week drove it over 300 miles and everything was great. I had great acceleration and performance, as I put a new upgraded BOV and stage 2 computer from RDI performance in last year. Today I drove my car and it feels like the Turbo is not doing anything at all. There seems to be no point where the turbo kicks in and acceleration is about 50% of what it was. It feels like driving a 2.2 Stick shift, not a turbo 16V. Everything appears OK, and I am not sure where to start trouble shooting. This is my first turbo engine so any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tom Stroud 1989 16V
  4. I need the stainless piece from the bumper, passenger side corner. Tom
  5. I need the rear passenger corner stainless steel trim piece. If you have one please contact me with the details. Tom stroud tcstroud@hotmail.com 1989 16V yellow
  6. Yeah, This is the only part that I am missing from my 16V. If I can get this cover my car will be complete!!!!
  7. James, I think this is the car that my Dad has and he was also looking for any others a few years back. I talked to him and he asked me to give you his email and to contact him. Russ Stroud- email: rnstroud01@yahoo.com Tom Stroud
  8. Rick Diago has timing belts last time I checked, and he was also having a run of 16V valve covers made. rdiperformance.com
  9. I was there with my yellow 16V with the top down. I had my 2 year old son strapped in his car seat next to me, and no room for Mom. I was not fortunate enough to see any other TC's. Then it started to rain, this was only the second time it has seen rain since I have owned the car. It was still a good time, hopefully next year it will be sunny. I also took it to the Downriver and Telegraph cruise's.
  10. How much, specifics on condition, and pics. Email tcstroud@hotmail.com
  11. There is two hard tops for sale on ebay currently.
  12. I was missing mine on my 16V car. Found one last winter on ebay, new in the package. If I remember correctly I paid $80 for it!!
  13. I need the stainless steel trim for the rear bumper, the passengers side corner. Tom tcstroud@hotmail.com
  14. I need the Stainless steel trim from the the rear bumper. In particular I need the corner on the passangers side. Please call or email the price! Tom Stroud tcstroud@hotmail.com 734-925-3853
  15. Rick, Do you have the upper timing belt cover, and if so how much. tcstroud@hotmail.com
  16. I purchased a Valve cover gasket on ebay in its Mopar package for $200 about six months ago. I have not seen one before or since!!! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> My wife saw the box it was shippd in and put it in the trash on Wed night. When I took the trash out on Thur I noticed the box and pulled it out of the trash,. the gasket was still in the box!!! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />
  17. No, I don't need a Piano, <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> thanks for asking!!! What cars do you have?
  18. I will The entire car looks that nice!! People do not believe when I tell them the milage.
  19. 1989 16V for sale Yellow and Tan 69,000 miles excellent condition $8,000.00 Located in the Detroit Michigan area. email questions to tcstroud@hotmail.com
  20. You can still by the insulation from the dealership!
  21. I have a 1989 16V TC for sale. It has 68,000 miles, but looks great. It is yellow with a tan interior and a black convertible Top. If you are interested you can E-Mail me at tcstroud@hotmail.com.
  22. There is one on ebay for sale right now.
  23. They were asking $6,600 and I talked to the owner of the car.
  24. I was out driving around yesterday and I came across a 16V for sale on a used car lot. It is yellow with a tan top and has 48,000 Miles. It is located in Taylor MI, and I have a contact number if anybody is interested.
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