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  1. Sorry about bidding that High I just had to have it!!!
  2. Hello everyone!! I have a 1989 16V car I would like to sell. I had a car accident today with my daily driver and need to replace ASAP. I need to raise some cash to buy a new car!! Not really in the budget as I just bought my Challenger last summer so the whole family could cruise together. I can't get rid of that because my wife would divorce me!!!! The car is very nice and needs a good home Yellow with tan interior and Black Top Stage 2 computer and after market BOV all from Rick Diogo The car is complete and has no major problems mechanial or cosmetic Please call or email if interested for more details and pics Tom Stroud 734-925-3853 tcstroud@hotmail.com
  3. Hello everyone, I am interested in parting with my 1989 16V Yellow w/black top and tan interior. It is not very practical for car cruises and family fun now that I have two kids. I am interested in selling for a reasonable price to someone who will appreciate this car as much as I do. Please contact via email if you are interested!! Thank you, Tom Stroud tcstroud@hotmail.com or tcs18@chrysler.com Here are the Stats--- -Odometer stopped about 68,000 miles and never bothered to fix, I only drive it on nice days in the summer so it has added very few miles!! I guess it has around 75,00 +/- a bit. -Car runs great and the only upgrades are a stage 2 computer and aftermarket Blow off valve, all from RDI performance. -4 years ago I had a new timing belt installed as well as front crank, intermediate shaft, and cam seals. I also replaced the oil pan seal and have a NOS valve cover gasket that will go with the car. It is ready to drive and enjoy. -The only thing cosmetically wrong with the cars exterior is a scrape on the passenger side rear end behind the tire and on the and passengers side front end in front of the tire. It looks like curb rubs and have been on the car since I purchased it some 6 years ago. The top pull down motor does not work, I am sure you are all surprised. -The interior is worn on the typical spot, driver seat, but I believe the center console was redone before I purchased the car as it has no wear visible and looks like it is vinyl!! There are also to small cut outs in the back side of brown leather over the instrument cluster. -I have babied this car and fixed all problems as soon as they arose, it has been garage kept an only been caught in the rain twice in six years. It is fast and fun to drive and looks great. It is ready to take home and enjoy. I also have both tops as well as the hard top stand and cover. In addition I also have some odds and end spare parts that will be going with the car.
  4. Yeah, I recall some of that! My Dad was a Chrysler Executive at the time and he and a lot of his counterparts were given TC's as company cars because they could not sell them. My Dad decided to buy his, so he has a Red 16V with only 7,500 miles!! His is also the only from the factory with the black nerf srtips on the front end painted the same as the body color. This is the car that I took to the Prom and several homecomings!! I hope the Chrysler Fiat Deal works out better then the whole TC debacle. It appears the Federal Judge OK'd the sale today, but it is open to competative bids until May 20th. I am one of the lucky ones because my plant make the Jeep Wrangler and Minivan engines!! These are about the only things that are selling besides the Ram!! Wrangler sale were up 16% last month. Thanks for the facts, I will prep my Boss the best I can!!!
  5. I will let you know how it goes!!
  6. Hello everyone, Well, I work for chrysler and this is day 5 of bankruptcy and all of my fellow managment buddies and myself are busy cleaning up the plant getting ready for the VP of Fiat powertrain, Sergio Marccione, too tour the plant Thursday!! Being that Fiat owns Ferrari and Maserati I thought of a great way to break the ICE with our possible new Itialian owners. My 1989 TC 16V Yellow with Tan interior will be sitting at the front door as an ambassador!!!! The real interesting thing is that the block from the car was machined at the engine plant where I work!!!! I want to arm my Plant Manager with some interesting facts besides the obvious, so I was hoping for some input from my fellow TC enthusiasts.
  7. Was the car you saw a 16V yellow and Tan with a Car seat in the passanger side. I have MIne at the Woodward, Downriver and Telegraph cruise every year!! I did not know about the gathering at the museum, but I will be in Florida on vacation that weekend. Tom
  8. I add lucas oil injector and fuel system cleaner with every fill up, as well as 93 octane. I have added a stage 2 computer but not upped the size of the injectors which is recommended. Maybe I have a bigger project then first assumed!!!! Could be fun as well as performance enhancing.
  9. I do not have any yet, but I believe you can get them from Rick Diogo. I was going to buy some from him a couple of years ago but I did not need them yet. Half the fun of this car is finding the parts, kind of like a treasure hunt depending what you need!!
  10. Yeah, and considering were the cap is located, under the intake manifold I might as well replace everythig, cap, rotor HEP and plug wires, while I am in there. Is there an easy way to get at the cap or does the intake have to come off?
  11. Hello All, I have a 16V with approximately 75,000 miles and I say approximately because the odometer quit shortly after I purchased it and have not fixed it yet! Low on the priority list I guess. Anyhow, last week I took the car out and it developed a sputter during acceleration at high RPM. If I hold the RPM constant after a second or two it seems to clear right up and will run smooth. This did happen earlier this summer and I put new plugs in which seemed to cure the problem for the last few months. I am guessing something with the ignition system, but would like some second opinions from all of the experts out there. You all have helped in the past and any new advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on driving it to Toronto in about a month so I am hoping to get this cleared up soon.
  12. Was the other TC you saw last year a Yellow 16V with a little boy in a car seat! That would have been Cole and I. I am going to try and make it out, but I have a benefeit event tomorrow night for a friend who is trying to raise money to help with medical bills mounting up from a fight with cancer!!! Some things are more important than cruising.
  13. Alan, My boy, Cole told on me the other day, he told mom that daddy goes fast and makes the tires got "******", and you know the sound. We were racing and 2008 COBRA mustang. The guy in the mustang thought it was a Lebaron, and was amazed when I pulled ahead. I didnt realize the car was that fast, as I just removed some exhaust restriction which has made a very noticable difference in performance. My wife thinks I am crazy when I have him under the car with me when he is not even three. When he has to little to walk or crawl I would put him in the height chair in the garage when I would be working on one my cars. My wife thinks I am nuts, but shes probably right. As far as age goes, I am 29 and have had my tc since I was 24. It was the first major purchase I ever made without consulting the boss AKA "wife", and I had not even been married a year. I came home from the auto auction with my Dad and informed my wife I had just bought a car. Needless to say she got a new car within two weeks, and all was forgiven:) Off for Dayton airshow and US airforce museum tomorrow morning so have a good weekend.
  14. Alan, I know, Rick has been a lifsaver on many occasions for myself. I think I have purchased enough parts from him to almost have my wife divorce me. I most recently added the stage 2 computer and aftermarket boost valve, and am considering the upgraded turbo he has available. I am planning a trip too Florida next year and hope I can finally meet him in person. We also have sons about the same age that we are both fully corrupting with this car business. Sorry about outbidding you on the valve cover gasket, I just loose my head for these parts some time.
  15. Tony, The Mopars at the red barns looks to be a good time. I might try to get over there with my 16V. I just put a few of the last missing pieces that I aquired over the winter. Tom
  16. If you find one, please let me know and you may hurt my feelings. I bought the only one I have ever seen for sale on E-Bay new, in mopar package, and don't ask what I paid. I had already completed the job with other methods, so the gasket is still tucked away. In regards to Rick D, last I talked with him he was going to have tooling made and have a run of 500 16V valve cover gaskets made. I am not sure if it was ever done as he was canvassing for interest, and of course I said yes. Tom
  17. That is why I always throw the receipts in the trash. The car is worth your enjoyment of driving it. Tom S. 1989 16V
  18. Thats 175 Miles according to map quest, sounds like a fun drive with the top down on the 16V. Maybe I will try to get My Dad to drive his 16V from Traverse City, and add a few miles to the 7,000 he has on it!!
  19. It is off to the exhaust shop tomorrow to get the temporary trouble shooting flex exhaust replaced with a straight pipe. Then it might be time for that turbo upgrade and stainless exhaust system. By the way, my posting name tcstroud is my first two initials and last name, Thomas Clinton Stroud, which just happens to be TC!! Isn't that ironic!! I just realized the connection tonight while writing this post. See you on the road! Tom
  20. Well it was raining when I got it fixed and I had to break my rule of no driving it the rain to find out. I could not keep and traction so I went through the gears with the tire spinning. It kind of ran rough at first, it must have been running rich, then cleared right up. Today the pavement is dry and I am leaving to take it out. Rick Diogo is putting together a stainless Steel completed bolt on kit for the car. I think this might be in the future. He also has new turbos. Thanks again everyone for the Help, Tom
  21. I would be interested in the bumper. Contact me at tcstroud@hotmail with your price for the bumper plus delivery. Tom
  22. The catalytic convert was the problem, thanks for the help.
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