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  1. Have you tried contacting Shee-Mar? They make almost all the reproduction TS switches. Many of them are interchangable as long as you use the entire assembly (don't mix switch/cam pieces) and have the right connector. They should be able to tell you what works. www.shee-mar.com
  2. AC/Delco #520298 is the recommended replacement for the rear vertical shocks. I really don't know of anyone selling new horizontal shocks, but I have seen NOS ones on eBay occasionally.
  3. All '65-68 full size models except the Jetstar 88 (330 powered) used 14x6 wheels with a 5 on 5" bolt pattern. The rare police/h.d. 15" wheel option was also a 5x5" pattern. They came with Toronado center caps and trim rings. The trim rings are hard to find, so my wheels don't have them.
  4. Try Pilkington Classics. Not sure they have it, but they do lots of older GM cars. Call them at 1-800-848-1351.
  5. Replace both motor mounts. They are cheap enough and fairly easy to replace. 40 years of heat, oil & vibration takes it's toll on the rubber.
  6. I have a real nice 67 AM radio. Let me test it to make sure it works then I'll get back to you.
  7. If properly cleaned and prepped and the correct materials used, there should be no issues with painting plastic parts. My bucket seat backs and sides were painted at a local bodyshop. They had me scrub them thoroughly with hot water and strong detergent then clean them again using glass cleaner and lint free paper towels. They sprayed them with a PPG plastic adhesion promoter and let it dry for a specified time before shooting the color (a PPG base coat). 3 years later and still like new.
  8. I installed the tach/clock into my '67 Delmont about 3 yrs ago (see attachment). The one I bought was for a Cutlass, so I had to remove part of the original bracket as you mention. The original shroud from the clock or delete screws to the tabs on the Cutlass tach housing. But there actually was a different tach/clock made specifically for the big cars. A NOS one recently sold for big coin on eBay. You can tell the difference because the big car tach will have the 2 studs protruding from the back to attach to the dash bracket. I always figured the multi-gauge unit would fit too, but never atte
  9. 225/70R14 tires on 14x7 wheels will make a nice original-looking combination that will perform better than the original bias ply/14x6 setup. If you want to step up a little further in handling and originality isn't top priority, you can go to 15x7's with 225/70R15 or 245/60R15 tires. BTW, I live in Hamburg.
  10. SSI wheels were available for '69, originals would be 14x6 with a chrome rim (no trim ring). While original wheels were different between drum and disc brake cars, the aftermarket wheels are all made to fit with disc brakes (assuming you have sufficient clearance for the caliper - many aftermarket disc brake conversions require 15" wheels to clear the calipers).
  11. Overheating on rebuilt 455's is frequently due to too-tight internal clearances. Was your engine rebuilt by someone familiar with hi-performance Olds engines? Also, be sure the tune is optimized as to timing and fuel mix. Overly lean mixture and/or excessive timing causes detonation. If not corrected, you could damage your engine. I honestly doubt this has anyting to do with the water pump.
  12. Dan, Olds didn't use exhaust manifold gaskets from the factory. The freshly machined surfaces of the manifold and head didn't require a gasket since they do not contain liquid. You can have the port side of your manifold re-surfaced by any machine shop, then thoroughly clean the head flange around the exhaust ports and just bolt it on bare like they did at the factory. If you're worried about it, a VERY light smear of hi-temp silicone on the flanges will seal the deal. If you really want to use gaskets, FelPro makes a quality foil-faced graphite/steel mesh gasket, but be prepared to tighten th
  13. Thanks very much for the info Paul. I'll give VPI a call.
  14. I may have that headlight door. Give me a couple days to look and I'll post again yea or nay.
  15. I need a pair of the "Custom Cruiser" nameplates from the front doors of a 91 or 92 Custom Cruiser wagon. If anyone spots a pair in the boneyard or has some in their garage, please give me a shout. Thanks, Glenn.
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