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  1. I need a Headlamp bucket for a 1932 Chevrolet Spt. Cpe. Someone took a hammer to one of mine at a show!!!! Thanks Sonny
  2. Very easy here in New Mexico, good for 5 years and was $5.00:D
  3. May I take this moment to wish all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR
  4. From my house to yours may we wish you all a very HAPPY HOLIDAY And please be safe Sonny & Pam Hegarty Albuquerque N.M.
  5. Just got done cleaning up my 1932 Chevrolet Sport Coupe for the 2011 Santa Fe Concorso Show to be held on Sept.23rd.-25th. It only took 4 days to get it done!!
  6. I have used " MAR-HYDE " COMES IN SPRAY CANS
  7. How about a 1932 Chevrolet Sport Coupe? email for photos. mheg3836@msn.com
  8. How about Dexter Park in N.Y. They used to run a board track there and I or we used to race midgets there. Wow that was a long time ago....
  9. So sorry, I just got back from storage place and NO 1937 Plates at all..All I have from N.Y. is 1 1932 plate. sorry,Sonny
  10. I might have a set, I'll look on Monday when I get to storage place. If I do i'll e-mail you and you can have them, just pay shipping!
  11. Hi Matt; Check over @ vcca.org/forum:)
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