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  1. Here's an unusual picture (see attachment) titled "automobiles parked on roof of Buick Sales and Service building" from December 1925. It's from the Library of Congress collection, accessible from http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/browse/. Enter "Buick" in the search field. You shouldn't use the images without permission, but how is anyone to know about this marvelous collection unless we get the word out? You can also download higher-res images. Can anyone tell what city this is in?
  2. Mr. Earl - am delighted to find this thread on Buick Trucks! It's an underappreciated aspect of Buick. There's a feature story about Buick Trucks at http://www.prewarbuick.com/id173.htm. The pictures you show are terrific! What a shame Buick dropped out of the truck market. (You have no doubt seen the 1938 Buick "El Camino" for lack of a better term; it's handsome, elegant as any good Buick, and pratical too.)
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