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  1. Back home already Adam... (with a NOS roofrack for the wagon) Next visit will be in spring next year (hopefully during a weekend with a Buick gathering at Chuck-a-Burger )
  2. them crazy Duke boys: '85 Minnesota Vikings: '64 lowrider: click for HOT ROD article
  3. just received my issue (bought at "books-a-million" St Louis Mills MO) Really surprised by the 19 photos of those clay models.
  4. Rock, buddy....welcome and good to see you here. Nice story behind your Riv!!
  5. I now know for sure there should be a roller attached to the lift arm...
  6. Changed the complete lower sash channel (one of the guide bearings was broken)and attached a new roller on the window; The Fisher Body manual isn't quite clear about this: -Should there be a roller on the lift arm as well? (there isn't one now; and I can't compare with the other side at this moment) -If so, are they available somewhere or do I have to exchange the complete lift arm? Thanks
  7. Sounds like that issue is hard to find in regular (book-)stores? Here's a scan from the 1974 Buick Trim & Color album:
  8. only saw 2 scans of the article till now (will purchase an issue on my visit in 2 weeks) It seems to me that the woodgrain on the blue 73 Estate Wagon is after market (?) Didn't noticed that before due to the tiny pics in the ads from Duffy's. What is so "impractical"about a glide away tailgate? Still it was about time 71-76 B-C body Buicks got some more attention. Are the larger images of the Estate Wagons available as well?
  9. Amongst the photos of Rivieras I collected over the years there were some `rare` ones. Please feel free to add more 74 convertible Vinyl:
  10. For less moolahs, on the photo it appears to be a solid one: http://adcache.collectorcartrader.com/10/3/5/89898235.htm
  11. In fact, the above photos of the 76 S/R comes out of my photo collection of 74 - 76 Rivieras which I collected over the years (eBay, craigs, meetings etc) There is only one '76 Riviera S/R (build in 1975) here in the Netherlands, but that one is not well maintained unfortunately: In The Netherlands I only know of 2 74's (of which one is a convertible) 1 75 (a GS) and 2 76's (1 S/R) a minority compared to the number of boattails we have here in this small country (at least 60 see: http://www.geocities.com/boattailsnl/ )
  12. That's what happened to a 73 Wagon about 2 weeks ago; some vague eBay rules like: <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">****Note: This item is being relisted. eBay deemed my use of "not Chevy Ford or Pontiac" in the previous auction title as a violation of their listing rules; they do not allow keywords in the title</div></div> I think the seller was just unlucky eBay caught him... I see it happen all the time there in other auctions click for auction
  13. It is no longer on eBay (hopefully sold to a good Buick home)
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Electramanrob</div><div class="ubbcode-body">This is my brother-in-law's old wagon. </div></div> Whatever happened to the the luggage cover? Should have noticed the safety belts in the eBay wagon which indeed are the same as in the photos I have from your brother-in-law's Wagon
  15. BTW: a scan from the 1976 Buick Trim and Color album:
  16. Finally I found the only 2 other photos I have of a 76 Riviera with that console:
  17. Only wish I had some more space for another car. Thanks for posting
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