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  1. Tried to notify a moderator with the 'notify' button about that spelling error on the AACA forums page, but page doesn't respond... is theren any other way to reach an admin or mod?
  2. Bryan, please let me know if you are going to part out the Riv (hope you sell it though).... I might be interested in the grille as well. Mine is more or less "ok" but with new paint maybe the Riv deserves a nicer one.
  3. nice history on that Boattail; noticed before it was relisted, must be quite a pain in the a** those dead bidders. A blockheater; I still have my doubts about getting one (for a CA Estate Wagon...)but it is the only accessory on the 72 accessory list the Wagon doesn't have (yesterday I 'won' a pair of NOS Buick Child Door Lock Guards) The less popular model year (73) of the boattails is gaining interest, looking at the prices on eBay last few years
  4. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 75RivGS</div><div class="ubbcode-body">English is not my second language (beside my own language, German is second). </div></div> Still: shouldn´t it be Riviera Owne<span style="text-decoration: underline">rs</span> Association instead of Riviera Owne<span style="text-decoration: underline">r`s</span> Association (see category on AACA board)? Not really a big issue, but when a typo, maybe inform an admin?
  5. I always try to make an appointment with the seller to keep the stated value as low as possible; here (The Netherlands) we have to pay $15 + 20% over value and shipping on all items above $30) @Dave: surface shipping is no longer an option. Everything goes by air nowadays (makes shipping from US much more expensive)
  6. Looks like a very nice Riv (knowing that the price is about 1750 euros)with a white Landau top. Missing the front bumper fillers (almost impossible to even get used ones). But has a bug guard (after market)Not looking very good, but soooo era correct IMHO Buick mud guards is another item I would like to add on my 75
  7. Thanks for the answer. Sorry for using that word (sublime), must have been in my head since high school. English is not my second language (beside my own language, German is second). Really looking forward to read the 74-78 articles. In the mean time I still have to cover my own 75 for the Riview (still waiting for good weather here to take the Riviera out and make a few good photos)
  8. and what is the next form of transportation Dirk? Schwebebahn? or looking for another Riv? I know of 2 very well maintained 65's (425 LX)for sale here in The Netherlands
  9. @ Riviera4life: nice to see how you help a fellow 70 Riviera owner: he really needs that back window
  10. In the latest (jan-feb 2008)Riview there was a sublime article about options on the 73 Riviera (by Darwin). Still I got a few questions: -I read the 1973 Product Selling album more carefully and noticed a lighted vanity mirror was available for the Riviera. I was convinced that the first year for such a mirror was the 1974 modelyear....(the 1974 C&T album stated it as 'new for 1974 models') Does somebody have a photo of such a mirror in a 73? Is it mentioned in the 73 C&T album as well (it is the only album I still don't have in the 71-76 serie) -were the sail panel emblems only available with the vinyl top/accent stripes? -the rear view mirror in my 73 is a stainless one: was that an after market or dealer installed or factory option? (if factory: which model years are correct for these mirrors?) Thanks! BTW: looking forward to read the same kind of article about the 74-76 Riviera era (some of them with the 'monstrously overstuffed padded vinyl Landau tops .... I lately parted one out which had never seen a garage for it's entire 30+ year car life: not one spot of rust!!)
  11. I will only pay for items through paypal (expensive for both seller and buyer) or (and prefer) direct bank transfer. Bought my wagon by sending money from bankaccount to bankaccount A very secure and cheap way. All other payments (M.O., pers check) are not possible or very expensive Can somebody please explain why US sellers don't like to give their bankaccount number? Here in Europe 80% (at least)of the items on auction sites are paid with those bank transfers. There is no way I could missuse a seller's bankaccount number
  12. Leopard 2A6..(pedal to the metal) Even had the opportunity to fire a shot later(120mm) on a shooting range.
  13. Same here... hopefully it´s only maintenance
  14. Isn´t an Estate Wagon a B-body? I thought Wagons shared some Electra and some Lesabre/Centurion parts/moldings
  15. was wondering: do those rocker panel moldings only interchange with LeSabre and Centurion? Just bought a NOS one for my 72 Wagon (G.M. PART # 1394819, GROUP # 8.304....91 1/2 inches in length)and still looking for the passenger side
  16. I immediately knew which Electra was under that auction number....have it in my favorites. What a beauty!! My all time favorite: 76 Electra Landau Coupe triple black Congrats.... but I don't understand: you picked it up, but it is still listed ???
  17. Besides the Color & Trim albums / Product selling Information / dealer brochures etc (1971-1976 only) (still looking for a 1973 Color & Trim album to make it complete) I like to collect rare Buick items on paper. Today one was delivered through the mail I had never seen before; 1971 Buick Announcement Dealer Marketing Planner (click thumbnails to enlarge): Another one I really like is: And although not paper, but still on my bookshelf: I collected 1973-1975 Buick promo movies (8mm smallfilm in cassettes)and had them transformed to a digital standard. Two examples I uploaded on youtube: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=lGwCtr-ggzk http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=KfGDUn2o3PM
  18. Here's a photo from when that wagon was on eBay last May; notice the "dent" License plate
  19. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 74455</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> (a California car) </div></div> wagon came from Florida (don´t know for how long it was there) Has the same VIN (still this seller stated it´s a CA car (see Q&A) Former owner (Ray, eBay username`tylercatcars`)sold the wagon 20th may this year to this seller... and again I see a dent in the passenger side rear fender, but nothing mentioned in the description (like last auction) Do I see some alterations on the photo (photoshop) right behind the rear wheel in the woodgrain area? (that´s exactly the spot where I thought have seen a dent before) Will post a photo with dent of the last auction later Former owner stated that closing the sun roof needed manual help the last few inches. Maybe repaired now? Nice wagon... would prefer it without the vinyl top though(white vinyl top AND woodgrain AND brown paint is one too much)
  20. Here's is '77 for sale: 2 dr with landau top Found it on a demolition derby board (still try to locate rocker panel moldings for my Wagon there.... GM "roundbacks" seems to be popular there): http://srt.suddenlaunch.com/index.cgi?board=gmclass&action=display&num=1192419638
  21. Found my ´72 Wagon last year in CA.... almost same options (few more miles on the odometer though )... GM (powered!!) clamshells are becoming very popular here.... with Buick being the most desirable. Here´s mine, yawning, just before getting into its wintersleep in a heated garage:
  22. Derek, exactly your opinion crossed my mind while posting my latest thread. Still in some sort of way I feel very related with BCA due to my membership of the R.O.A.. Another issue that I was thinking of was the fact that on both of my Rivieras there's also a sticker of the v8buick board (I know: Comparing apples to oranges maybe). But if the BCA 's opinion is that those logo emblems are for member's only I respect that.
  23. or maybe a follow-up topic here on the BCA board: I don't receive the Bugle, but interested in at least 5 pieces
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