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  1. it will come off in the same way as the knob for the clock: just hold the pin with a pair of pliers and turn the knob anti- clock wise.
  2. as in the title. For a 73 Riviera; I think (?) all 71-73 BCE will do Thanks
  3. he should have changed the after market wheels for the ones with the original caps before making the photos and the time capsule would be complete
  4. http://jalopnik.com/394718/the-cars-of-death-race
  5. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Anonymous</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I was told less than 1000 GM cars from 74' -76' had this option, and only four Rivs had this in 74'</div></div> Number 2 (?): http://eugene.craigslist.org/car/744703851.html
  6. have same problem here.... seems that other users are able to download the photos according to the amount of downloads (???)
  7. Mike's window stickers are the best.... Have had two made and they're 2 thumbs up: http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepabj8/
  8. A '75 or '76 Electra, 2 dr HT, triple black is the only car my wife would approve to buy next to the other Buicks.... if you ever find one........ please notify me
  9. I only quickly scanned your former posts about your conversion. Some thoughts: Although you have 12V with Ignition "on" on the coil are you sure there is still 12V when you crank? I had some starting troubles once. Found out that the coil was fed by the "ACC" in the fusebox instead of the (for example)the "ENG". Maybe you should try to feed the coil directly from the battery (+)and see what happens. Do you have a switched 12V to your coil?
  10. although complete bull (IMHO) I couldn't resist to post this short movie
  11. @ Cameron: A black 2 door Electra is a car which I love have next. Although I would prefer a '76 (triple black) Is there a Protect-o-plate with the car? I thought 1972 was the last year for them?
  12. Good story. As surprised as when I first heard about Buick and Cadillac already had airbags (ACRS) in their 1974 and 1975 BCE models. Still looking for the first year a European car (Mercedes?) came up with protecting a driver and passengers)like that (at least 20 years later).
  13. can't find a Buick Electra there... Already sold? Please add a URL.
  14. I don"t think a translation is needed.... you can figure out what happened looking at the load in combination with the towing van: a big truck coming from the opposite direction caused turbulence causing the trailer to move to the other lane: the driver in a car behind the big truck could not stop in time and died: (I estimate the combination of the Wagon and trailer at 2500kg and the towing van aroud 1650kg with a 2.9 liter turbo diesel engine)...) Streaming video: http://www.hartvannederland.nl/item/...al_Stompetoren
  15. found a dozen in a local shop.... in Europe...
  16. Lucky you....here we pay over $9.00 per US gallon for regular and even worse: 98% of the cars here are Jap/Korean/German/French/Italian
  17. looking for (new/used) windshield (upper) molding clips for a 73 Riviera (GM 71+) Somehow the old ones got lost when I took them off before the repaint of the Riv I searched eBay but no hit(s) for the right ones (...100 pcs/bx...or US shipping only) Can somebody help me out with a few? Thanks
  18. Try to contact Mike. He is doing wonderful job on window stickers: http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepabj8/
  19. John, thanks for the reply and you are right: a 77 will not fit so in fact I need a RH 78 rear light or a set from a 79: the 79' do have a small emblem
  20. WTB: RH rear light for a 77 or 78 Electra (2 dr Limited) or a lead to a parts car: Thanks!
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