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  1. Board, at this moment we are kind of stuck in Indiana (Greenfield) with quite some miles in front of us with a 1966 Riviera GS. It seems that the brake booster fails to do its job. (no (break fluid leaks, enough vacuum from the intake) Does somebody has a lead to such a brake booster in the area? Thanks!
  2. I wonder why they limit theirselve to 63-75.... A'76 Riviera only differs on a few items from a '75
  3. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Bill Stoneberg</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Rhettt, the Austin Buick group is having a picnic and get together Dec 6th at Bull Creek park. We would love to see you and your Riviera. </div></div> Sounds good
  4. Looks good, Adam. Keep up the good work. I can only agree that sometimes leaving the rough work and focus on the small parts can be very satisfying...
  5. In fact it is not a wrong GPS but the maps attached to it. Or the GPS receiver can not receive enough sattalites to be accurate enough (due to trees valleys etc)
  6. Thanks for now having another Buick on my wish-list.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I do recognize quite a few Buicks from other boards and forums. Here's a clickable link: Queensland National Photos
  8. Hard to find on eBay when named a ´Cadillac Fleetwood` this Flxtte. First time I saw a ´60 for sale Click for eBay link
  9. I noticed both wagons, but due to condition I didn't even bother to notify you. The 74 in Germany I have seen in person. It was for sale for the last 3 or 4 years (before I bought mine) by several owners. It needed too much 'TLC' for the money they were asking. The Dutch 73 I've never seen before. Besides another bumper, hood, paint etc it also needs a new windscreen.
  10. the first 3 things that comes to my mind for a clamshell wagon is to look what the condition is of the space where the spare tire is situated (in-and outside)It is a typical place where rust appears on these wagons. Second: the vertical weatherstrips where the tail gate window slides. Those are not available anywhere. Third: you're looking for a powered tail gate. Convince yourself that the tail gate and window motors are in a working order (from the dash as well from the rear) BTW: thanks for your offer on the other board... will PM you.
  11. I attempted a few times to get in touch with the German owner to get the whole story.... but no luck so far. Hopefully I will see him and his Buick on a show next season.
  12. According to the part number this should be exactly what you're looking for: NOS GENUINE GM RIGHT HAND STAINLESS ROCKER PANEL MOULDING PART#1394808 GROUP#8.304. (87-1/4 LONG 1-1/8 WIDE) eBay # 160213730001
  13. Immediately thought of the nice green 75 Wagon at airportautos.... so I tried to find the link for you on the stationwagonforum where I read the (sad) story. Is the 76 from Electramanrob already sold? Good choice though, a 71-76 Estate Wagon.
  14. 853: 15x 6 (5x5) 4th design: '67-'70. Center cap diameter 2'' Backspace is 3 3/8'' For a 71 and later you need 895
  15. Dave, did you, while junking, ever came across a 71-73 Buick Estate Wagon?
  16. NTX5467: Good posting!! Still it is maybe a nice idea to at least make a photo of the last remaning Buick dealers. There is a PDF file on the i-net of Buick dealerships, would love to see a photo attachement (or URL)there of Buick dealers (present and past). Here is my favorite (although I really do not know which dealer it is):
  17. @ Dragnik: Ry you will be amazed about the performance you can get with a LPG conversion. Still the only reason for me is that regular gas here cost about $10.50 p/gln. and LPG about $3.00 p/gln. With the conversion costs of about $1800 I will gain after 2 years. Thanks for your offer for transportation. I will get back to you on that through PM later
  18. A small update from a third party; ( I didn't trace the owner yet again) The Buick was bought 20 years ago and back than shipped to Europe where it was 'garaged' in a barn till a few years ago. Still will try to find the owner to get the real story. @ hddennis: that makes sense.... really wasn't aware of that fact.
  19. @ DRAGNRIK: Thanks. Was just curious. I converted both Rivs to run on LPG and regular gas. The Wagon however will be converted to only use LPG (so I can use the space of the gastank for a LPG-tank and another advantage is the increasing performance). I estimate that 75% of all the gas stations here in The Netherlands sell LPG.
  20. How is the availability of propane (LPG) in the US? If so, at which price?
  21. Next time I see the owner or Buick I will try to get some more on the car or maybe even better direct him to this board and let him introduce the car here. At least it appears the car won a prize (AACA!!)in the Delaware area. Could such a prize (1st) still be confirmed by AACA??
  22. Today I visited a US car meeting in Germany where I spotted this non restored 1913 Buick (Model 31 Tourer??) Owner told me he was looking for such a car and traveled the whole world for such a Buick and finally found one in a barn in his own country (Germany):
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