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  1. Cheers, on the steering wheel: still I would like to trade it for a green 3 spoke. On the 3rd photo (interior) it looks like the carpet is tan, but that's in the photo only. Car has a green carpet. Still have to locate a pair of green floor mats (I do have the green handy mats) Bought this car from the first owner and she did 80K on the odometer.
  2. Do you mean the bumper filler (extension)? Imitations are available from Replica Plastic (http://www.replica-plastics.com/EditParts.aspx?Make=Buick), so imitation and another material (polyester) than original (soft urethane). Paint to match. Sorry, don't have part# for original
  3. Looking for the knob or complete shift lever with the wipe on demand button for a 1971 Electra.(71-76 big Buicks could have this option) Only have this photo available (from dealer brochure):
  4. It popped up on CL. Same photos. No asking price though.: http://lincoln.craigslist.org/cto/1034548648.html
  5. Ted: in fact the main goal for buying the Electra is/was Colorado Springs ( and the Van Nuys GM meet by BCA LA chapter). In the remaining time till June I will sort out a few more (US car related-)events, yards etc and a route along with it. Thanks Bryan; surely will post some more once there
  6. Just became the owner of another Buick: 1971 Electra 2 dr in my favorit color combination (green with green interior and white vinyl top). Not able to drive till the end of June; than I will pick her up in CA and make a road trip throughout a few states (Nevada Utah, Colorado and/or maybe a few others)
  7. Tom, I read in another topic on another board that interior is green... please check on the steering wheel.... I need a dark (hunter)green, 3-spoke without cracks. Thanks
  8. Tom, is the lid of the coolant overflow tank available? Condition?
  9. Yes!!! Finally found one.... to be continued here soon. Colorado Springs within reach.... in a Buick.
  10. It is definately a beautiful color. Didn't notice that color was one of the 4 Riviera only colors that year. Unfortunately the price is a bit too much for me...I'm in the market for a 71-76 (with 73 the les preferable) So any leads (besides eBay and CL, whitch I'm checking out at least twice a day) are very welcome.
  11. Although a 72, it is green and has a white vinyl top : you probably wouldn't find it with only "Buick Electra" as search option there green Electra on eBay
  12. Pete, eBay# is not available (anymore?). Or do you refer to this 2-door 73 Electra?: eBay Electra If not, I must have missed the one you mean unfortunately, cause I'm in the market for a 71-76 Electra (prefer 75-76 though) and search eBay, CL and a few others on a daily base
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 56buickinga</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Good news everyone. this car was purchased and is being used as a driver, not a derby car. </div></div> Are you the new owner?? This Electra came on the market just a few months too early for me. Still good to hear it is saved from derbies
  14. Lamar, thank you so much for your offer. The only thing for me that is definately going to happen is to visit Colorado Springs. After that everything is possible; east or west coast, south) Hopefully in a a full size 75 or 76 Buick (chasing a few different options now). A rental would be my very last option. I sure will let you know what will happen. Thanks again!!
  15. Good to hear the Behemoth is in safe hands now. Didn't expect the final hand over of the Wagon would be such a pain.. The seller's text going along with the auction pointed in the opposite way. I'm still considdering to drive the other 76 EW to Colorado Springs and on to Savannah,GA in July...
  16. Original 5x5 (15") I do have a nice set of original Buick chrome plated wheels (66-70!) with the correct Riviera caps (very good condition) for sale. I'll be in Paderborn next week could take them with me.
  17. Although I had in mind to wait and try to get in contact with the owner or the Buick during next meetings season I will now try to get that information sooner. As soon as I have info I will inform you
  18. Same here Adam, hopefully in the the future we will have another chance. Edited my first post; youtube wouldn't let me use the music as audiotrack, so I uploaded that video again somewhere else.... that song was heard at least a hundred times during the trip; Frank Brooks had it on a CD which was the only CD we had...
  19. Old thread, so my 75GS is included, but in the mean time my 73 had a re-paint: (love those european parking spaces ) Next thing on my 'to-do'list is a conversion (another set up for much better performance) to let the 455 run on LPG only.
  20. My road trip of last December in a nut shell; <span style="color: #FF0000">ClicK for video:</span> every day was only about Buicks (and some other US cars). We visited a few board members, dealers (unfortunately the dealer that once sold my 73 Riviera ran out of business a few months ago (Vincel Buick, Springfield, MO)and yards. Best trip I made so far... planning the next one already: June / July 2009 (Colorado Springs!!!) Hopefully in a '75 or '76 Electra Unfortunately Wheatbelt is missing there A lot more photos (1.400): http://www.freewebs.com/erikboattailmeetingphotos/americanroadtrip2008.htm
  21. Frank, here's a scan from the BUICK CHASSIS AND BODY ILLUSTRATION CATALOG 1940-1972:
  22. we have limited access to the internet... so it took a bit before we could update here. At this moment we are in St. Louis, Mo, so the brake problem is solved.(valve). This, by the way, is the beautiful '66 Riviera GS we are driving from NY to TX: A really nice Riv with a beatiful interior. Handles great! A true pleasure to drive it across a couple of states. Thanks Adam (Smartin) for helping us out!!
  23. Roberta, got Bill's number from Smartin this morning. After leaving a message on his voice mail he contacted us and was pretty convinced he could help us out. Will let you know the outcome later today. Thanks and Buick greetings
  24. Thanks for reply Bill. We already visited Autozone etc yesterday except for NAPA. We will go there to if they're open. We will get some more help in a few hours from v8buick members. So very hopefull to continue the trip soon. Thanks!
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