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  1. Aw man, I'm sorry I missed it. I've taken on head coaching my son's Tball team (the Braves for you Georgia folks). Practices and games and coaching seminars are gonna keep me plenty busy through May.
  2. Lamar, Bend is supposedly very dry, so if the car you are looking at has been there long, it should be relatively rustfree. I got a bunch of Wildcat parts from a guy in Bend, I'll look up his number and see if he's still around (6 years ago)
  3. Give that man a fried banana and peanut butter sandwich!!! Got it.
  4. Aw shucks Thanks for the kind words Roy. A little info... My 55's name is Gladys, and my 63's name was Vernon. Anybody know why? Music guys.... Mr. Earl, Dave@Moon? The new 55 has been named Otis. I already have a ton of parts for the new project. The body is coming off and going to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. I'm getting stoked and antsy to start!!!
  5. Stuart, Please forgive my ignorance of Australian geography. I don't know what regions all of you guys live in as far as mileage. I was asked today on the phone if I was affected by a tornado in Oklahoma.... 7 hours away. I would like to say, however that a pretty blonde with red lipstick would look just fine in either car. Perhaps her dress/ shoe/ accessory choices would be different for a 30's roadster vs. a late 50's aircraft carrier but mates of a bloke need to (in American-ese) ... "Help a brother out!"
  6. Thanks Y'all. I am fortunate to have done quite a few silly, stupid, and dangerous things in my life. I have lived by the mantra of "No Regrets". There is certainly some sadness, but no remorse. I never drive any of my cars enough, and you guys know me as one of the "Texas Road Warriors"! I would not have sold it to just any Shmoe. I know it went to a good home. The great thing about it was that it was such a "modern" car compared to my 55. I would imagine I will replace it someday with another "modern" car, Riv maybe? Unfortunately convertibles aren't what they are cracked up to be since it's too bloody hot to drive them from about June to late September down here. Once I have the Century finished, I'll work on the Model A for my son (it's his car), then I may replace the Cat. John D., you know the drinking never stops...
  7. Pete, Send it down the road to Terrill Machine. They're relatively inpensive. They may have a kit, too.
  8. Today I need to change my signature to Buick5555. As my friends know, I have been remodeling my house for almost a year. The house was built in 1941 and my old business partner (in the remodeling business) and I have gone over every inch of the place. As part of the "restoration"...well, street-rodding if you will, I had a plumber friend of mine gut and replace all of the pipes and completely redo all of the sewer lines. Obviously, this was quite expensive! He is an old car enthusiast, and has a very gorgeous Model T Ford. As we all know, but perhaps few admit, the Model T is not necessarily conducive to everyday driving. He spoke several times of really admiring my 63 Wildcat convertible. This car is VERY ready for everyday use and much better for weeknight getaways with the family. We worked out a deal where he would finish the plumbing and I would trade him the Wildcat (plus cash, of course ). Anyway, today he came by and drove off in his new car...( And yes, I AM putting my money where my mouth is and paying for his first years membership in the BCA!) My 5 and a half year old son Woodrow was bawling and saying goodbye to the car. My wife was choking up a bit, too. I really didn't feel too much as the empty spot in my garage and the check in my hand only made me feel as if I had a great starting point for my 55 Century convertible project. Pics of that will be posted soon.
  9. I was just looking through the CARS catalog and saw that they were offering a part that I gave a template for. I dealt with Tim Cox at Quiet Ride Solutions (the manufacturer of firewall insulators) to make me some kick panels out of the same plastic that they make their firewall panels out of. I figured since I was going to drive my car, I wanted the kick panels to be cleanable and not affected by water penetrations which we all have. And I figured they would live up to the "kick" part of their name. I thought it was kind of neat that I had supplied a part that until that time was unavailable. I think most people in the hobby would feel the same. Good luck in your endeavor, if I can think of anything you can make for me, I'll send one for you to copy.
  10. I gotta agree with BRH. If donor parts are included, or at least, available for A decent price, it may be worth it. I didn't mean to imply that you were only looking for a 66 Riv, only saying make sure you are armed with all the info you can get. I wasn't looking for a raggedy-a$$ Buick when I bought my first one. I was looking for a Mu$tang . Now look at me...
  11. Michael, I hope you have gotten what you needed out of your first post. Whatever you decide, let us know. I think it's admirable that Thriller let's people know the real world (albeit Canadian ) costs associated with the restoration of his Wildcat. So many folks, myself included, give vague costs. "My paint job on my 55 cost more than a new Hyundai". That's what I usually tell people. The car hobby can be very enjoyable, but the cost of entry/ "competing" can be very high. I tend to think that you should buy the absolute best car you can afford, or more. Try eBay and search for other 66 Rivs, you may be surprised at what you CAN afford. I have to agree with most of the posts above. I think ultimately you will become disillusioned at the cost, work involved, and pile of rusty metal on your first restoration. I bought my Wildcat for $3500 with a goal of making it a good, fun convertible to tool around in. Shortly after buying it, I saw many examples of 63 convertibles that were MUCH nicer than what I ended up with for around $10-12k. I stopped my "restoration" at around $15k and I did alot of the work myself. I bargained with paint guys, upholstery guys and ended up with a pretty nice car. Do I regret spending that much? No. I saved a car that was decent i.e. it wasn't headed for the crusher. And I had fun driving and showing it. If you want a 66 Riv, do your homework. Check prices on really nice examples. Don't worry, you will have time. Your buddy's Riv will still be there if you decide to buy it (it IS priced too high). Good luck, stick around. There's lots of good info here on the forum.
  12. Just saw another car commercial. This time for a VW with two-tone seats. I'm NOT in the market for a new car right now, so my opinion is merely an opinion. Sorry for the continued hijack...
  13. Ah, the memories. It shows a good view of the GM tent. Note to 48 Lincoln... No ropes!!! Even around historical, one of a kind, Motorama cars.
  14. I saw a recent add for a Mercury (Montaineer?) that had two-tone black and white "bucket" seats. That looked sharp! Also, Mazda has a fabric right now that is eerily reminiscent of my 55's grey patterned cloth with black "horseshoe" fabric surrounding it. Also cool in my opinion. Two-tone seats are still around in foreign and domestic brands. I'd still rather have tan leather than blue velour.
  15. The original purchasers of turquoise cars with red interiors needed a lot more than zen class!!!
  16. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Thriller</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Both extremes of temperature can be quite hazardous to one's health. You are probably more comfortable missing January on the Canadian Prairies. </div></div> Derek, I am quite comfortable missing January on the Canadian Prairies. I was working outside yesterday in the shadows, in 40 degree weather. I get cold easily!
  17. When my 55 broke down on the way to the Nationals two years ago the tow truck driver took me, my dad, and the Buick to three different auto parts stores til we found what I needed. He was working on fixed rate Hagerty tow plan, so he didn't need to do that. He treated me the way I treated him... Think "golden rule". I was dressed nice, well, better than I usually do, and driving what could be seen as a rich guys car. I didn't act like Tiffany (as I am soooo prone to doing) so he didn't treat me like her. I wouldn't want to be repossessing cars, it'd make me a bit cranky. I'd probably carry a gun. Yeah, tow lots are a completely different animal. NOBODY wants to pay to get their own car back.
  18. Ah, the irony. We could sit around swilling adult beverages talking about forum topics and Buicks, while the people with other addictions will be sitting around swilling coffee and talking about swilling adult beverages...
  19. B. Goode, You need to drag your a$$ across the pond and start designing cars. You nail it EVERYTIME!
  20. The Snorkel is for four barrel carb cars. Two barrel cars get the round ones. Same as 55.
  21. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: old-tank</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Stevo You and the other northern brethren are welcome to come play with my toys any time. The BCA board meeting in San Antonio last year gave some an opportunity. Willie </div></div> I think this is a great offer! How many people do I need to pull the afformentioned 55 Century body off the frame. Let's make a video/ webcast. A bunch of dudes ripping apart an old Buick, cleaning parts, sandblasting/ painting... And all free labor for me! Well, of course I'm buying the beer and BBQ! Then we could all gather around my computer and check the forum. Shoot, my wife works for Apple, there are three computers and two iPhones in the house.... No waiting to satisfy the forum cravings!
  22. Re: Dr. Joe's #2 treatment. One other thought I had was the fact that those of us living in the south have many more opportunities to drive our convertibles, Wildcats, and Rivieras to get away from the forum for a couple of hours. If I were snowbound, or having to deal with hearing about friends' roofs collapsing under three feet of snow, and then NOT being able to drive around or at least work in a garage that wasn't below freezing....? "Oh the humanity!" I feel for my Northern brothers and sisters. How can they possibly fight this addiction? Please tell Sally Struthers to send them some food and money.
  23. Thanks Doc. #1. I started a 55 Century (nailhead) that hadn't been run in years last weekend. No smoke, purred, started right up (of course). #2. Drove my Wildcat convertible to Marble Falls, 200 miles round trip, on a "business trip" less than a month ago with the top down. #3. Did find a VERY solid 55 convertible that had not seen the light in years ('63 California black plates on car). #4. Every National I have attended I have had fun at, but you are right Doc, the first one's buzz was only topped by my second, where I received a Senior my first time showing. #5. The first car I ever bought with my own money was a 55 Buick Special, actually the same exact car I got the award for (mentioned above).