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  1. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: MrEarl</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Willie and Mike should be able to take over from here.... </div></div> Ok. I didn't use the solenoid when I installed the AC unit on my 55. If it's on, it's on. I also had to fabricate some of the lines going to the back. Remember, AC copper is different than plumbing copper. AC copper is measured inside diameter, rather than outside. In other words, your 3/8" AC line is 3/8" i.d. The wiring running back to run the blowers was missing on mine, so I just made a decent splice with new wire. Yes Adam, there are many more parts on the mid fifties cars, but it's just like running a sprinkler system...
  2. When I first saw your post, I was confused also. I didn't know if you had 1959 Buick parts, or one car less than 60
  3. Thanks for the info Bill. Maybe the Chinese drums have lead in them
  4. Geez Barney, Aim a little higher. We need start up capital and job security. Let's ask for ten million.
  5. I was gonna suggest the same thing, as I sourced all my Wildcat convertible parts from Impala Bob's (Chevy dealers are much easier to deal with than Buick dealers, due to competion)... However, is the Electra a B body car? I think it's bigger than an Impala/ Wildcat.
  6. Keegan, You actually bring up some good points. Even though the majority of us around here are restorers vs. hot-rodders, you are on the modified section of the forum. Alot of times when people ask how they can modify their car everybody jumps them telling them to keep it original. I personally lean towards keeping a car mostly original. You have a 327... Cool. We just usually like to keep the Buick powered cars here. Again, your car, your decision. I would check out the Hokey Ass Message Board to get further info on this swap. I'm not trying to scare you away, or [censored] you off, it's just that Chevy engines are not our specialty. I'm with the Old Guy, check JEGS or Summit or call Walker Radiator directly. I guarantee you aren't the first guy to stick a Chevy motor in a Buick. Good luck.
  7. You can probably get good used drums from here. has them listed as new replacements. I have not ever bought drums from Kanter, if you decide to go that route, please post here letting us know whether they are any good.
  8. You got me. I might have been even more gotten if the stock market wasn't in the toilet. I said to myself as I read your post... "Self, how do I raise my son to buy me a really expensive car one day?"
  9. When I was working on my friends 60 Electra, I had the opposite problem. The starter wouldn't shut off. It turned out that another mechanic had used a double return spring on the accelerator pedal and it would hang up on the linkage and keep the pedal depressed. That was an easy fix without having to lift that heavy starter out from under the car. Your local auto electrical rebuilder should be able to get you a solenoid, I know I got mine for a 55 that way. CARS ( has them too. Check first.
  10. I'm driving through Lubbock/ Amarillo stopping for the night. 6-7 hrs. The second day (Thursday, I think staying in/ around Amarillo) we'll head to Co. Springs. I'm driving my 55 and my folks are following behind in a new Impala for comforts sake. I drive fast, the Impala can hang with your buddy... . Lemme know.
  11. I agree with John, it sounds like maybe the solenoid isn't engaging.
  12. I missed the no drive train part. It does look like a very solid starting point. You could still get it on the road and pretty for under $20k. Not bad for a two door hardtop. Bargain? Maybe not.
  13. What a buy!!! Looks like he would take even less, too.
  14. The "Bloody Awful" is bloody funny...
  15. Bernie, That is a really cool website! Welcome.
  16. Good points everybody. I agree with Jason as I don't always desire the cars that are featured, but like he said, the articles are always well written and informative. Yeah, my interests don't lie in the pre-war cars generally, but who cares? Articles on 55's have been done ad nauseum. I'm totally cool with modified issues and obligitory "wasn't our National great?" issues. I don't think Thriller was in any way slamming the yearly issues (even though he apologized)... I see his point, for sure. Pete and everybody else on The Bugle staff has made such a HUGE difference in the layout, content, and quality of the magazine that I'm excited everytime the shrink-wrapped treasure shows up in my mailbox.
  17. eBay has one for $25 right now. Type in 1963 Buick manual. It ends in two days. You NEED to get one for everything you will do on that car.
  18. Mr. Earl, We have all been in a position of having to make decisions based on real life vs. dreams. As John D. so rightly said in a recent thread of mine..."a 63 Wildcat for some pipes..." You did the right thing for now, under your current circumstances.
  19. The parts book Leif shows has the 55-56 four barrel cars originally equipped with silencers (what we have been calling snorkels). Oldsmobile used a cool looking round air cleaner that had two scoops off to the side. These fit their four barrel cars. I imagine someone may have installed the Olds version on your Supers.
  20. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 1DandyDaves</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> : Is that interior black? I bet the seats are some hot in the southern summer. Burn right though your blue jeans. Dandy Dave! </div></div> Plus if you think about it, you're that much closer to the sun!