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  1. Mine leaks in the oil pan, the crack is on the inside not the outside. I will be pulling the engine this winter and getting it fixed properly. until then I will keep my eyes open for a good V12 block. Good time to have my cam reground since it will be all apart.
  2. I found a Snap on analyzer for 6 and 12 volt for 10 bucks out at the local swap meet. it doesnt do V12s but it will do each side. Someone stole me old one that would do V12s.
  3. A 48 Lincoln Conv. Coupe sold two years ago for 110,000 There were 314 made from what I found out from Ford. Much rarer than a continential Conv. well worth what they are asking for it.
  4. Only reason I am thinking of putting a plug in it is the crack is only 2" long at the bottom and just 1/2"high so its not to bad, just bad enough to leak water in my oil after sitting for a day or two.
  5. Glad to see the site back up. Thanks CBoz but once this is back together I want it a permanet fix. I am thinking about tapping the water jacket and putting a long brass plug in there maybe an 1 1/2" long so its past the crack and insure no more water will leak. I just need to know if the water jackets are the same diameter from the bottom up so the threads will hold at least past the crack. I will find out next week if I dont hear from anyone here.
  6. I dropped the oil pan and found the crack. its right where the center water jacket plug is, it was welded up there when I had the block machined and apparently not welded up good enough, water is leaking from both sides of the weld. Time to pull it and get it done right which means disassembling the whole engine for a little crack. I Love this car but sure wish they had Packard build thier engines, never have any problems with my Packards.
  7. They sell it for tractor parts also. if you cant find one let me know and I will call my friend and get you a price on one and a part# so you could order it there in the bay.
  8. I use one for a ford police car, it has a button on the back side so if it ever stops working you can push the button and make it work. I got it at the local carquest parts store, I have it on my power top pump too.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I have had both heads off and the intake and no sign of water anywhere. it does seem to hold water for a day or two then it all ends up in the oil pan. I will have to pull the pan and check those plugs. Thanks Peecher I forgot all about those. The engine has had the coolant flushed every year since it was rebuilt and oil changes every 1000 miles. it has been sitting in the garage for the last year without running except for once every other month while I am working on my 69 Dodge Daytona. Guess its a jelous car. I will pull the pan in the next few weeks and let you guys know what I find. I hope its as simple as a core plug. If it is I think I might tap them and put screw in type plugs in there.
  10. Damn! today I drained the oil and nothing but water, I think I have a cracked block too. I think its time to make a hot rod Lincoln with that new 429 I have sitting on a stand. At least keep it all ford products.
  11. Hi all and hope your having a good day. I have been having one problem after the other with my Lincoln. Started 2 months ago with a blown head gasket then the coil went out along with the condensers, got all that fixed and the belt broke and while putting it back together and tightening up the slingshot for the Alternator the front of the edelbrock 2x2 intake manifold broke off about 2" back. Glad I kept a single 2bbl intake. I have a machinest friend cutting it back and CNCing a whole new front end and tigging it back together. Sure hope to not have any more problems this month.
  12. Hi Dag. I have had mine put together for about 8 years now and at idle it is painfully slow(about 90 seconds to get up) I keep the engine running at a high idle and it cuts the time in half.
  13. Thanks for the site and info peecher. If I cant get this one fixed I will be buying a new one, if not the 4bbl I will go with the 3x2, seems to work real good on my 70 Challenger 440. Did you notice or check to see if the vacuum had changed at all with the 4bbl?
  14. If you dont mind me asking. Where did you get the intake and how much was it? I just cracked the front of my edelbrock 2x2 intake when I tightened up the sling shot that hold the alternator. It can be fixed but might just go with a 4bbl. If you have one handy try the carter AVS 600cfm it should be a better performer than the Autolite.
  15. I used a clutch and pressure plate from a 52 mercury and it fit perfect and seems a little smoother on slow starts, less chatter.
  16. Jake Fleming is building one of my old coild right now, alot cheaper than the guy above and no one here has had a problem with his yet. Im just trying to get the hardend crap out of the case A&S rebuilt without damaging the case so it can be reused, that stuff is a pain to machine out because you have to go real slow or it heats up and resolidifies. I have a friend with 3 old lincoln sedans sitting outside rusting, I will ask him for his coils,dist and any other good parts.
  17. The guy who use to run A&S answers his phone but as soon as you mention his coils going bad he hangs up on you. Im just looking for one or two to see if I could machine out all that hard silicone or whatever he used so I could have a rebuildable coil. If anyone has one please PM me.
  18. If you have a non working A&S coil that cant be repaired please let me know, im looking for a few to take apart and find some way to get that hard crap out of there so the case can be used again. If you have any please PM me here. Would love to run into that guy who did these,I have a lifetime warrenty I want give back to him the hard way.
  19. Anyone see Barret Jackson from Florida? A 1948 Lincoln Conv Coupe sold for 110,000 Guess I need to stop driving mine so much, oh well I dont plan on living forever. heres the web site. http://www.barrett-jackson.com/application/search/w_search.aspx
  20. I rebuilt my own pump, they are very simple. if the motor still turns the rest of the parts are just in need of a good cleaning most of the time to get all the old brake fluid thats hardened out of it. The motor is a ford starter motor so parts are easy to get for that. if all the pump parts are good all you need is a good cleaning, there is a high pressure valve behind one of the plugs on the side and that can be a bit of a pain to get free. dont be affraid to tear into it,its easy. When you get it working use hydralic tractor fluid or automatic transmission fluid, the hydralic fluid doesnt stain if you get a leak and no smell to it. Once its working if you do change to 12volt you will just have very quick windows and top.
  21. WOW. I feel pretty good about getting mine for $40 when I didnt even own a V12 Lincoln 10 years ago. It does look good on my 48 Lincoln Conv Coupe now though.
  22. I replaced mine with some from a 48 ford V8 they run at 36mfd and you can get them from sacramento vintage ford. The only difference is the mount plate which I just unsoldered from the old ones and resoldered on to the new ones. I think the cost $8 each.
  23. I had skip rebuild my water pumps after a big Lincoln vender rebuilt them and they only lasted 1 month. I havent had a problem with skips pumps and with the diverter plates in the temp in fairly even from front to back. I use a infared temp gun to check it and there is no more than 15 degrees from front to back. Im also using the new felpro gaskets with even sized water holes.
  24. if anyone is interested in the intake alone I will see it for 400 plus shipping. just send me a pm. If not sold by the end of Feb 09 I will be cutting it up to fit my 282 on my 41.
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