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  1. Looking forward to Paul's next road trip report....
  2. Thanks Adam. I made a goof in the original post...our second night is in Thedford, NE, not Valentine.
  3. Well, I hadn't planned on making this post for a couple of days, but since the upgrade is happening, I won't have much chance to do it. On Saturday morning we head out to The Buick Barn (Internet-free zone) and leave Sunday. We'll head primarily south first spending Sunday night in Steele, ND at the site of the world's largest sandhill crane (we saw some earlier this spring). Monday sees us travel all the way through SD spending the night in Valentine, NE. Tuesday is the final push to COS. The children used to travel better when they were small, but now they only tolerate so much...and I tolerate only so much of them in the truck. The truck has been checked out and I've mostly given the trailer the once over, although there are still a couple things to do. There's a couple of finishing touches yet for Ellie, but she is almost as ready for her beauty pageant as she is going to get. We are staying at the Crowne. I'm judging and there's at least one junior judge, if not two (Luke may be a bit young, but he'd probably do fine). Joseph doesn't have a full grasp of how many '59s are going to be there...he'll be going crazy...in a way I hope there aren't any in the car corral or I'm going to get pestered quite a bit. We're spending a couple extra days in COS after the meet. We haven't got the details completely worked out, but we will spend about half a day at the Focus on the Family center. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Following our stay, we head north and a bit east...we'll spend a couple days in Rapid City, SD taking in the Black Hills / Badlands area. We'll go see Rushmore simply for the sheer magnitude of it. From there it will be two days driving back, likely spending a night in Bismarck, ND or somewhere nearby, getting back to the farm Sunday, July 12. Two weeks, a lot of driving, and a lot of fun. If / when I have Internet access, I hope to post some trip photos...the crane has me intrigued. Take care all and see some of you soon.
  4. Now Lamar, did you find a good mop for your keyboard yet? Cool video of a cool piece of history.
  5. Drool.... Last of the woodies...and with a V8. 670 were built. I know where one project is. The way to present it is with a bow...I'd gratefully accept it Sorry...it's a rare and amazing find. Aside from the initial rarity, it isn't that often you find a running original car, if it would truly be called original in the collector's sense (never rebuilt / restored for all major components - usual wear items / damage / whatnot replace is OK). I want it, but have neither the space nor the funds that would be required to procure it (unless it comes with that bow suggested above).
  6. Yes, it would be a treasure...I haven't yet been able to completely decode my '54 wagon, although we do have overall production numbers.
  7. John, That's excellent to be able to get something done and the feeling of accomplishment, along with a better running car, is a good thing. In a sense I know how you feel...over the last week we've been doing a lot of little things on the Wildcat for Colorado.
  8. If TeamBuick wasn't authorized to use the logos, then this was something that should have come through a long time ago. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but if copyright was infringed upon, GM is well within their rights. When I buy something with Buick on it through the BCA or the Sloan Museum store, there is typically a tag about authorized use. This is a case where asking permission may have been better than begging forgiveness.
  9. Bill, I think that Chevy is running a bit hot
  10. Sorry Centurion...I'm a weak wittle boy and I couldn't resist. That cost me all of $30 plus tax. I had it in front of the computer and it acts like something of a shadow box, so I may need to try to put some different coloured lights behind it.
  11. These southern boys have some funny ideas about what "rusty" is...they're pretty spoiled down there
  12. Ambition? Bah! You'll be on vacation I do have to make a stop this weekend to get a taste of Manitoba for the gift exchange....
  13. Actually, the local organization of car clubs has been working with Manitoba Public Insurance on a collector plate that can be moved across cars. The idea is that you insure the highest valued one, maintain storage insurance on the others, and you can move the plate from car to car. I'm not sure it will work well for us with more than one driver of the old iron...I guess we'll see how it all works out. Here's the photo Brian has been waiting for:
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