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  1. John, That's excellent to be able to get something done and the feeling of accomplishment, along with a better running car, is a good thing. In a sense I know how you feel...over the last week we've been doing a lot of little things on the Wildcat for Colorado.
  2. That's Terry...search the forums for Terry and Buttercup and you should find something...a thread with a bunch o' drool. Looking at these photos again Lamar, I couldn't help but think that perhaps you should have lathered up those jeans with some Meguiars paint cleaner to get started on some shine for the Bluebird
  3. It is kind of tempting, isn't it Dave? That's the sort of custom I could actually see myself in.
  4. Gotta love seeing that '29 in the mix Lamar. That will help with getting the paint right on mine in terms of colour division. Of course by the time that happens, I'll have forgotten this...sigh.
  5. Fred's truck Fred - your link didn't work, so I searched the site...guess I should get back to work now
  6. '77 Nighthawk ad From a quick online search, '77 appears to be a valid year for the Nighthawk.
  7. I really hope my lottery numbers get drawn tomorrow night...not a big jackpot, but enough for this. This is a wonderful looking car. It has its flaws, but being in original condition and over 50 years old, that has to be expected. My keyboard, as well as MrEarl's, still seem to be functioning in spite of the drool. Good luck with the car.
  8. That looks very similar to the one that came with my '29...I'll have to try to remember to measure it tomorrow. On mine, on the inside of the trunk lid was most of the decal of the manufacturer - Potter Manufacturing Co. of Jackson, Michigan.
  9. Welcome to the Buick Long Roof Fraternity
  10. That truck looks like one that was in Flint...I believe that photo may be from the GM parade with the descriptor on the back...I know I have a photo or two of it. Another one from the parade - a 1923 Buick Cantrell Depot From the National, a 1940 Buick Experimental truck.
  11. My bad...I stand corrected...for whatever reason, I thought it was a '54...perhaps because I wanted Lamar to call me a RASG
  12. Mark - my priorities haven't changed, it is just that circumstances dictated this year how things would go. We had our local car club meeting yesterday, and I chatted with a fellow whose son likes Buicks and he understands the shape the '56 is in, so perhaps it will move out of my hands. I didn't want to bring the '56 home, it was just that I could never coordinate between the two storage sites to get it moved from one to the other...oh well. With control over where both cars are now, I'll be able to make the swap after the snow is gone again. JD...sigh. Son, you're gonna drive me to drink
  13. On a number of other forums I belong to, interesting posts come out for a significant number like 100th, 500th, or 1000th. I'm not trying to start a tradition, but I noticed I was approaching the 20th century in posts and thought I'd put something together. I figured I would mark my 1929th post with something of a tribute to my 1929 McLaughlin-Buick Model 51. Of course, if I get this one wrong, I’ve got 6 other years coming up to try and get it right. In the spring of 2005, we received an e-mail as a result of my looking after the Manitoba Classic and Antique Auto Club web page from a fami
  14. I'd read about the movie previously, but don't recall picking up on the main character's names - Nash and Durant...it has to be a car guy's movie.
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