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  1. Some other things I didnt mention. I have the Protect o plate for the car and the orignal bill of sale for the car. The car is very solid and is very dependable. Also the car was pictured in an article in Hemmings Jannuary 2006, where the author stated that the car was "dead on correct". I actually tried my best to leave the car as orignal as possible as it came from the factory. Please email me with any questions.
  2. For Sale a 1970 Buick GS 455, #'S matching 455ci 350 hp, triple green. The car is in very nice shape and was apraised near $30,000 last fall. 112,000 miles runs great. AACA HPOF Certified in 2006. Located near Scranton PA. $30,000 or partial trade for a 67 thru 69 camaro. Please email Honda858@epix.net with any questions or for pics. ( Pics located under KTM858 in the AACA photo gallery on this site)
  3. I am going to register my car for the meet in Binghamton and I am not really familiar with Fords. I am trying to find the engine number. Could someone tell me where it is located? Thanks
  4. I have used JC Taylor for years and have had several claims over the years. I never was questioned or had any problems with them or their coverage.
  5. Well folks I hate to do this but here it goes. Up for sale is a 1963 Cadillac Coupe DeVille black in color with a black and white interior. The car is located near Scranton Pa. and the price is $15,000 firm. The car is an AACA Senior car and also is a CLC Senior car. Email Honda858@epix.net with any questions or if you would like pictures.
  6. Well folks I hate to do this but here it goes. Up for sale is a 1963 Cadillac Coupe DeVille black in color with a black and white interior. The car is located near Scranton Pa. and the price is $15,000 firm. The car is an AACA Senior car and also is a CLC Senior car. Email Honda858@epix.net with any questions or if you would like pictures.
  7. im looking for a set of good tail lamp lens with the chrome strip. Please email me at Honda858@epix.net Thanks Stanley Sipko
  8. For Sale is a 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85, the car was painted about 1 year ago with Spies Hecker Urathane after it was stripped. The car has a 455ci motor with a 2 speed trans. The car needs the bumpers rechromed and the seats redone. Outstanding driving car that is very solid. Located near Wilkes Barre PA. $8.000 NEG. 570-693-5823 ask for Tommy between 8:00am and 6:00pm
  9. For sale is a 1973 Oldsmobile 442, Below is a partial list of everything that has been done. Im not sure how to post a picture on here so email me with any questions or requests for pictures. new Spies Hecker urathane paint in the orignal green color new white vynal top new black carpet new rubber seals for doors and trunk new outside window seals new tires new brakes new motor mounts underside of vehicle detailed motor and engine compartment detailed $18,000 neg The car is located near Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Please email or call for information 570-693-5823 or email Honda858@epix.net
  10. I have asked around to many people that restore steering wheels and either get laughed at or they tell me that they cant repair them because they are complex to mold and that they do not have the equipment to do it.
  11. I have an original 70 GS that I am trying to keep that way. Could someone tell me if they know of anyone that refurbishes, remakes or anyway shape or form does anything with these wheels? Mine is falling apart but I hate to change it. Thanks
  12. For the past few years I have been attending national AACA shows and have had cars in the HPOF class but I also have 5 senior cars too. This can go either way because yes a fully restored car with new paint, chrome, and interior look great. In my opinion though so does an orignal car that has never been touched or has had some work 20 years ago done to it 20 or 30 years ago. Who would have thought that some of these cars would have been worth as much as they are and be so desireable back then. This year I had 2 cars at the fall meet and both were in the HPOF class, as I was there I had several gentlemen come up to me and ask questions on different items on my Buick GS as they had a similar car that they are currently restoring. Some of the things they looked at were where certain clips were found and markings were left from the factory when the car was built. Without an orignal car you might never know. Well whatever, restored or orignal I love the old cars either way.
  13. I just did a 65 over and we ended up making the gaskets because we couldnt find them. Sorry
  14. I think the Hershey Region did an outstanding job with the last minute changes because of the rain. I was there with my Buick GS in the HPOF class and I had a great time.
  15. Im looking for a good passengers side grille bar for a 1953 Customline.I am located near Scranton PA. Please give me a call if you have one for sale. Stanley Sipko Sr 570-654-0891
  16. 49 Cadillac Series 61 sedan for sale located near Scranton PA. Good body runs well,good driver. Asking $7,500 please call Stanley Sipko Sr for details at 570-654-0891
  17. I think the hood fits Trans Am's from 77 to 81 with the shaker air cleaner. It is in good shape with no hige dents or anything but some faded paint. Located near Wilkes Barre PA. Asking $150.00 OBO Email me at Honda858@epix.net
  18. So far I am in the process of trying to talk her out of having a frame off done on the vette. But we shall see what she is going to do.
  19. For sale are the following Cadillacs 1958 Sedan Runs good, new interior minus dash pad and headliner. Trans seal is leaking but would make a great driver. $4.500 1962 Six window sedan, Runs great, new water pump, beautiful chrome and paint. $8,000 Both cars are located mear Scranton PA. For info please call Stanley Sipko Sr at 570-654-0891
  20. Ok folks here ya go! Recently a friend of mine had been contacted by a long time friend of his family with a simple request. It seems that her mother and father had purchased her a 1959 Corvette Conv brand spanking new in 1959. Her father was a doctor with a local practice and her mother was a nurse. For some reason or another in 1969 she had some type of dispute or falling out with her parents and gave back the vette. They then put the vette inside a garage under their office and had blocked it in with a 1950 Cadillac Series 62 then padlocked the door. The request that she had for my friend was if he knew somebody that could tow the cars out when she opened the doors and if she could store the cars in his garage once they were out until she figured out what she was going to do with them. Well I now am the proud owner of the Cadillac which is 90% orignal and mostly rust free. It sat from 1969 to 2004 then when I got it in 2005 I worked some majic with it and it started right up.
  21. Usually throughout the summer I have the chance to attend several local AACA Region shows and each one is different. Some shows have a big turnout of pre-war cars and some have more newer cars. I understand that some of the regions count on their annual shows for revenue to support their regions year round activities. On the other hand I also understand that in light of that they have to open up the show to more types of non AACA type vehicles. The big thing that disturbs me is that most of the youth today could care less to see a car from the 1920's and would rather see a 2000 Honda that was straight out of the Fast & the Furious. I just feel that this could be a huge problem later on in years when time goes on. So since I went on about all that I should just say use whatever works for your region. The Scranton Region has had a few ideas and had tried adding some car make specific classes with some luck. Good Luck to all!
  22. I am looking for the build sheet on my 70 GS, I got what was left of the one that was above the fuel tank but I understand that there is also another copy somewhere inside the car. I already had the back seat out and checked there but from what I was told it could be in several different places. Anybody have any ideas?
  23. The Scranton Region of the AACA is hosting an automotive flea market & car corral on April 1st, 2006 at the following location from 8 am to 3 pm. For info please contact Stanley Sipko at 570-654-0891 or email Sr63cdv@aol.com. Flea market location Sun Buick Dealership 4230 Birney Avenue Moosic, PA.18507
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