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  1. I am in the planning stages of restoring a 1930 DC8 and would really like to talk to any of you who have done this already. I would like to have as much planned out ahead of time as possible. My car is, as far as I know complete and by most accounts in excellent condition. I am the documented 4th owner. Mostly what I am wondering about are details like screws for mouldings, how the spare tire mounts on the fenders were supposed to connect to the cowl etc. For example the connection I mentioned os just a washer and nut. THe brace that covered the nut on both sides has been hacked away to get access, so I am pretty sure what I have works but is not correct. I would really like to talk and if you have pictures I could see that would be great.
  2. I recently purchased a great 1930 DC8 from a man I have known for years. I am interested in tracking down info such as where are all the numbers on the car for the DBC club signup (serial # ?). I will have some pics up soon. The man I bought it from had to part with the car and I am very glad he allowed me to purchase it. It is my intention to get to know all I can about it so I can properly care for and enjoy it. Look forward to hearing from anyone with info and insights.