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  1. When I was in my teens in the 70's, my dad bought a '60 sport sedan with a blown 348 in it. It was primered and had a beautiful blue interior. For some reason, he had a local garage swap in a 283/Powerglide and then drove it for awhile. It went to the great junkyard in the sky when involved in a barn firel Good luck with your project!
  2. I just read on Wikipedia that Detroit Electric built cars until 1939 (and SOLD cars until 1942). I saw a picture of one from 1931 - it looked exactly like one from the 20's other than wheels and tires. Was the design ever updated prior to the end of production? I'm assuming production went lower and lower as time went by?
  3. Tom, is this the same car that was recently featured on an episode of 'Pawn Stars'?
  4. All of you make valid points, especially when talking about percentage of survivors.... I guess 1-3% survival rates for lower end makes and models might be due to LACK of rarity, e.g. "...that Chevy-Plymouth-Dodge is just another old car...."....?
  5. I know less than 400 were built in a 3-year period. I know the Depression was raging. I know people donated cars to scrap-metal drives during WW2. I know that many people gave up on orphan cars (particularly huge, expensive, rare orphan cars).... But even factoring all of the above in...297 (give or take) GONE?!? Would time, rust, and wrecks do that many of them in? ... :confused: Or are there some still out there lurking in garages, barns, sheds, what have you?
  6. Be sure to join PackardInfo.com - General Site News - New Part Cross Reference Database Added - Packard Articles if you haven't already. It's FREE and you won't meet a nicer bunch of Packard folks online!
  7. Hasn't almost EVERY decade gone through the 'these are old clunkers no one wants, therefore we'll scrap 'em' mentality?
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