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  1. Hello everyone, Thanks for asking, I'm doing well, my hand is slowly improving. I just changed hobbies for a while. I've built RC ships all my life but never diving Submarines, so though I'd give that a try. I recently finished one and have 2 others in work. One is 66" long with working torpedo launchers and onboard video camera/transmitter. They have been a fun challenge. I plan to work on my Packards some, now that the weather is getting better. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am. Thanks, Rick
  2. Yes, Very Improtant to remove those push-rods! Get the pistons moving first, then work on the valves. Get valves moving without push-rods installed. If you have to remove the heads to do it, then it must be done to prevent damage.
  3. Wow, It certainly Looks All original.
  4. All I know is that you have to drill a BIG Hole in A-pillar. Once it's in there, there's No turning back. So you better be sure it's in a good usable spot.
  5. Man, I'm Glad Someone is Not Confused!
  6. The car pictured Looks like a '28 526. Certainly Not a 640 or 645! The engine may be a different story, tho. Which is Okay.
  7. Sorry, Pete I can Not say that I made a Mistake, for any reason, because I KNOW that I am Correct, about the German-silver plating. And I hope that someday it will be proved to you also. And as you say, that will be the Last I say about that subject, on this forum.
  8. I would apologize for 'Rocking the Boat', but it's All West's Fault, for bringing it up again! LOL
  9. If you need proof, you could take a door handle, with original GS plating, to a metalurgist and have them analyze the alloy's element content. It should be about 20% Nickel, 20% Zink and 60% Copper.
  10. German-Silver plating (later called Nickle-Silver) was used for ALL Packard door-handles and some other interior parts, prior to WW2, and many other interior and exterior parts prior to '29. It's an alloy of Nickel, Zink and Copper. No Myth, Facts, It looks very different than any other plating.
  11. Yes, they were produced both ways. The buyer could order it with or without also.
  12. Are Gear sets difficult to find for the '47 ?
  13. Speedster


    As I've said before, To many Packard owners it's not About making money, or even the supposed Value of their cars. It's about 'Keeping them All Original'.
  14. The restrictor at filter, on '29, is an ordinary looking brass fitting, from the outside, but has a very small hole thru it, internally. It's mounted into Inlet side of filter-housing. I bought a NOS filter and the restrictor came with it.
  15. I found a picture of the correct orintation somewhere. I think it was in the Service-manual, but not sure. I'll try to find it again.