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  1. Everything needed came from a 1989 lebaron 2door turbo gt. You really need a lift to be able to see what you are doing and the brake lines are long and will be difficult to remove using jack stands.
  2. you will need master, cylinder, brake lines front and rear, brake pedal and connecting bolts. Will not need to change calipers. will also need prop valve. The hardest parts is installing the rear lines, we ended up removing the gas tank for access. Of course the abs light will come one if not disabled. If I can be of anyother help let me know
  3. chrysler did not use this exact system on anything else however some of the componments were used on other chrysler vehicle's system. It is a a good system just that parts are rare and expensive. If you want a abs system then you have to buy parts for the tc.
  4. what we did on my 89 was replace everything with a system from a 89 lebaron, lines booster etc, kept the tc calipars and rotors. The abs system was a junk when new and is worse now. Chrysler used a similar system on many different vehicles and they we all junk also.
  6. just purchased a 89 tc, which has a few minor problems- pass side of boot cover will not unlock, the motor top does not work nor does the manual crank, looks like a spot weld on the bolt is broken. Is the boot cover latch a standard chrysler item or is it something special from maserati. Do the top motors go bad a a regular basis or should I look for another problem broken wire bad ground etc.
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