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  1. Mine was definitely external on the lid. I could not get a photo without taking up the carpet and the floor.
  2. I think mine is the same as you decribed as having been on your car. I will check it out for you and get a photo if I can.
  3. I have done exactly like you say on my 1925 coupe. You have the procedure correct. You only have to remove the front bolts of the rear springs and then pivot the rear end back on the rear spring shackles. It's easier with a couple people to help. Then support the engine and transmission and remove the bolts through the crossmember. Putting it back together definitely requires some help with a second pair of hands, but still went pretty smoothly. Good luck. It was a lot easier on the 25 than when I did my 1928 Senior. If I need to do that again I think I will just sell the car.
  4. The fuel line on my 2249 also runs the same way as Ron Lawson described.
  5. Ron The floor of my Senior is all pine boards, no plywood, and they are original. Your toe board of plywood must have been an Australian change in design.
  6. After going through three TX2 carbs for my Senior and having all three fall apart from pot metal disease, I finally went with a Carter BB-1. I had to make an adaptor to rotate it 90 degrees but that was not real hard to do. The BB-1 works great.
  7. I had the same problem with my Senior on tours, especially when we had other people riding with us. I could not find a trunk rack that would fit so I build a box that mounts inside the spare tire and bolts onto the spare tire mounting bolts so it is easy to put on and take off. It is big enough to hold some tools, oil, water, rags, etc. I tried to make it look period even though there probably was nothing like it ever made for the car. Most people just think it was an accessory available at the time. It at least gets stuff out of the way of the people in the back seat and I can easily remove it when I do not need it..
  8. Since I have a Packard as well as the Dodges I really like those Packard models. They look great! Wish I had one.
  9. Last weekend we ran a tour for our Packard Region and as part of the tour stopped at the I80 Truck Museum near Walcott, IA on I 80. One truck I had never seen before was this 1935 Dodge Air Flow tanker truck. It is a very unique design. Is this an actual Dodge or something someone put together? It looks to be totally original condition. I have just never seen any photos of this model. When we ran the 2011 DBC Meet we went to this museum on one of our tours but since then they have doubled the size so if you are ever traveling on I80 ineastern Iowa it would be worth a stop. They have some fantastic truck history.
  10. It probably isn't your problem but after fighting for a while to get my 1925 coupe running after some major engine work, I finally discovered that there was two sets of timing marks on my flywheel, 180 degrees apart. Of course, the basic law of statistics is that given a fifty-fifty chance nine times out of ten you are wrong. So of course I was using the wrong set of marks. Once I timed on the right ones it fired right up. I have no idea why there were two sets of marks unless it was for use in both right and left hand drive cars but it certainly messed up the timing process.
  11. I had a problem with a Type B light where the brake light would work sometimes but not others although the license plate light worked just fine. It turned out to be that the brass strip from the plug terminal to the brake light socket in the light housing was loose at the rivet. I had to apply a little solder and it works fine now.
  12. Although the body looks like my 1925 Coupe the engine does not. My '25 has the 12 volt starter-generator. I think the change to the separate starter and generator, 6 volts, was made in '26 but I could be wrong. Maybe it was done in late '25.
  13. I looked through my 2249 stuff to see if I might have any old brackets that might be useable or at least be used to make a pattern but no such luck. Sorry, 2249 parts are not easy to come by.
  14. When I got my 2249 the manifold had remnants of black paint on it which I think was put on by the second owner who started to restore it and then quit on it.. I sandblasted it and used cast iron paint on it. It looks good but I don't know what it started out looking like.
  15. Ron How could you have big Christmas without snow. Unfortunately I can't send you any snow right now but I could easily come up with a few buckets of sleet that you could pretend was snow. The Dodges are not moving anywhere today.