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  1. Like Ron said, my 2249 has the pipe at a right angle and vertical to the manifold and the manifold is square in cross section. I don't know if this was changed for the later series.
  2. Ron This makes me think my Senior was too easy since it came with almost all of the parts. Great job and it will look fantastic when done. We just might have to take a trip to Australia to see it (and you guys of course). Our Senior had a rod bearing go bad since you rode with us in Detroit but is all better now and running great. They are great cars.
  3. Unfortunately, I did not measure mine when I rebuilt them. I just made the straps extra long and cut off the excess when I got them working right. I will look to see if I kept the originals.
  4. I do not have much info on Senior parts, I have been looking for anything I might have on heads for you. Since my Senior is one of the last 2249's made, I have the last permutation so mine won't help you much. I will look at the head number just for information.
  5. Ron My 2249 also had a single bottom outlet and a sediment bowl when I got it. It works fine so I am keeping it that way and assuming that it is correct.
  6. I have been looking for Harry Redding's article on the BB-1. I will let you know when I find it. It was a good write-up.
  7. I have had a lot of the pot metal disease with my Senior. After having three Stromberg TX-3 Carbs fall apart I saw the article on Carter BB-1 carbs by Harry Redding in the Dodge Club magazine a few years ago. I found one with the right number for the Senior ( I found a chart on line listing applications). I had to make an adaptor since the bolt holes where 90 degrees off and used some exhaust adapters to fit the air cleaner. The car fired right up and after a little bit of tweaking on the carb it has been running great ever since. We do mostly touring but if I wanted to be in a judging event, I can very easily replace the carb with the one Stromberg carb I have that will still work somewhat.
  8. Here is the photo from my 1925 Business Coupe.
  9. The one on my 1925 Business Coupe is on the header above the windshield 4 inches to the right of the mirror bracket. I can get a photo if you need it.
  10. The floor boards in my 1925 Coupe were Pine and are the original boards. They do not look like Southern Yellow Pine but other than that I can't tell what type of pine they are.
  11. Mine was definitely external on the lid. I could not get a photo without taking up the carpet and the floor.
  12. I think mine is the same as you decribed as having been on your car. I will check it out for you and get a photo if I can.
  13. I have done exactly like you say on my 1925 coupe. You have the procedure correct. You only have to remove the front bolts of the rear springs and then pivot the rear end back on the rear spring shackles. It's easier with a couple people to help. Then support the engine and transmission and remove the bolts through the crossmember. Putting it back together definitely requires some help with a second pair of hands, but still went pretty smoothly. Good luck. It was a lot easier on the 25 than when I did my 1928 Senior. If I need to do that again I think I will just sell the car.
  14. The fuel line on my 2249 also runs the same way as Ron Lawson described.
  15. Ron The floor of my Senior is all pine boards, no plywood, and they are original. Your toe board of plywood must have been an Australian change in design.
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