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  1. Check your trunk and spare tire compartment lights and under the hood, they may be on all the time, mine were.
  2. A few years ago I had an intermittent ABS light going on. As I was checking the ABS control unit and found the connector not on straight and the ground to body looked slightly corroded. I cleaned the ground connection and all the ground connections in the car, under the hood, in the trunk, in the passenger compartment, etc. The ABS worked correctly, all the gauges suddenly were very stable and accurate.
  3. On my 1989 TC it was the spare tire/tool kit compartment light staying on.
  5. Red with black top pictures.
  6. On my 1989 factory window sticker it is "Turbo Convertible" I think It changed for the V6
  7. The CD player that came with my TC didn't work. I found a blown fuse inside the CD unit and replaced it. It has worked fine for over 10 years.
  8. Last year ther were about 12 TC's at the TC America tent. ----- If you are going to Chrysler Carlisle this year please register as "TC America Inc.".
  9. I removed one a few weeks ago. In the past I have tried different methods. This is what finally worked. I warmed up both sides of the window with a heat gun (not too hot, I could still touch the glass). I put a suction cup with handle on the outer glass and sprayed "3M Release Agent" (part # 051135-08879) around the edge near the areas that looked separated. With a slight rocking and pulling motion on the handle the Release Agent slowly seeped between the two pieces of glass (I sprayed in more as needed). After about 5 or more minutes the outer glass pulled off. The thick plastic membrane stayed with the outer glass and was easy to remove. Someone mentioned that WD40 would work. Now I have to decide how to re-install the outer glass.
  10. I have a 89 TC that is in need of a mufler. I'd be happy to pay you the asking price if it's the correct one. I need the mufler used on the 89 TC's with the standard Turbo II engine and automatic trans. I can look up the part number and get back to you at the end of the day. Currently I'm at Chrysler's at Carlisle for the weekend. If you get this on Saturday you can call me on my cell. 609 315-7070 ( George )
  11. You can get the gear at Cadillac/Buick Dealer Part #20160587 (description on bag "G /NUT AY")
  12. has just about every key available.
  13. You can get a new gold chrystal key from for about $50.00.
  14. I sent you an email with my address. Let me know cost and where to send MO. Thanks Bill
  15. Except for the dash tweeters the other speakers have an amplifier mounted on the rear of the speaker frame.
  16. Some of my speakers did that, but I fixed them. I found numerous bad solder joints on the speakers amplifier board, particularly on the IC. I had to use a magnifying glass to see the cracks and resolder them. They now work fine.
  17. The V6 (automatic transmission) was not Turbo charged. If it is a 5 speed it's the 16 valve Maserati engine with 5 speed manual transmission and should be a 1990 model in that color combination.
  18. It's a cover that fits over the rear of the electric seat adjuster rails.
  19. I just bought a new gear for $25 plus $4 S&H from "odometer Gears LTD". Phone # is 757-593-3478 or .
  20. Actualy the ipod is the quality of a good cassette player, not any better. the TC's had a CD player which is much better. You probably could use it's connector to connect it directly.
  21. Try or call customer service at 800.321.0784. They gave me a local vendor. I bought the spare tire compartment strut for $16.81 at "Parts For Imports", 856.665.2300 in New Jersey.