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  1. Brian, It's my understanding that my 1934 Dodge was manufactured with hardened valve seats, an innovation that they instituted that year. Ken Sobel
  2. In reference to the 2 degree ATDC timing: My 1934 calls for that timing, but remember; the fuel at that time had about 60-70 octane, not today's 87 octane. If you use today's gasoline, you need to advance the timing. When I first got my car it too was timed to the factory setting. I could barely make it up my hill. As soon as I advanced the timing I about doubled my horsepower.
  3. No thanks are necessary. That's what the Dodge Brothers are all about; helping one another. It's a great group of members.
  4. Mike, The correct Packard Ivory paint is available from Pittsburgh Paint. They've been making it for about 75 years and I had my car's wheels and pinstriping done with it. If you send me your e-mail address, I'll send you a photo. The paint is yellowish and my pinstriper thought it was the wrong paint, but a call to PPG informed me that the color is correct. The paint is PPG 82134. Ken Sobel
  5. Stan, YNZ made a beautiful wiring harness for my 1934 Dodge. They make harnesses for cars from the early 20's up. They're at: www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com Ken Sobel
  6. Thanks, You know how much we love the Dodge. Ken
  7. Check with Buckeye Rubber (Robin or Paul)at 937-833-2885. They did the running boards for my 1934 Dodge. Also, and more expensively, Hundley Acuff at 706-866-4875. He does excellent work. I have factory photos from 1934 and they do show the new cars with Goodyear tires. Ken Sobel
  8. Contact Fiken Wiper Service at: 631-587-3332 or look him up at: www.wiperman.com
  9. Autographs are free. Photographs can be e-mailed (if you want one).
  10. Hemmings Classic Car (May 2008 issue) printed an article on the 1934 Dodge. I was honored that they chose mine for their article.
  11. Try www.jessersclassickeys.com He's very knowledgeable and can probably help you. Ken Sobel
  12. Fred, Contact: www.jessersclassickeys.com He's the expert. Ken Sobel hypnotist01@sbcglobal.net
  13. Gary, What parts do you need? Maintenance parts are easier to find than body, etc. Let me know and I'll try to help. Ken Sobel
  14. Thanks for your replies. I was sure that the car should be a positive ground. I passed this information on to my friend.
  15. Hello and thanks in advance. My friend's 1940 Plymouth is not running properly and he took it to a mechanic who told him that the battery, which is currently grounded on the positive side, is hooked up backwards and should be a negative ground. The mechanic wants to put in a new battery, rebuild the starter, etc. I think that he doesn't know jack about these cars. Everything that I have seen indicates that early 6-volt Chrysler cars had a positive ground. My 1934 Dodge has a positive ground. Is this mechanic wrong? Ken Sobel hypnotist01@sbcglobal.net
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