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  1. Hello and let me be the first to weigh in with my 2 cents worth. I would encourage you to become an owner of a Reatta as they are terrific cars and give the owner a special feeling each and every time you drive it. There are certain "Reatta" bugs that most people deal with over time, but a quick review of the archives here are Reatta.net or a post asking for help and your generally on your way with out too much financial outlay. I also own a 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC Cabriolet (thats currently for sale by the way) and let me tell you, when that car has troubles, hold on to your purse (or wallet in your case) because repairs can run into the millions of dollars!! Good luck to you and hope to hear a post after you buy it Brenda - 1990 Coupe, former owner of a 1989 Coupe.
  2. Since he told me it needed major engine work and has a bad rod, let's just assume for arguements sake that it's a correct diagnosis as we are talking about what is a fair price. I do not know how you can assume it is a harmonic balancer issue unless your a psychic mechanic
  3. A certain person recently asked Reatta.net members to make an offer on his car. It's a 1990 Convert. First, he listed that it has had many problems in the past and he has spent countless dollars on repair. Second, he mentioned that it has a rod knocking and needs a new engine or at least major engine repairs. Third, it has 132,000 miles on the car which in my estimation is high mileage for getting top dollar ever for a perfectly running car. Lastly, he said he is moving and is just looking to get rid of the car so he can avoid transporting it to his new out of state destination. The last offer I made to him is $3100 and I will pay transportation fees since it's not drivable for a long distance journey. This man responded with anger at me and I am wondering if a $3100 offer is such an offense for a car that has major issues, high mileage and need to be turned over fast? What do you think?
  4. Glenn- Calvin did get back to me and ran the VIN number and indeed, my car is one of the original 92 Olds 88 courtesy cars What a pleasant surprise indeed. Given this fact do you have an estimate or ballpark on it's value? If you know of any individuals that would be interested in buying this car, I would appreciate referring them to this thread, thanks!! Brenda
  5. I wrote to Clavin twice but he has not returned my emails. Is there anyone else you could suggest I write about my 1974 maybe/maybe not courtesy car? Thanks!
  6. Hello-I inherited a car from my father. It is a 1974 Olds 88 Royale convertible White/white with a white top. It has Indy Pace car stripes but not the verbage (Official Pace Car) It has the pace car stripes and had them in '79 when my father bought the car and it has SS 5 rims. I did lots of research and uncovered that there were some 300 Delta 88 courtesy cars that year. I am interested in selling this car and wondered if anyone would know how to determine if this was a courtesy car and what the value would be either way. It has 80,000 original miles on it, is in excellent condition, inside and out, and everything works on the car. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! VIN 3N67K4M263770
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