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  1. could any one help me out to find a wiring diagram for a 1926 oakland sedan
  2. Paul i got mine from a local trim shop , just ask your local guy or goggle it
  3. Hi can someone suggest were i might find a rear main seal for a 1930 ser 40 engine or know the dimensions of the seal required .
  4. have you fitted one your self then with success , no oil leaks ?
  5. Hi can anyone help me with a copy of the rubber rear main seal fitting instruction that are supplied with the seal if purchased from russ martins centerville auto repair for my 1957 buick
  6. thanks i will look at them but i am sure there okay , will look at the cross shaft assy for an adjustment
  7. Hi as a matter of interest does your car brake more to the front than the rear,mine seems to be braking more on the rears also what oil grade is in your gear box ?
  8. Is it possible to change the braking proportion to give more king to the front wheels less to the back wheels as it seems the back is doing all the braking on my 1930 ser 40 Buick sedan
  9. hi Does any know the correct torque setting for the head bolts for the 257 ci engine for a ser 40 1930 engine
  10. yes 1 side a normal dust type and the other side a proper oil seal like a crankshaft seal with now faces the diff center and oil
  11. Hi Yes the bearing are a sealed for life type,big test this weekend lets hope no oil leaks
  12. HI i just had an issue with my rear wheel bearings on my 1957 buick,i changed them about 4 years ago and ever since they have leaked a small amount off diff oil out the backing plate area,so i had them changed again this week and the mechanic said that the way the bearing is fitted as shown in the work shop manual the outer rubber oring on the bearing realy dosent seal to the outer axle tube so the oil was getting around there and leaking out. So he has fitted them the other way around so the oring is further in to the tube,this means the main inner oil seal fitted to the bearing is inwards to the diff and the more dust seal on the other side off the bearing is facing the backing plate and brake shoes,lets see whats happens now. the bearing is fitted the other way to the picture. So has any one else had this issue.? Scott
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