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  1. I belive my packard 1928 is the same as yours its an L6 or L8 i think PUrolator some guys are sawing them apart and inserting and modiflying them to accpet a spin on type ..sandy
  2. Hi Guys..need help asap...heading for Capetown SA on Tuesday of next week..one of my buddies in Jo burg has a 1956 Fairlane..the larger v-8...He is asking for an adapter kit so he can use a spin on filter...Im a Packard guy so I really dont know what he wants..or the prt # or if it is made by Fram or Purolator...he says its an adapter plate...he is saying it is part K85..but i cant find that on the Fram site..any help would be appreciated..sandy mitchell..Petersburg Mi email is sgmdim1@aol.com
  3. Looking for a nice complete rear bumper with isolators for a 1978-1980 cutlass. Dont know if the supreme is the same..Our porter at the dealership in toledo, oh sent money to a person in CA. and the guy never shipped....very sad..thank god this experience only represents less tnan 1 % in the hobby. I'm into Packards so i know very little on what year bumpers will fit even though I'm orginally from Lansing, home of Olds. He has just the plain Cutlass and not the Supreme...dont know if they are the same. Prefer local where we can inspect in pickup..you can contact me at Taylor Cadillac Toledo, Oh 419-517-7265 Sanford Mitchell...any help appreciated...have a great new year my email is sgmdim1@aol.com
  4. i show 48 link timing chain for a 6cyc plymouth..replacement chains show a part number ending in 490 I took one to S. Africa recentley but the one on the car must have been oem..as it had the guide in the middle of the chain.. anyone cast any thoughts on this one...confused. the sprockets each have double teeth thanks sandy
  5. Evening guys..need help. heading to South Africa in two weeks to go on a rally in a 37 Packard Super Eight. but one of my buddies has asked me to bring some parts for his 1958 Plymouth. Most of the small parts i can get at NAPA..points,condensor etc. His car is a 6 cyc, auto lite distributor I'm done to two parts...vacuum advance for his distributor and a 'pilot bushing for the crank shaft. Packards I know...but Mopar I do not..can anybody help me?? I leave for Johannesburg from Detroit in two weeks. Sandy at sgmdim1@aol.com
  6. need head dont know if other years are interchangeable thanks
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