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  1. I have just finished getting my Grandfathers 1925 Depot Hack running and I need to replace the transmission bands before the show in Union this weekend. Is there anyone near Northfield, IL (20 min. north of Chicago) that could help. I am also looking for a local T Club. Thanks for the help and have a great summer! Jonathan
  2. I will be bringing down a 1911 Maxwell AB Briscoe that was recovered from my Grandfathers garage. It is in need of a full restoration and I have learned that if I am not going to restore it the right way, I shouldn't restore it at all. I wanted to get the car running and then sell it but do not want to complicate the restoration process for the next guy. It is a two cylinder AB Briscoe model that hasn't run since the 30's. It was disassembled a long time ago but the mechanicals were well oiled and the brass is intact (all except the generator). Email me for more information. Thanks and I look
  3. I just salvaged my great grandfathers 1911 Maxwell out of a barn in North Carolina and am trying to get it rebuilt before the 100th aniversay. I can handle the body work but I do not have the tools or the knowledge to touch the engine. Anybody know a builder within five hours of Chicago? Thanks again for all of the help and hope to see you this summer! Jonathan
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