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  1. '33 Dodge rumble seat coupe, rear mounted spare, 100% authentic, all steel, body off restoration in the early 80's. Chrysler documented matching numbers, trumpet horns, dual tail lights and wipers, drop center wood wheels, clock mirror and period correct road lamps. Painted the correct original color, good to very good chrome except the front bumper, weak interior upholstery but very good rumble seat upholstery. All mechanicals are excellent with the exception of 28 year old 6.00x16 Lester www tires. This is the best running and driving '33 Dodge anywhere. Summer of 2010 pictures available for
  2. Brian; A rule of thumb for a setting to start with is 2 1/2 commutator bars between the field brush and the output brush. Jim
  3. 34; Your engine # indicates it was manufactured near the end of the production year, the last engine # was DR95158, the first was DR 1001 The body serial # on the passenger door post is equally important in vehicle ID. This # would be between 3680001-3756367. There were 78257 DR's made in the '34 production year. More engines were made than cars. Establishing, with the Chrysler Historical Society, that your #'s match will increase the value of your car. The Dodge Brothers Club is a resource of information that you could use, www.dodgebrothersclub.org... The 2011 club roster indicates there
  4. DBSB; The following info is from a Hollander Interchange late 20's thru 1948. The late 20's means some items begin at '27 and most at '28. You must be living right because the Dodge transmission complete section starts at '27. Here is what it says. caseing #'s sr-6 202283, 128-4cyl 33086 and victory and std 42129. Main drive gears are the same, which means the length of the pilot into the clutch plate and flywheel is the same. 27-29 Senior, 28 4-128 to include 1/2 ton, '28 Std and Victory 6, 28-29 Dodge truck DE,DEW,DEF,3/4 ton SE,SEW, SEF. You need to be VERY careful to insure what is th
  5. Jim; The info from Johnhorace is right on the mark, the pictures are from a Dodge dealer parts manual. The pix from Phil show a key on the drivers side which was not available for a '33 Dodge. The overall length of the handle is 4 5/8" and with the escussion plate in place sits 2" out from the door panel. It is important to consider this thought. Chrysler production practices from 1929 thru the very late 30's often put cars off of the assembly line with items that were not in line with their published information. The door handle in guestion is interchangeable with 1933 Plymouth PC and
  6. Grumpieone; Yes the block is a '41 Plymouth. These #'s went from P12 1001 to P12 535085 and were put into both P11 and P12, 1941 Plymouths. The distributor is from a 1939 Plymouth special delux P8. The '39 delux P7 had different advance start and max reading. The distributor you have had the identical 8 basic measurements of function for 1940 and 1941 even though their tag ID's were different. For color go to Auto Color Library - The World's Largest Online Color-Chip Library and type in what year body you have. For upholstery I recommend Cathy Schrack , kathys@slimgutgallery.com 717-46
  7. Bob; From a Champion plug cataloge 1920-1940 published in 1964. 1930-1931 Dodge 8 cyl is the same plug as the Dodge 29-31 6 cyl, old type # C-7 new type # D-16. 1931 was the last 18 mm plug used by Dodge. This plug in the 6 or 8 was set at .022 with a poing gap of .020. The D-16 converts to AC-86 and or C86 & TC-86 and Auto Lite BT-8. All of these plugs have a reach of either 9/16 or 1/2 inch and all interchange freely in the chart published by AC printed in March of 1962. Jim
  8. T.J. Sorry I missed your front fender question. Yes the SWB and LWB front fenders will not interchange with eachother. There were only 15,420 SWB Dodge cars made of all body styles in a total production run of around 105, 000 cars in 1933. SWB front end body parts, fenders, running boards and hoods are very hard to come by. Jim
  9. T.J.; SWB and LWB rear fenders are the same for 4 door and 2 door sedans. These 2 emails make replacement panels for 1933 Dodges and other years. debriley@terraworld.ne and www.plymouth-doctor.com . I doubt they make whole fenders but they may have something laying around. Rear fiberglass fenders are not as poor a bet as front ones. Try wanted in Hemmings, Dodge Brothers Club and Plymouth Owners Club. Jim
  10. TJ; How unusual that your name is the same as the Australian body manufacturer. Your expressed thoughts about fiberglass body parts is well taken and their inheritant weakness, they are not worth the $ you put out for them. Cracking is inevitable in a relatively short period of time. That must be weighed against availability for what you desire. 1933 DP fenders are in very very short supply. It is my understanding that the most probable supplier of these and other rare DP parts passed away about 6 weeks ago. I do not know what the futer of his busines and all of the parts and pieces
  11. Phil; Here are 2 more greases that need to be added to the list of water pump, EP greases. 1). Sta-Lube Marine grease Part # SL3120 2). Valvoline Crimson Part # 70124. This modern world continues to add and delete very useful items. Old goofs, like myself, have learned over the years to stick with what we know works, as long as it is available. Thank you for your up date and inspiring me to look at what else might be out there. there is probably more than we have listed. When keeping up with whatever means by the hour or day replaces by what is out there year to year or by the 5 year mark,
  12. Phil; Gear lube in new '33 cars was 90w or 160w. Most '33 steering boxes leak with 90w in them, most a lot worse than others. These boxes are extremely difficult to rebuild because of a serious shortage or parts, beyond seals. STP is the most viscious oil I know of that is readily available, many times thicker than 90w. The 74-140 I mention is for trans and differential use. Shells DOLIUM is sold in a standard grease gun cartridge and administered in a lever handle grease gun. Change the grease nipple to a modern locking nipple. The old pressure apply nipples are for show vehicles only and are
  13. Dave and Joe; Yes yes yes I have had the log in name of woodwheels for more than 10 years. In the last 10 months my log in was changed to imported_woodhweels and then forgotten again. I have had to re log in 4 times in less than 0ne year. For the computer savy this is no big deal . For the rest of us it it a serious deterant to staying in contact with the hobbie. Is it so difficult for the web masters to make this forum a lot more user friendly. Lets hear from others and even the web folks themselves. Jim Cook 1933 DP dodge technical advisor Dodge Brothers Club
  14. Phil; The changes in grease and oil in the last 20 years is huge and it is even more so since the 30's. All of these changes are for the beter. Fiber grease for wheel bearings, water pumps and throw outs has been replaced with "high speed" nomenclature. Shell makes the only product so marked for water pump use called DOLIUM, that I am aware of. I use it and it works. For steering boxes STP is the thickest liguid grease on the market. Fill your steering box with it over and over again until it has flushed all of the other stuff out. How ever much it leaks at that point is what you will have to
  15. I apologize for being so tardy with this response re; freewheeling and vacuum clutch. There are 2 responses in this series that are signed by me but were not posted by me. I assume they were posted by a DBC member that had good intentions. I wrote an article in the DBC news that addresses the questions raised in these 3-4 pages of correspondence. In Vol 27 No3 March/April 2009 of the DBC I authored an article on these subjects that address the questions presented. I am more than willing to answer any questions that may still be unresolved, within my ability. The issues with dial up access an
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