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  1. All, RDI Performance will be running a sale which starts today and ends October 1st - the sale is 15% off our regular prices. If anyone is looking for either new or used factory replacement parts for their TC please drop me a line with your request. We specialize in offering performance parts however we do have many good used (and new OE) factory replacement parts in stock. We are currently parting out an 89 TC (5 speed car) and still have many body pieces (and some interior pieces) left. The ginger leather seats in this one are "OK" and we have another set of leather seats that require re-upholstery which would make a good set to have done so you don't have to send yours out. Here is a link to our site. www.rdiperformance.com A reminder that we still have a couple of brand new (OE) clutches for the 16v cars in stock. A quick list of some of the NEW parts we carry in stock for the 16v engine: Spark plug tube seals for the valve cover New plug wire sets Timing belt tensioner Valve seals Head gasket Intake and exhaust gaskets Turbocharger (turbine to o2 housing) gasket (new item!) Factory thermostat Factory spark plugs New (oversize!) valves (both intake and exhaust) Upgraded engine controller (we have them for both 8v and 16v engines) large HP gains! K&N air filters (all three engines) 180 degree thermostats Larger Throttle Bodies (8v, 16v and 3.0L engines) Performance exhaust systems (for all three engines) New Clutch Kit for 16v engine (complete) Lightened flywheels for 16v engine Forged aluminum pistons Ported cylinder heads (8v and 16v) Ported intake and exhaust manifolds (8v and 16v) Front mounted intercoolers (new pics to be added to our website soon) Pretty much when it comes to the 16v engine you name it, we have it. We are also in the process of testing some new high lift camshafts and upgraded turbochargers we're developing. Feel free to drop me a line with any parts requests at: rick@rdiperformance.com Best Regards, Rick D. RDI Performance www.rdiperformance.com Your TC performance parts headquarters
  2. BOV = <span style="font-weight: bold">Blow off valve</span> and it's located inside your airbox (the worst possible place they could have put it). Not only does it tend to lift off its seat around 6-9psi but they put it right in the path of incoming air to the turbo (thereby acting as a restriction in the stream of incoming fresh air to the turbo's compressor) and also disrupting the otherwise smooth laminar airflow. But I'm going off on a tangent here, sorry. In layman's terms: A BOV is a valve that diverts air away from the turbo's impeller during throttle "lift" conditions just following a "boost" condition. The BOV's job more or less is to keep the "leftover" boosted air - in the intercooler piping - from backing up on the compressor wheel upon throttle lift. This is done in an attempt to keep the thrust bearing inside the turbo from deteriorating over time. BOV's are good. Leaking BOV's are bad. Leaking BOV's also cause the turbo's compressor wheel to "overspin" while in boost, which in turn superheats the boosted air and results in an even greater loss of power. (due to a resultant higher air charge in the intake) Why does the turbo's compressor "overspin"? It overspins because it's trying to maintain a certain boost pressure in the intake manifold's plenum but the leaking BOV is not staying shut and some of that air is thus LEAKING out to atmosphere (while in boost) which in turn causes the turbo to push harder and harder thereby superheating that boosted air which raises intake temps which kills power. As we all know, denser air = more air molecules available for combustion = promotes a better explosion = more horsepower. Suffice to say, if your BOV is leaking you are losing power. In order to quantify how much power you're losing you'd have to know just how badly your BOV is leaking. Most TC's I've seen have either completely blown internal diaphragms or ones that leak at a certain boost level (typicall 6-9psi). So....if you want to run a Stage II computer it's a good idea to get one of my BOV upgrades to go with it. In some *rare* cases the stock BOV will not lift off its seat until around 12psi or so, but as I say that's very rare. Most of them are total garbage for anything more than about 6psi or so. But don't take my word for it, ask others who've been working on these engines as long as I have and they'll tell you the same thing. <span style="font-weight: bold">The factory BOV is often your HP limiter!</span> The BOV upgrade I offer is a direct bolt-in unit and comes with complete installation instructions, etc.. It's a relatively easy item to install and anyone with even a small amount of technical ability can do it. Cheers, Rick D. www.rdiperformance.com Specializing in performance upgrades for the TC
  3. I'd take $200 for it. Took me an hour to remove it. (and I work fast) and last time I was looking for one I couldn't find one for sale anywhere in the country. Thanks, Rick
  4. For anyone out there looking to increase the performance of their 1989-1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati please feel free to drop me a line any time. We offer a <span style="font-weight: bold">complete line</span> of <span style="font-weight: bold">performance upgrades</span> for the <span style="font-weight: bold">Turbo II</span> and <span style="font-weight: bold">16v</span> powered TC's. For the <span style="font-weight: bold">V6</span> owners out there, we offer a very nice throttle body upgrade, K&N performance air filter, race plug wires, and high performance exhaust! <span style="font-weight: bold">Stage II upgrade computer for 89 TC with 8v</span> Turbo II engine and automatic trans: $225 w/exchange or $300 without exchange of your old computer. Increases power from 160 to 200hp! <span style="font-weight: bold">Stage II upgrade computer for 89-90 TC with 16v</span> Turbo engine and 5spd trans: $225 w/exchange or $300 without exchange of your old computer. Increases power from 200 to 240hp! Both of these controllers are 100% safe. You must run premium fuel at all times (91-93octane) and make sure your timing is set to the stock 12 degrees. <span style="font-weight: bold">Larger injectors</span> - $200/set. In stock. These fit the turbo II and 16v engines and provide just a slight bit more fuel than stock. Recommended for use with Stage II computer but not required. <span style="font-weight: bold">Adjustable fuel pressure regulator</span> $130 for non-common block engines or $135 for common block engines (email me and I'll tell you which one your TC has) <span style="font-weight: bold">Throttle body upgrade</span> for V6 owners: $200 for correct (larger) throttle body for TC. Includes AIS motor, and throttle bracket. Throttle body and AIS thoroughly cleaned and ready to bolt on! Includes new Mopar gasket. Adds 10-15hp. Same as above but for Turbo II engine. $215 (requires different throttle bracket, hence difference in price) Hp gain depends on boost level. Same as above but for 16v engine. $300. Includes different throttle cable, bracket, AIS motor, gasket, and whatever else you need to make this baby fit. I have one in one of my 16v TC's. It's an *awesome* upgrade. If you'd like to get your cruise control to work with it..I have a cruise control servo assembly that will bolt right in (in factor location) and you'll retain your cruise control. $50 extra for this. HP gain depends on boost level. BOV (Blow off valve) upgrade for turbo II and 16v owners. $200 for either kit, either car. Includes brand new (stronger) BOV and hose and all instructions to install. Super easy to install, yes you can do this one yourself. HP gain depends on how badly your stock BOV is leaking now - and every factory one I've seen leaks. New (colder) spark plugs (recommended for use with Stage II computer) $20 for set of 4. (for 8v engine only) New (colder) spark plugs (recommended for use with Stage II computer) $35 for set of 4. (for 16v engine only) Colder thermostat for 8v engine $15 Colder thermostat for 16v engine $30 Colder thermostat for V6 engine $15 Race plug wires for 89 Turbo II (8v) engine: $48 Race plug wires for 89-90 16v engine: $175 Race plug wires for 90-91 V6 engine: $70 Porting and polishing services for 8v cylinder head: email for pricing same as above for 16v engine Ported/polished intake manifold for 8v Turbo II or 16v engine: email for pricing Can also powder coat your intake and/or valve cover too. Turbo upgrades available for the 8v Turbo II owners. Email for pricing. We carry just about everything from mild to wild for your TC. Turbo upgrades for the 16v engine coming soon! All orders over $400 (before shipping) receive a free technical training DVD and booklet on the Maserati TC! (Must mention this ad) Any of these upgrades would make a great gift for the holidays so be sure to tell your significant other to contact me! Check us out on the web at: www.rdiperformance.com or email us at: rick@rdiperformance.com
  5. Since all I seem to get are people trying to gauge what these items are worth for some reason and/or folks offering $50 for a headlight, I'll list what I want for these items below. I hadn't listed the prices previously because I was just figuring people who are serious about needing good used TC parts would email me serious offers. Everyone here knows these parts are not cheap and can't be found at your local Advance Auto parts stores and Chrysler has discontinued this stuff years ago. The prices below are based on my best guess of what these parts are worth based on their conditon as well as supply/demand. These prices are easily half of what you'll pay elsewhere....if you can find them. 1) Both ginger seats (driver side is 9 out of 10, passenger side is at *least* an 8 out of 10) no rips, tears, etc.. <span style="font-weight: bold">$500 for the driver's seat</span> , <span style="font-weight: bold">$400 for the passenger seat.</span> 2)Lots of stainless steel (some call "chrome") trim pieces, <span style="font-weight: bold">$tell me which one you want and I'll tell you the price.</span> I have a mint rear bumper cover stainless trim piece.....available by itself for purchase! 3)ABS controller pulled from 90 TC- <span style="font-weight: bold">$300</span> 4)ABS complete hydraulic assembly with or without all 4 ABS sensors AND WIRING for all 4 wheels! <span style="font-weight: bold">$400 by itself</span> , or <span style="font-weight: bold">$600 with all the wiring and fuse box</span> . All 100% in tact. 5)An instrument cluster out of this car ( 49k miles and in excellent shape) <span style="font-weight: bold">$100</span> 6) A driver and passenger side headlight mounting bracket with rubber seal and all headlight aiming adjusters included (the glass portion of the headlights are broken on one set and good on another set I have, obviously I'll sell the ones with broken glass cheaper than the ones with mint glass) <span style="font-weight: bold">$150 per headlight assembly</span> where glass lens itself is broken either side, or $various prices for headlights that are complete. <span style="font-weight: bold">Prices range from $400-800</span> depending on how mint you want it. I have several. 7)Door glass I think I have both sides <span style="font-weight: bold">$175 per side</span> . This is the original Maserati glass, not lebaron glass.8) 1/4 window glass with motor 9) lots of interior trim pieces (all ginger) $can't exactly quote every little trim piece, email me. 10) a mint complete leather dash ! <span style="font-weight: bold">$make me an offer</span> . I know what the dealer used to charge back when you could order one. I bet you do too. 11) convertible top which needs glass, but I have a spare glass to go in it which I will include with the top - it is beige <span style="font-weight: bold">$300</span> . Local pickup only unless you call a freight company and have them come here and box it up, pick it up, etc.. 12) one complete hard top - opera windows foggy but there (off artic white 90 model) <span style="font-weight: bold">$400</span> 13) power seat switches <span style="font-weight: bold">$30 per side</span> , have both switches from both seats. 14) rear reflector that goes on trunk lid (says "Chrysler TC by Maserati") in excellent shape <span style="font-weight: bold">$250</span> 16v transmission - extremely low mileage unit in good condition. <span style="font-weight: bold">$2000</span> and it's yours. I'll carefully crate it up and pay the freight. 3.0L V6 SBEC - <span style="font-weight: bold">$250</span> . These are hard to come by. I have one that works perfectly, I tested it myself. Piece that conceals the convertible top....boot cover, tonneau cover, whatever you want to call it: $125 for one that has some light dent damage to it or $400 for a perfect one. Both are white. Tail lights: $80 per side. Have one of each side. Both are mint. Antenna for 89-91 TC. (not lebaron) Brand new in the box from Chrysler - first <span style="font-weight: bold">$165</span> takes it. passenger side 1/4 window and motor assembly - $200 takes it. This includes the motor, track, and glass. Can't get these from Chrysler any more. Ginger floor mats. Good shape, not excellent. $70 each (have two right side mats for some reason) Passenger door panel - Ginger - (have two of them). $200 for either one. I will include the window switch and door lock switch for that price. Complete carpet assembly out of 90 TC with the ginger interior. In good shape, not mint, but very good. If your TC has ripped carpet or cigarette burns or something here you go: $200 (a steal for this part). This carpet of course has the Maserati pentratrident logo in it, etc.. very nice. Only stains in it are under the seat which you don't see with seat in any position. One factory TC <span style="font-weight: bold">Infinity</span> speaker (with factory amp built in). Have not tested it yet, but the magnet on it is good, can test it before shipping in one of my TCs upon request. $80 (these speakers were astronomical from Chrysler back you could order one) Couple of exterior reflectors...can't remember if I pulled them from the front bumper cover or rear one... in any case, if you need one let me know which one you need and I'll verify which one(s) I have. <span style="font-weight: bold">$30</span> each? seat belt assembly with tonneau insert piece. The seatbelt is ginger and the tonneau piece is artic white. The piece I am referring to is the one that sits right in front of the tonneau cover itself (the seatbelt passes through it...and it has a little chrome or polished stainless insert built into it) $100 Can't remember which side I have. So email me if you need this part and I'll double check what I have. Various wood grain pieces. Some are from the doors, some is from the dash (like the radio bezel woodgrain piece), etc.. Let me know what you need. Mint instrument cluster hood assembly. Missing the two side mounting tabs (not sure if this is specific to a certain year or if they are just missing) but it does have the 4 in the back and when this thing was mounted in the car it looked/felt solid. This was recovered recently in either leather or vinyl (I can't tell as I'm not a leather/materials expert). In any case it looks like new. <span style="font-weight: bold">$make offer</span> Right front fender: $300 (TC only) Entire hood with hood insulation w/TC logo. Hood insulation in decent shape. Hood has some dents in it, body man quoted me $300 to make it mint (with paint). The hood is white. I also have another hood from a car that was involved in a fire. That one has a slight crease in the corner where it meets the windshield and the paint is scalloped pretty bad, but it's repairable. $150 takes it. All parts are located in South Florida around the West Palm Beach area. I prefer you pick up the larger items but if push comes to shove I can ship these bigger items via Freight. I'll work with serious buyers. Rick
  6. I am parting out a <span style="font-weight: bold">white 1990 TC</span> which has frame damage. (not repairable). I have lots of excellent parts from it. Please email me with your needs and I'll let you know if I have it. I have things like: 1) Both ginger seats (driver side is 9 out of 10, passenger side is at *least* an 8 out of 10) no rips, tears, etc.. 2)Lots of stainless steel (some call "chrome") trim pieces, 3)ABS controller 4)ABS complete hydraulic assembly with or without all 4 ABS sensors AND WIRING for all 4 wheels! 5)An instrument cluster out of this car ( <span style="font-weight: bold">49k miles</span> and in excellent shape) 6) A driver and passenger side headlight mounting bracket with rubber seal and all headlight aiming adjusters included (the glass portion of the headlights are broken on one set and good on another set I have, obviously I'll sell the ones with broken glass cheaper than the ones with mint glass) 7)Door glass I think I have both sides 8) 1/4 window glass with motor 9) lots of interior trim pieces (all ginger) 10) a mint <span style="font-weight: bold">complete leather dash</span> ! 11) convertible top which needs glass, but I have a spare glass to go in it which I will include with the top - it is beige 12) one complete hard top - opera windows foggy but there 13) power seat switches 14) rear reflector that goes on trunk lid (says "Chrysler TC by Maserati") in excellent shape 15) lots and lots of good parts. Some are posted on Ebay right now, some I have not yet posted. Buy them here first so I don't have to waste my time posting them on Ebay and perhaps you can save a few bucks. Rick D. Email address: rick@rdiperformance.com Website: www.rdiperformance.com
  7. Hey Alan, That upper intercooler hose on that TC is actually stock. All the 1990 model year TC's with the 4v head got that smooth upper intercooler hose. It's similar to the Spirit R/T upper intercooler hose but not quite as long. Just a neat little piece of trivia for ya... later bro! Rick <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  8. Hey Jeffn- If you intend on increasing the boost beyond 14psi then yes I would definitely recommend a colder plug. Anything under 15psi and technically you don't <span style="font-weight: bold">need</span> to run a stage colder on the plugs. That's usually the "threshold" boost for me....14psi. However some still insist on running a colder plug when raising the boost. Bottom line, if you need to replace your plugs it's not a bad idea to go a stage colder. Incidentally, since we're on the subject: I do offer colder plugs and colder thermostats for those so inclined. In fact, I now have them available in a "kit" form with the upgraded SMEC. Price for upgraded SMEC, colder thermostat, and a fresh set of one stage colder plugs is $230 w/ core trade in. $350 w/out core trade. Prices do not include shipping. The plugs I send with the computer are the best plug on the market for these motors. They are the only plug I'll run in my TC's. I also have larger throttle bodies, high flow mufflers, hi-flow catalytic converters, hi-flow (powder coated) fuel rails, etc.. Email with your needs: rick@rdiperformance.com Regards, Rick D. "Your Chrysler/Maserati performance expert"
  9. For those interested in improving the performance of their Chrysler TC (both the 1989 Turbo II or 1989-1990 Maserati DOHC 16v models) I now have a performance engine controller available!! This new engine controller increases peak boost, revises fuel curves and spark advance which results in a *substantial* increase in both HP and Torque over your stock engine controller. You must run premium fuel (91-93 octane) at all times. This is the single best upgrade you can do to your TC to improve driveability and response and it's easy to install! Part number for 1989 Chrysler TC w/8v Turbo II engine and automatic transmission: RD-8v Part number for 1989-90 Chrysler TC w/16v Maserati DOHC engine and automatic transmission: RD-16v Email me directly for price and availability. rick@rdiperformance.com Regards, Rick D. RDI Performance
  10. Hello, Not sure if you got ahold of me yet, but I have a few sets of the OE 16v cam seals left. Once my supply is gone I'm not sure where you'll find them. You can contact me at: rick@rdiperformance.com or check us out on the web at: www.rdiperformance.com Cheers, Rick D. 16v Maserati specialist
  11. Anyone looking for more performance out of your 16v powered Maserati TC? RDI Performance now offers a performance upgrade computer for your TC! This computer increases your max boost to 14psi (as opposed to the factory 11.5psi). This along with improved spark and fuel curves allows for an approximate gain of 35-40hp! I have one in my 90 TC and absolutely love it. It also brings the fan on sooner which helps keep the engine running cooler in stop and go traffic. The only stipulation is that you *must* run premium fuel at all times. (Preferrably 92-93 octane) - which quite honestly you should be doing now anyway if you own one of these cars. The price of the new computer is $350 outright or $250 with exchange of your original computer. Where else can you gain that much power for that amount of money? It is hands down the best upgrade you can do to your TC. The computer comes with a 180 degree (colder) thermostat as well - made specifically for the 16v TC! I also have a high performance computer available for the 8v (SOHC) 89 TC as well. The price of that computer is slightly less at $300 outright or $225 w/exchange. This unit now comes with a 180 degree thermostat as well. Note: the 8v and 16v thermostats are *not* interchangeable - they are physically completely different sizes. Be sure to specify when ordering your computer which engine you have. Moving on: If you are looking for a replacement BOV (Blow off valve) for your TC - and I highly recommend you replace it, especially if you want to run 14psi boost, I have a very nice upgraded unit which I make especially for the 16v TC. I modify your upper intercooler pipe to accept the new BOV and then I powder coat this pipe wrinkle black. Comes out *really* nice!! The new BOV will hold more boost and has a really neat (subtle) sound to it! I have the same kit available for the 8v TC. Email for details and pricing. Pricing depends on if you want to retain your stock air filter housing or not. For the guys out there with the 3.0L V6 engine.......we haven't forgotten about you either. We offer a throttle body upgrade which allows for more air to enter the intake which of course results in more power. The power gains are different on every TC it seems, but suffice to say the least power you'll pick up is around 10hp the most being around 20hp. Here again, you must run premium fuel to take advantage of this upgrade. Cost for the throttle body upgrade is $125 and includes the sensors you'll need to work with the TC specific harness. And for *all* TC owners (1989-1991) we offer a cat-back exhaust system catered to the TC. I am still working with the shop on this now, but I have the first system now installed on my 90 TC 16v car and it made a tremendous difference in the power and the sound is awesome! Not too loud, but yet throatier than stock and it's a complete free-flowing "mandrel bent" stainless steel system which will not rust! It will be available with or without muffler. I also offer some injector upgrades, turbo upgrades, etc.. email me with your specific needs. I am presently working on a +20% injector calibration now for the 16v TC which will increase the maximum boost to 17psi and will use a special 3 bar MAP sensor. This should increase power approx 50-60hp over stock. Last upgrade will be a +40% injector calibration (again, made especially for the 16v engine) which will be only for those serious about making big power with their TC. I am guessing there will only be a handful of guys with TC's out there wanting something like this....the rest of these custom calibrations will go to Shelby/Dodge guys who have the DOHC head on their Shelby/Dodge platform cars. Any questions drop me a line- Rick D. visit us online @ www.rdiperformance.com
  12. I have a brand new (in the box) complete Clutch Assembly for a 16v TC. This includes: Pressure plate, disk and throw out bearing. If anyone needs it for their 89-90 TC 16v, drop me a line at: Rick@rdiperformance.com Cheers, Rick
  13. I have this piece. Email me at: rick@ceostaffing.com for pricing with shipping. Please be sure to give me your zip code. Rick D.
  14. Hello, I have the stainless piece you are looking for. It is part of the rear bumper assembly. I'm not willing to just remove the stainless trim piece from a perfectly good (complete) rear bumper assembly though. If you are interested in the complete rear bumper cover assembly/with stainless trim piece let me know and I'll work you a deal on it. Cheers, Rick D.
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