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  1. CBS-Sunday Morning 9/18 to feature the exhibit
  2. It would idle at standstill-it is a "coast down stall". I plugged the vac adv tube and went for a ride-it has not experienced the "coast down stall" since. I also adjusted the breaker plate gap/new coil/took out the cermaic fuel filter-each improved the perf somewhat. All during this however I could not get any vacuum reading on the vac adv-it must have a large hole in it-
  3. I am in the middle of replacing my vac adv. Max Merritt has them as well as Terrell Mach in Texas rebuilds them. I used a mityvac to test mine. It would not hold a vac nor move the arm. It manifested itself in that the engine would not idle.
  4. Without getting under the dash to look-can the tubes be changed out without removing the radio from the car?
  5. If the .1 mfd cap is difficult to find-you can put 3-.3mfd-400v in series. The next issue is space?
  6. Before you spend any $$-There is a small hole about 3/4 distance from the firewall in the shift column. Squirt some light oil (not WD40) in the hole. Wait a day or so and work the gearshift lever up and down. It should get better and better. I had the same problem it may take several applications of the oil and exercise before it frees up. I used some stuff from a company called Kano that frees up bolts. There are several threads regarding this problem on all 3 of the Packard sites.
  7. I too had trouble installing John's belt-I instead used a NAPA belt 28522. I have a 47 Super Clipper with the 356 engine. So far no problems that I know about.
  8. They are available on ebay from time to time.
  9. There are usually a couple of ads in Hemmings for glass or someone parting cars.
  10. Frank Conrad- is the person who put me on to this. If it works he deserves credit if it does not then I deserve credit.
  11. If you at the column shifter tube about 3/4 the way toward the steering gear box from the firewall there should be a small hole. Sqirt some light oil not WD40-it will make it worse- into the hole and work the shift handle back and forth. On my 49 I was beside myself thinking the car was done. Someone told me about this and it worked! It does not resolve itself immediately-I squirted the stuff and waited until the next day and gradually it got better and better until it was better than it ever was. Strange I could not find anything in t he Packard lit regarding this.
  12. There is a small hole near the gear steering. If there is ever a problem spirt some light instrument oil in it and work the gear lever. Problem will go away.
  13. One reason the 2103/2106/2126 are recongized by classic car club.
  14. I have a friend with a 37 Lasalle-He complains about having to push on the brake pedal very hard to get the brake lights to work. The stop light sw looks like the one used on Packards-is there any adjustment? David
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