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  1. Without getting under the dash to look-can the tubes be changed out without removing the radio from the car?
  2. If the .1 mfd cap is difficult to find-you can put 3-.3mfd-400v in series. The next issue is space?
  3. Tom-I have a 47 Packard that needs paint-Is this your first time at painting a car? The reason I am asking is it out of the question for someone not knowing what he is doing to paint a car? What suggestions/steps are involved? David
  4. Someone else posted on similiar paint problem-there suggestion was to scan the color not rely on formulas. Makes sense to me but I am not a painter
  5. Tractor Supply-has them. They are still used on tractors
  6. I believe there are several in recent issue of Hemmings
  7. Regarding the shift linkage-there is another tip which is not discussed as far as I can find. On cars with the column shift-on the engine side between the firewall and steering gear there is a small hole in the shift column. If you experience difficulty in shifting spray a lub(not WD40-I used a Kano Lab product) into that hole and work the shifter. This will free up the linkage-it usually takes several shots of lub and a couple of days. I had this problem on my 49 and last week helped out a guy with a 41 Clipper. Frank Conrad told me of this fix a couple of years ago.
  8. 49packard

    48 Cutting out

    Fuel pump/stuff in tank. I had similiar problem with my 49-it was trash in fuel pump. Only happened while driving-at idle no problem. On separate occasion I had the coil go bad as described above when it got hot.
  9. Let me know if you know of other Packards for sale in Middle Tn area. I sold my 49 Packard this past winter and I am sort of looking.
  10. Are you speaking of the Packard that was for sale by Lambert?
  11. Tom did you bid on it? According to the description the present owner bought it in Jan of this year-thus max of 2 months ownership.
  12. My vote is the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. It has a bit of everything.
  13. Need to be a bit careful on replacing the motor with another as the speed is very important. The load due to a fan goes up by the cube of the change in speed. If at all possible try to replace the brushes-the commutator will probably need to be smoothed up in a lath. Then clean the slots out on the comm to insure no segements are shorted.
  14. When I acquired this 49 Packard with std 288 engine-I replaced the ignition cables with new ones from well known supplier of Packard Parts. About a year and half latter I noticed the car not running as well and the plastic coating on the cables was coming off. The company replaced the cables free. Now almost a year and half latter I am experiencing the same problem again. My question is there something I am doing wrong. The 2nd set of cables-the wire from coil to distributor-started first-was leaking(I could feel the shock). I wrapped it with electrical tape and was ok-yesterday the car
  15. I did check the manual-it references a vent hole-is that on the drivers or passenger side of the car. Has anyone had experience with this? I have a small amt of leakage at the diff-but I believe most of it is either going pass the seal or maybe this vent hole.
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