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  1. The AACA code will get you the rack rate. Senior rate is $10.00 cheaper! I guess LaQuinta has dropped our discount.
  2. Does the club still receive a discount at LaQuinta hotels? If so, is the code AAUTO1? Thanks for your response.
  3. Surely someone knows something about this tour. Has it been canceled?
  4. Where can I find information on this tour? Thanks
  5. A friend of mine is selling a lifetime collection. It's mostly Packards but there are other marques also, Thought you might be interested. See his email below. I am selling my vintage cars and “parts” cars. I am now 85 years old and it is time for me
  6. What was the first year for power steering in production Chevrolets? Thanks, Bill
  7. I really don’t have a dog in this (insurance) fight, but while we are on the subject of income for the Club I would like to make this suggestion. Raise the dues! The annual dues in this organization have not been raised in many years. Can you name another service or product that can make this claim? Very few indeed. The AACA may have a few warts but excessive dues is not one of them. Perhaps the Board, past and present, could be criticized for not keeping the dues in line with increased cost of doing business. Furthermore, I propose the dues be increased and all employe
  8. I have been very pleased with license restoration done by Gerald Thiele, 10965 Center Dr, Vernon, TX 76384. Phone 940 552 2038. I can send you photos of his work if you'll send me a PM with your email
  9. The grill appears to be an IHC made between 1941 and 1945, most likely a 1941 since production during the war years went to the Military. It could be an half-ton, K1 or a 3/4 ton, K2.
  10. bgviviann, From reading your thoughtful post I'd say your boyfriend has a winner. Put a bow around your neck and tell him how lucky he is!
  11. Hey, Hey, HEY - I wear hats like those!
  12. Great truck. I suggest having them rebuilt at Lincoln Clutch & Brake, 402 475 9003. Get brake lines from Right Stuff Detailing, Sunbury, OH 740 965 8720. Good luck.
  13. I hand painted foot-high letters of my TX drivers license number on the top of my trailer. The idea came from a retired State Trouper.
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