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  1. I am looking for someone to sell me a spare tc wheel. Please contact me with price and shipping. It must be in very good condition. My e-mail address is tomstreet@psknet.com
  2. William, I live in Wytheville, VA and have a couple of TC's.
  3. Does anyone know what are suitable substitutes for covering up small scratches on a Royal Cabernet color and the White color? They sell these little bottles at Advance Auto and other places but I have not found any specifically for the Chrysler TC.
  4. Does anyone know wher you can purchase new under the hood foam insulation to replace crumbled to nothing insulation.
  5. I have the rear chrome fender well moulding. They are in good shape. let me know if you are still interested. You can e-mail me at tomstreet@psknet.com .
  6. If you are still interested in that part contact me at tomstreet@psknet.com . I will need a little more guidance.
  7. I am not sure what you want. I might have the rear but I know I don no have the front as it is demolished. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner.
  8. Sorry I just saw your e-mail. I will look.
  9. Sorry, I have not replied sooner. Holidays I quess. I will look and see.
  10. Does anyone have a tan visor clip they are not needing?
  11. I would be interested in the top. Is it in 9 out of 10 shape besides not having the glass? I will be coming to Miami, Florida the first week of January. I need to figure away to bring it back. I need to think about that. Let me know how good of shape it is in. Thanks.
  12. I have several black interior parts I am thinking of putting on E-Bay. All are in good shape. They are as follows: sun visors, center arm rest, rear signal lenses, third stop light, door panels, pull down mechanism for top, dash, instrument cluster, window motors, window glass, rear wrap around leather, canvas top with frame.
  13. I need a little help. My car has 35000 miles on it. It seems to run fine. The question I have is there is a fairly loud clacking sound and it seems to eminate from the timing belt area. It only clacks while idling. If I rev it up 1500 rpms or so or when I am driving it I don't hear this noise. It is a noise like a loose end of something is striking the timing belt cover but it looks like it would increase as I increased rpms. It seems I read that the clanking is normal for the 2.2 turbo. Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?
  14. Place a meter in series between positive cable and positive battery terminal. You should have less than .040 amps of current drain. If you don't have a volt meter you could use a small 12 volt bulb and probalbly you will see a bright light if it is drawing down a fully charged battery. This will determine if you have a short.
  15. Glad you brought up that subject, I had one of those laying around also. It is now back where it should be. I wanted to ask you a question about the hard weathersripping along the outside drivers glass. I have a piece I want to replace on my TC but I can't get the window down far enough to remove the 4- screws that hold it to the door. I have removed the door panel and lowered the lower window stop as far as it will go. Does anyone have any ideas?
  16. Thanks for the reply, I left with a trusted mechanic, if there is such a person. I just assumed they were standard available parts. the mechanic should look at the car tommorrow. So in a day or two I will know if this is the case. What do you know about this. Are they standard Chrysler parts? Appreciate any feedback.
  17. I found out the shudder when accelerating was not transmission nor engine but it was the motor mounts. They were in really bad shape one of the three was non-existent.
  18. I feel a noticeable shudder in neutral or park and forward gears. The roughness is even more pronounced in driving especially accelerating. I found out there is no vibration in reverse. I first thought it was in engine and now it appears to be in the transmission. Has anyone else had this problem with the A604 tranmission. So far the car appears to shift gears smoothly. If I should need a transmission where is the best place to find one. Larry if you see this I would appreciate your info as well.
  19. Just to say thanks for your help. that corrected the problem.
  20. Does anyone know where the switch is located so that when the car is put in reverse the back up lights come on. I think that might be my problem. I have checked the fuse and the bulbs. Also I don't have 12v at connector to bulb. There is mention of a relay for back up lights. I am not sure where that is. If anyone can help with this problem let me know. Thanks
  21. Mirko, I am interested in your top, I believe we were corresponding on yahoo last week. I was trying to find out how you would rate the condition of the top 1-10. You stated it was royal caberniet. Can you email me a picture? My email address is tomstreet@psknet.com I am willing to pay your price if it is maroon and in good shape especially the paint and rubber. I need it shipped to Wytheville, VA. p.s. I am not that other gentlemen you were referring to that backed out on your deal. Thanks.
  22. I am interested in your like new top, you can call me at 276-620-1484
  23. what color is it? I am looking for one in good to excellent condition.
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