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  1. Thanks for reply, Paul Found it: color selector belongs to a 1967 album, not the 1968. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/1967-Buick-color-and-trim-selector-dealer-album-nice-Riviera-Electra-Skylark-/131949849270
  2. Paul, I do have that same album. It was delivered with the additional (selector) book inside. But in my album the models where you can change the colors on are all 1967 models (like the license plates will tell as well). Is that the same in your album? Thanks
  3. Have this 'Buick press release' for the 1971 New York International Automobile Show. Presented there was a 71 Riviera (see further description in red frame). Are there any (color or B/W) photos available of this Riviera?
  4. Sorry for not replying here earlier. Somehow I don't get a message when there's a reply here. (will look into my profile hereafter) Luckily the employer, who filled the tank, found out his mistake before I started the engine. It was all siphoned out (took quite some time) and I got a full tank of premium for free. Only a little smoke after starting. I'm from The Netherlands and this was my 7th US road trip in a Buick since 2008. (66 Riviera GS, 71 Electra 2dr, 68 Wildcat 2dr, 2x 69 Electra 4dr and 2x 72 Electra). Can't think of a better way to spent my holidays (luckily my wife agrees fully).
  5. @John (JohnD1956): sharp eye; yes earlier that day, while driving, we heard the sound of breaking glass (thought from the trunk area), pulled over and it took quite some time before we discovered it was a sealed beam. Never experienced a breaking head light before. @ Jason (JZRIV): Road Island Diner was is Oakley, UT. The (several... we were thirsty) milkshakes and malts were outstanding there The Electra now get its deserved rest in CA till mid next year. Plans for another road trip are being prepared already.
  6. To keep it Buick related a couple of photos incl the '72 Electra Limited. This year's trip put less miles on the odometer than 2015: 5,300mls. The only thing the Buick required was re-adjusting the dwell now and then and less than a quart engine oil. The Electra did it's job flawlessly. This year's trip went through CA/NV/UT/WY/ID/WA/OR. One time the in Oregon (where you can't pump gas yourself) the tank was filled up with diesel. Tried to avoid Interstates as much as possible. Highlights: Zion N.P. / Bryce Canyon N.P. / Cathedral Valley / Capitol Reef / Logan Canyon scenic byway / Craters of the Moon / Perine bridge / Niagara Springs Scenic byway / Sawtooth scenic byway / John Day scenic byway / Painted Hills / Hell's Canyon (beautiful!!!) / Olympic N.P. / Umpqua river scenic byway / Lassen Vulcanic N.P. / Yosemite N.P. / King's Canyon / Seqouia N.P. More: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/75RivGS/library/2016 Electra road trip?sort=2&page=1
  7. Stubled upon while on a road trip (near Salt Lake City) in my 72 Electra Limited:
  8. FS in The Netherlands:
  9. Very nice weather here in this part of Europe so felayed hibernation for another week orso for the 73 Riviera:
  10. Sinclair and Buicks...a nice combination here
  11. John, the videos are speed-ed up 16x. Too boring to look at with original speed. (Besides; uploading to youtube somehow decreases the quality of the original )
  12. Thanks Jason. The song in the 2nd movie probably would have fit better in about the same video I made 2 years ago on the Blue Ridge highway. Next year we will start in CA and probably will see some more of northern Utah. This time traveling in June... unfortunately will miss Allentown
  13. It was clear I had to change all 4 (white wall) tires but wasn't able to find them anywhere in stock, so ended up with these. The first store we went to even refused to install the tires, I told them I needed 235(225)/75/15 tires but they wanted to check first on their computer; it came out my car needed R78/15 which they didn't have in stock (duh). Although I asked them to run a conversion program orso they refused. They would sell me tires but not install them (company policies...)
  14. During a couple of minutes the almost 6,000mls:
  15. And a few days earlier in West Yellowstone only 2 Buicks were present:
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