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  1. Very nice weather here in this part of Europe so felayed hibernation for another week orso for the 73 Riviera:
  2. John, was your Electra built in Wilmington, DE or in Flint,MI? Wonder if there's a sequence for leaving the build sheet on top of the tank or under the rear seat
  3. Took the 71 Electra to a few US-car shows lately and had a close encounter with a Peugeot while in town for groceries:
  4. Hurricane Agnes in 1972 took care of some Buicks (and others) at the lot of Royer Buick in Harrisburg:
  5. a beautiful palace for the Queen, John. Please keep this thread going; might be needing it in the near future.
  6. Last weekend (the hottest ever recorded October 18 here: 23*C / 74*F) from another POV in my 73 Riv:
  7. One more reason to regret not being able to attend the Buick Nationals this year; would have loved to see 'The Queen' IRL. I'm partial to 71/72 Electra 2dr HT's :cool:
  8. Found on the internet; ´72 Electra vs. train collision. Know nothing on the story.
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