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  1. Let me know if you decide to sell the car, wally 620-783-1963 im restoring a 49 convertible and this would be an excellent donor car
  2. I have a 1952 roadmaster 4dr that has riviera spears, i think the fender spears would work for you but i wouldnt take less that 500. for the pair ..they are purfect. i had considered modifying them for my 49 buick but i cant find any of the 49 sweepspears either my father sold a 53 car for 900. that had the whole set. The door peices have damage but counld be hammered out and refinished useless if your car is a 2-dr i also found a 52 convertible in my research.
  3. ill try to send these i think this was one of the most original cars i have seensince i am restoring a 49 convertible now im saving everything. wally
  4. dad has a running 1939 dodge dumptruck for sale , has been barn stored for 12 years and could use some restoration--wally
  5. I have a number of t-birds i am listing for a guy , they are all convertibles and are only partially restored titles burned in shop fire. Eight cars total 1961,1962,1963,1964 all convertibles. one 4dr convertible 1961 lincoln,white red inter suicide drs 7,500., also have a 1971 malibu chevelle convertible that needs total restore, enthusiest a must 4,500. hurry these cars are moving fast prefer individuals call 12-2:00 pm central standard time 620-783-1963 email wallyzhere@hotmail.com
  6. I am helping a freind sell a number of partially restored convertibles 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 t-birds all convertibles titles burned in shop fire cars were outside of restoration shop, I also own a 1971 malibu 350 convertible that i bought from behind a barn a few years back, red car needs alot of work and an enthusiest, 4,500. birds vary in price call 417-529-9049 or 620-783-1963 12-200pm central standard
  7. I have a unrestored lincoln convertible for sale its 1962 - 1964 asking 5,500. suicide doors on back white with red interior also have eight 62-64 thunderbirds all convertibles asking 6,000. for the three duece car and 3,000. with one engine out and 4,500. to 5,000. for each of the others oh they all run. wallyzhere@hotmail.com these car are near joplin missouri i am planning to list them on ebay this weekend 3-3-04 call 620-783-1963 before 2:00 p.m weekdays
  8. If you need replacements for your beautiful red trim peices you need to go to emblemagic.com there are a nice example on the 49 buick from buickstreet.com They are nice new reproductions. i have some riviera chrome for a 4dr 51 roadmaster if anyone needs it-wally
  9. I'd like to see some pics how is the frnt clip? email me a couple pics wallyzhere@hotmail.com
  10. Hey dennis, wally here have you sold the super convertible? I am considering buying a fastback with excellent front super clip, don't need it anyone out there need the super front clip? 500.?
  11. Im learning but i have talked to alot of old timers mainly my grandpa, who has dealt in salvage for years, The rarest of 49 are first: the hearse that was a special order item, The woody roadmaster, the super woodys were alot more plentiful and there are some out there mainly surviving in california arizona, dry regions, Then of the 8,400 production modles of 49 after say 3 months in the year the designer "not Earl" his wife liked driving the convertible but prefered the top up, So they desighned the riviera coupe that was basicly the same body as the convertible, but postless, at this time th
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