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  1. Where can I find a write-up with drawing of Chryslers safety-rim wheel which came out in l940. Even a patent number would help. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone know how to decode the 1/4" hand-stamped numbers in the firewall on l952-54 Fords and Mercs? Example,my '54 Merc is 35B 31180A 65 FC (or maybe FO). Thanks.
  3. I have what seems to be a slower than should be starter speed under load. Unit is rebuilt, new battery, all cables are new & HD incl.extra groundstrap. Is there a HD higher speed starter that will interchange on a '47 59AB, or some way to increase the under-load speed? Any help will be truly appreciated.
  4. I know 26H is 1942 Zephyr, and 1015 is FoMoCo wheel number, but what is the 5EH prefix?
  5. Rick Hoover:Can you comment please, or alternatively, how do I contact him?
  6. does anyone have experience/comments on diamond back wide whitewall radial tires especially 215/75R16 (670-16 equivalent)?
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